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I've just been made to realize that I am a dick, thanks to my mum.

moral of the story: don't be quick to judge )

so, Kris Allen's birthday is on Monday. and krinja_signal started the idea of donating to Heifer, an organization that aims to help poor communities by giving them livestock and helping them farm and set up businesses instead of giving cold hard cash. (It's a really cool idea. You can even give a present to your family and friends by donating to Heifer in their name.) the initial goal was $500, the cost of one cow. In 36 hours, fans have managed to raise more than $12,500 so now they've upped the ante and the goal is to reach $20,000 by Monday. If you want to help, go to their team page and donate. and hey, if you want a drabble from me in return, we can work something out although I can't promise anything about the quality of it.

oh, great. they just had to be freaking adorable.
(apparently, Aaron Kelly will be singing 'I'm A Slave 4 U' on tour, shirtless, holding a python. Katie shot a fingergun at the camera. FINGERGUNS.)

also  )Siobhan and Lee reminisce about their childhood memories. There are conversations about Raise The Dead by Phantom Plabet and Disney Princesses (which they disagree over).

btw, do any of you guys know of good adam/tommy fics where there's a prominent strong friendship between Kris and Adam?
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dude, this article in Paste about the 10 Unique, Funny or Useful Twitter Users You Should Follow Right Now is pretty amazing! I cracked up! here's an example:

5. Father Kelly - FatherKelly
In which someone in Chester County, Pa. pretends to be a Catholic priest to make religion-themed jokes.

Best Recent Tweet: A Carnie asked me to bless him. I panicked and said "Uhh..let me go get my magic wand". Then I avoided him.

who doesn't want to have a continuous feed of that??

in other news, my thought processes on Panic!/TYV still revolves around the divorce. since the new South Africa pics came out, coupled with the revelation that the split has been in the works for some time, I keep thinking, what if they (either consciously/subconsciously) knew that show would be their last together? did they talk about it at all with each other or was it just a time to relax? idk, I'm incredibly curious about these things but my mind can never stay focused enough to finish out a scenario.


how amazing is this, huh? I was gobsmacked when I first watched it. stop making my heart flutter, Kris Allen.

talking about music, I really started liking Michael Runion's The Daylight after I saw this video. and I will not touch you in the dark/ if I/ cannot love you in the daylight ;____;

also, I know everybody's over it already, but I can't stop myself from loling whenever I'm reminded of Ryan and Z's fake marriage. I mean, what if it wasn't fake, you guys! what if Ryan really did manage to carry Z over the threshold without falling over or getting winded? hahaha.
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okay, so I was thinking of posting later but I am impatient and cannot wait. Adam Lambert, you are so much awesome. he said Kris was his type and distracting! He called Kris pretty on a Rolling Stone AHAHAHA. There's just a lot of arm-and-pom pom-waving and flailing going around in my side here. I bet Kris totally blushed when he read it while Katy ribs him and calls Adam to thank him. her man is hot, okay? Thanks for telling the nation that, seriously.

spoilers for the article )

in other news, lots of people are posting their bigbangs and I am in heaven. I'm still looking for Spencer/Ryan and GSF fic, though. anybody know of any good ones?
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I'm going to steal an idea I saw posted at one of the music comms.

comment with your favourite icon and I'll reply with a song that I associate with that icon. (bewarned: 'comes to mind' does not mean a logical thought process.) post 2 favourite icons if you want to, or bring a friend along to get more tunes, I don't mind :D

(I really am bored.)

EDIT: I just realized I haven't posted this vid yet.

ladies and gentlemen, Damian Lewis showing off a fistbump that an 8 year old taught him. complete with exploding noises!

and if you want to experience some gut-busting laughter, watch this one as well.

EDIT2: This is absolutely insane. and so very awesome.
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so, unless Panic does something really awesome again (like, leak a new album) these two are totally my new favourites.

Q: Who will take the top bunk on the American Idol tour bus?

Adam: I like the top!
and they both laughed like hell.

*squishes them*
(but I still refuse to call them kradam. just- no.)
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uhm, oops! sorry! I keep forgetting cut tags )
(and this icon is quite appropriate)

btw, still looking for people to go with me to relay for life on 30th.

EDIT: oh, and david cook almost (almost!) made me cry. that man is made of some fucking strong stuff. how was he even able to sing that song?


why isn't this video all over my flist?

brendon urie, how are you so spastic yet adorbale? he does a jig! he does The Worm. he got called a nerd by a 12-year-old and cries. his life. so hard.

eta the 3rd: why does lj cut off my posts midway after I hit the save button, causing me to re-edit it? so frustrating.
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hey, so panic as american idols! how would you recast them? brendon would be a contestant! jon would be part of the band! ryan and spencer could be... mentors?
EDIT: dude, one of them could be Seacrest and the other could be Simon Cowell. they would snark at each other all nght long,

better yet, bandom recasted in ai! patrick, brendon and greta would be the holy trinity, dudes. EDIT: OR HEY, Patrick would be a judge/mentor!

come on, entertain me.

ETA3: Shia LeBeouf, you guys. I can't even handle. I keep thinking that he must have a long-suffering publicist. she would do a *facepalm* daily, pretty much.


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