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So. This.

On the one hand, I'm glad that the issue is being discussed, and in most cases that I have seen, being discussed in a rational and adult manner, even educating a few people (including myself) in the process.

On the other hand, I cannot believe that people are still writing comments that amount to "It's only fiction!" and "people are overreacting".

1. Yes, I know it is fiction. That does not make people who are hurt by this piece of fiction hurt any less. Fiction mirrors what we as a society think, especially when it addresses the minority. There was a reason I hated Avatar and it was not because of CGI. And yes, I also know that the author was hurt. Which leads to

2. Because you are hurt does not give you the right to cause more hurt by using trigerry language and not thinking and/or not caring about the consequences to people other than yourself. Comparing criticism to rape? I don't know how someone can overreact to that.

(I encourage anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about to go to this post and read all the discussion going on in the comments. and yes, I do mean ALL. Even the negative ones.)

now, I would like to direct you to Allison Iraheta and David Immerman doing a freakishly awesome acoustic version of Holiday. (If someone knows how to embed this, please tell me! and if someone has mp3, PLEASE TELL ME.)

This girl just gets better everyday. I kinda feel like it's a good thing she didn't blow up so big because I like to think that it gives her more time to grow and explore her musical identity without being under the microscope. On the flipside, I would much rather hear her on the radio than Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus.

Also? I ship her and her guitarist now. They seem to have a lot of mutual respect and adoration for each other and that is A+ OK with me.

Another video of Heartbreaker but from NY and farther away. However you can clearly hear the crowd singing along, which is awesome.
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hey, guys! the mods of are extending the deadline for the 5 june charity drive to this saturday. so if you haven't done anything for it yet, get to it! seriously, it's for a good cause. it doesn't have to be just writing or just bandom. any creation inspired by the prompt, whether related to any kind of fandom or not are accepted. if you need help with beta/posting, please comment at the prompt. the mods are really friendly! for every creation you produce, they will donate money to GNOF.

(love to you all. i have no grand plans for this half-brained scheme of mine -- all i see is that you and i together create beauty and maybe now we can share that in an increasingly ugly world. i hope you'll indulge me) - heartequals

(and I may have written something for it here. shhhhh.)

Kris Allen Band are still awesome, as are Green River Ordinance )

and dude, countless Kris/Katy bunnies keep popping into my head but I can't write/draw them at all. Has this happened to you guys? How do you not go insane from it all?

rl stuff )
I am so behind on World Cup stuff. are the group stages finished already? which one is the Group of Death? Is there even one? Which team messed up (okay, I know that one) and who surprised everyone? Which matches should I watch?

eta: re If I Had You video: I love it a lot, you guys. It just reinforces my belief that Adam Lambert is just a 28-year-old peace-loving hippie club kid at heart.

and I ignored everybody else in that video for Allison. She looks so happy dancing and smiling! and so skinny for some reason! but still hot! ♥ALLISON♥
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I'm probably annoying people by now but I can't help it. so much awesome right now. Listen to Allison Iraheta's new single Don't Waste The Pretty right now. RIGHT. NOW. It features Orianthi on guitar! I have this on loop and just can't turn it off.
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I'm trying out this crossposting thing again.

I seriously got chills at 3:00 and onwards. seriously. how is she real?

I won't lie, I will probably be posting every video I find of Allison promoting Don't Waste The Pretty. so, sorry in advance?

(appropriate icon is appropriate.)

eta: I clapped. Like a seal.


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