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This is what I miss when I don't check my flist for a couple of weeks, apparently.

Growing up in an environment where a lecturer of my religious studies subject can actually say in class that women are half to blame for incidents of rape because of the way they dress and not receive a peep of objection, this opinion of Z's has me seriously disappointed. I did not expect that from her.

(I don't even know how to tag this, ugh.)

eta: also, there's a rumour that Ole may be leaving United. DDDDDDD:
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I think I have a crush on everybody in this band.

This article on them is really good (it also has live video of Release Me). It quotes Charlotte(!!), Mark Ronson and Homer Steinweiss of The Dap Kings, who helped produce the album.

and you learn a lot from the video. like the fact that Annie has a degree from NYU and she moved across the country to joined The Like after talking with them for a couple of hours. and that Laena likes that the bass parts are complicated because she's used to complicated stuff from playing violin. or that Tennessee and Z stalked Laena for a year before she joined the band. and Z really loves her band. and she has the dorkiest laugh. Z would have died if the album hadn't worked out the way it had.

Can they just do video interviews from now on?

I think I wanted to post something about music and/or Kris Allen before I saw this video but well - next post, I guess.

.....and now I have a The Like icon. but on DW. sorry LJ dudes.
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I've just realized that I haven't had a shower in over 24 hours. geez, louise. Thankfully I haven't started smelling yet, mostly because I've barely left my bed.

Which probably led me to forgetfulness. HAPPY BELATED DEEPAVALI, GUYS.

have I mentioned that I really liked the last two articles James Montgomery wrote about Ryan Ross and The Young Veins? because I really liked it. especially this line:

"That's a whole lot of "officially" for a guy like Ryan Ross, who, ever since splitting with Panic! at the Disco earlier this summer, has made a point of living (and working) as unofficially as possible. That is to say, he's tried very hard to make it look like he's not trying hard at all."

That's exactly it, dude. I still can't quite believe that they've finished the album, all the way up to mastering it. even when I followed their progress religiously on twitter. Also, I listened once to The Other Girl and I think I like Change better, especially the mastered version. but I still want that album. He had his friends sing on his album, guys. For free! Because it was his birthday! and you might hear someone shouting Happy Birthday on the album! and him and Jon sang This Heart of Mine facing each other while playing guitar! which one of these facts excite you the most? Trick question! the answer is all of them.

what else, what else? oh, yes. FINALS ARE IN ONE WEEK. ONNNNNNEEEEE.

p.s. I need to update my icons.

eta: is it bad that I have way too many happy icons? I need a 'I am mad' and 'I am sad' icons.

also, I heard that not a lot of people were there for the young veins' listening party. not on, fandom.

eta2: new icons! one which is totally appropriate for this post.
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dude, this article in Paste about the 10 Unique, Funny or Useful Twitter Users You Should Follow Right Now is pretty amazing! I cracked up! here's an example:

5. Father Kelly - FatherKelly
In which someone in Chester County, Pa. pretends to be a Catholic priest to make religion-themed jokes.

Best Recent Tweet: A Carnie asked me to bless him. I panicked and said "Uhh..let me go get my magic wand". Then I avoided him.

who doesn't want to have a continuous feed of that??

in other news, my thought processes on Panic!/TYV still revolves around the divorce. since the new South Africa pics came out, coupled with the revelation that the split has been in the works for some time, I keep thinking, what if they (either consciously/subconsciously) knew that show would be their last together? did they talk about it at all with each other or was it just a time to relax? idk, I'm incredibly curious about these things but my mind can never stay focused enough to finish out a scenario.


how amazing is this, huh? I was gobsmacked when I first watched it. stop making my heart flutter, Kris Allen.

talking about music, I really started liking Michael Runion's The Daylight after I saw this video. and I will not touch you in the dark/ if I/ cannot love you in the daylight ;____;

also, I know everybody's over it already, but I can't stop myself from loling whenever I'm reminded of Ryan and Z's fake marriage. I mean, what if it wasn't fake, you guys! what if Ryan really did manage to carry Z over the threshold without falling over or getting winded? hahaha.
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a really interesting interview on the music industry

Rollo & Grady interview Seth Godin
 R&G: What’s your take on the state of the music industry today?

Seth: The music industry is really focused on the ‘industry’ part and not so much on the ‘music’ part. This is the greatest moment in the history of music if your dream is to distribute as much music as possible to as many people as possible, or if your goal is to make it as easy as possible to become heard as a musician. There’s never been a time like this before. So if your focus is on music, it’s great. If your focus is on the industry part and the limos, the advances, the lawyers, polycarbonate and vinyl, it’s horrible. The shift that is happening right now is that the people who insist on keeping the world as it was are going to get more and more frustrated until they lose their jobs. People who want to invent a whole new set of rules, a new paradigm, can’t believe their good fortune and how lucky they are that the people in the industry aren’t noticing an opportunity. 

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fandom, you have failed me.

why did nobody inform me of spencer smith's awesome interview for (and just in case you were unaware, is awesome. y'know, in general.)
the article:

Ready to Reinvent Love: Panic at the Disco's drummer jumps at the chance to set the record not-so-straight

my favourite lines:

When it comes to things that are non-music related that we’re still passionate about, now we are a little more comfortable just coming out and saying exactly how we feel. And this is one topic that I’m just sort of -- I just completely disagree with any of the laws that keep everybody from being equal. I’d rather use the fact that I’m doing this interview to at least say what I think than take some weird vague view on things.

As we went on tour, me and Ryan [Ross, Panic’s guitarist] talked about making a “Reinvent Love” shirt. At first it was just going to be on the Fueled By Ramen web store, just a limited edition thing because it didn’t have our band name on the front, and we didn’t know how many people would want to wear that. It ended up being a lot more popular than we thought it would. We were ending all of the concerts with that song, so that was the last thing that people were hearing. We wouldn’t want to be a part of anything that wasn’t that kind of that message.

this next one's in response to Pete saying "they're more gay in a totally other way":

It’s definitely true that we’re totally gay, and that’s the first point that should be made. When we came out with the first record, there was a very specific style and look that we had for that. Then a lot of people thought that it was really strange that we weren’t just going to perform under a circus top forever. So I think that what he’s trying to say is that the first album, people thought we were gay, especially Brendon -- which may be true. Undetermined at this point. He doesn’t have a wife, so… And on the second album, they thought we were gay, but like gay hippies with beards. [exactly what I thought] And so it is a whole other kind of gay. It’s still there, it’s just presented a little bit differently. But maybe that’s completely bullshit. Maybe even Pete couldn’t figure out what he meant.

also, I am seriously considering just trying to printscreen reinvent ♥ on a blank t-shirt, just because I love that line so much. that's gotta be breaking some copyright laws, right?

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the things you can discover on the CNN website

Charting the psychology of evil
what if somebody told you to electrocute someone, even after they were screaming for mercy? Apparently, 70% of people would electrocute someone up to 450 volts. Power is heady, as they say.
I can't wait to know the results of the Everyday Heroism project, though. what makes people heroic?

Women right's activist beheaded in Iraq
the thing is, it looks as if the reporter decided that should only take up less than half of the entire article. the rest is about the political arrests of officers that have links to Saddam's former party.

Beckham in Milan
wait, wait. Beckham will actually play for the first team? also, I just found out Senderos got injured again. :(

do you want to help someone while getting free music?
Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman's band) is giving away Microphone, a track from their new album, Davy, for free on Amie Street. for every download, Amie Street will donate $1 to Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation, which gives musical instruments to kids.
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Cohen said of the song: "The song explains that many kinds of hallelujahs do exist, and all the perfect and broken hallelujahs have an equal value. It's a desire to affirm my life, not in some formal religious way but with enthusiasm; with emotion.

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Matt Pond PA is giving out a free EP, which you can get here. linesthroughlines recommended it so I'm dl'ing it right now.

4AD Records is giving out a free compilation album to celebrate the holiday season. the albm features artists like TV On the Radio, Bon Iver, The Mountain Goats, etc. head over here to download the album (e-mail required). [via HearYa]

HearYa says that Billy Corgan is a huge prick. I was reading through he quotes he picked out from Corgan's interview with Greg Kot but I stopped after "Who’s above us? Who’s lighting the culture on fire? Nobody."
you can read the interview here, if you aren't as lazy as I am.

Simon Kuper talks about how the popularity of other sports may help football and fight obesity in India: India can fight the flab by gorging on other games.

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Pete talking to about homophobia, changing the scene and his bands. Some interesting tidbits, like this one

His new career was Fall Out Boy, a pop-punk band that left the local hardcore scene for more melodic rock pastures, in part because the homophobic violence they witnessed at shows pissed them off.

And don't tell anyone, but this made me go 'awww'

“Being ambiguously flamboyant really does help,” he says. “I’ve had so many people come up to me and be like, ‘I felt OK to come out of the closet after you said this.’ And I’m like...” He looks shocked, even overwhelmed. “When someone says that to me -- it’s not an event I’ve ever been through, so I don’t know what to compare it to. I don’t think I even understand how important that is to someone’s life.”

And when the Euro ad spot appears and it goes 'And the Germans are the ones who can celebrate now' I just want to yell at it to shut up. Jennifer Doyle is not helping me to get over it. Neither is Pitch Invasion. Great pictures, though. But this Ugly Betty marathon is helping a bit.
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A very good read. Joseph Ganley talks about a country's football identity and the link between that and players choosing to play in their local league rather than going abroad. He also points out Jonathan Wilson's article in there.

The Run of Play applauds Guus Hiddink's tactics.

I just found out about Roy of the Rovers. This concept sounds awesome. Does anybody else know more about this comic?

Okay, so me, my sister and my mom are off to Singapore tomorrow. Our flight is at some ridiculous time in the morning. Wish us a safe journey, yeah? And I haven't figured out yet if I'm bringing my laptop with me. I don't even know if we'll have internet connection at the hotel.

Edit: this video, you guys. AWESOME.

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look, Soccerlens posted a good article! The fan's narrow-minded attitude towards the opposition.

also, if you've been wondering why I haven't been around so much, it's because I have finals next Monday and Tuesday. and that's in addition to catching the sickness yesterday. so, yeah. expect lots of spamming after Tuesday.
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an amazing article by Jennifer Doyle on football and art and fans. Read it, even if you're not a fan of sports. It's amazing, seriously. She also has an interesting football blog, From A Left Wing.

and wanna know who's putting out free albums for internet frequenters like us? Tiny Echoes and Empires, that's who! go get 'em.

also, this is so not cool, Becks. stop eroding my faith in you.
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Rooney blooms in Ronaldo's shadow. *chucks Wayne under the chin and squishes him*

and an awesome, awesome video: What Wayne Knows

Kevin McCarra fanboys Scholesy.

an article on Rio's conscious effort to change his image. not really anything anybody doesn't know already, I think, but

eeee! I just sow Gaz on tv! Gaz in a suit!

- oh, right. but he sounds very sensible and determined. uhm, I had something else to say but I forgot.

oh! is Mourinho really going to Inter? because I just heard about Lampard. and congrats to you Inter and Fiorentina fans!
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Rec: The Tale of the Soldier by [profile] guede_mazaka
Luis Figo/Adrian Mutu. set in Alternate World Romania and loosely based in 1476. I don't usually like historical AUs but this one definitely sucked me in. I was biting my nails while reading the last part even though I know next to nothing about the characters and, well, I won't spoil it for you. fair warning though, you will probably need to keep those tissues handy.

I don't live in England nor do I support England's NT but this article by Simon Barnes about the English obsession with heroes was too good not to post. and personally, I think that applies to the people here as well. we're always disappointed when they don't do the impossible but we believe in them because they did the impossible in the first place.

and this is by Simon Kuper. how Drogba's new autobiography reads like a romance novel. (the romance is of course between him and Mourinho. I mean, who else?)

also, I thought last week's World Football podcast was really good. and I think they have a new podcast up already but I haven't had time to listen to it yet.

I'm listening to it right now and guess who's being interviewed? PETER SCHMEICHEL. also, Porto were found guilty of match-fixing a few matches in 2004? wtf?

I read an article in the newspaper this morning and it made me cry. in that article, many were not as lucky as Yang Liu.

and words fail me when it comes to this. so I rely on the pictures and other people's resilience and determination to ably describe what's happening.
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I'm sure I'm the last to know about this but still.

you guys! The Awesome April Challenge Master List is up! the purpose of the challenge was to produce a popslash/popgen fic for every day in April. go forth and read.

I, of course, will be going through all the Nick-centric fics first. (I honestly have no idea why I love Nick so much in fic. if you pressed for an answer, I would most probably just go 'um, he's really hot but in the most generic way. maybe so generic that it turns people off, which makes him even hotter to me. and his smiles are made of sunshine and kittens and rainbows. and he's not shy about showing his love for the important people in his life. and I have this inkling that he gives awesome hugs. and... yeah.')

alright then. here's a few interesting articles that I've read these past few days.

an insider's view on the effects of the China quake in Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, some of the hardest hit areas.

I talked with locals for an hour who said the only aid received so far is water and rice. No power, no gas, no running water, no telephone.

The quake has destroyed everything they own.

how sexism and sportswomen getting frequently injured are connected.

Former Celtic manager and legend, Tommy Burns, dies after losing the fight against cancer.

Sad but true: Andy Bull's critique of the sports news culture nowadays. and The Run of Play gives Andy Bull his backing by calling on you, the readers, to send any generic articles that you come across to him.

and Who Ate All The Pies? are shipping... Ole/Ronaldo?

does anybody else think it's hilarious that in this picture, Ronaldo looks like he just cannot. stop. posing. but Scholesy looks reluctant to even smile for the camera? (also? I would love you a whole lot if you can get me a bigger version of this.)

I seem to be sick. or, at least, I can't stop sneezing/sniffling. bleurgh.
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so, [profile] nz_bonjovi_gal   ordered her flist for updates and I live to serve.

...okay, my life is seriously this boring. I can't think of anything else.

oh, yeah. there's that little Man U vs Wigan thing. when is it again? *scrathes head* since I can't watch it live, I will distract myself from the unnecessary stress (you all better update! *glares at flist*).

alright then. football matters

does anybody know where Mourinho's going next season? anybody? last I heard, it was wither Spain or Italy. and play offs vs goal difference. what do you think?

Giggly Keano alert! Giggly Keano alerteta: an awesome video of BBC's extended interview with Roy Keane.  "I look back now and I'm very sure I was very hard work for some of the managers"  hehe.  it's a lovely interview, on the whole. Keano The Gaffer sounds incredibly wise when he talks.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be infuriating. (to those who don't support Man U, anyway. and even some who do.)

Free-scoring Sandersen hails half-century

When Lianne Sanderson set herself a target of 50 goals at the start of the season, she kept it a secret. Understandably, the England star didn't want any flak if she failed to scale those dizzy heights.

She needn't have worried. Sanderson reached her half-century as long ago as April 16 in the County Cup Final win against Millwall and, after the rarity of two games without a goal, has since taken her tally to 52. Not bad for someone who was still a teenager at the start of February.

40 goals a season doesn't look like much in comparison, huh? Damn those Gunners.

2 goals down and playing with 9 men, San Lorenzo can still beat you.

eta: a very interesting article on the Premier League's academies setup.

When McClair is asked when the next Scholes or Giggs or Beckham is coming, he answers thus. If the current academy system had been in place in the late 1980s United would not have signed Beckham, who grew up in Essex. McClair does not believe they would have signed the Nevilles either, as they would have been snapped up by Bury at an early age and a prohibitive price put upon them. Scholes, he says, would have been at Oldham Athletic's academy. Giggs would not have had the chance to leave Manchester City for the club he supported. United might have got Butt; they might not.

for the world at large:
Burma's military governmentwent ahead with voting for the new constitution. this is despite the fact that more than a million of their people don't have food, shelter, clean water, and clean clothes and 62000 dead or missing. what. the. FUCK. to make matters worse, it seems that the aid delivered are used to entice voters. appeared that some resources for cyclone victims was diverted to the vote campaign. In some cases, generals' names were scribbled onto boxes of foreign aid before being distributed...

A resident of Yangon said refugees seeking shelter in schools were evicted so the buildings could be used as polling places, the newspaper reported.


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just as an update, I know have internet access. I arrived home on Tuesday to find that something was wrong with the modem and/or line. got the password changed, still no internet. finally, someone came by this morning to reconfigure the modem settings and BAM, internet access! so, tell what has been happening with you all.

I haven't really talked about United much in my journal, mostly because I can't really articulate what I feel, exactly, and I think that if I had forged and did try, I would've done them injustice. so here are two incredibly well-written posts about United's form this season, one by Martha and another by The Run of Play. I can't agree more about what Martha said about United's match against Roma. I am also heartened by the fact that she absolutely loathes United. *g*

... okay, fine, I'll stop gloating now.
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so, LJ ate up this long post I wrote(by my standards). if it was physically possible to stab LJ, I totally would. but violence is not the answer. the answer is a condensed form of my post.


this is the official video for The Age of Understatement, the new song by The Last Shadow Puppets. it's a joint side project by Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys) and his boyfriend, Miles Kane (of The Rascals). I'm a huge fan of Arctic Monkeys but know nothing about the Rascals. so if you know anything about them, EDUCATE ME. I think the video is about their first date. Apparently, it involves auditioning in churches in front of a tired pope(?) and a very boring family, a ride on top of a war tank and running along a row of tanks in a snowy field. you know, just to be contrary. side note: Alex looks tiny. (and not at all twenty two years of age.)

a live rip of the song
The Age of Understatement (live)
not exactly quality, though.

secondly, the Charlatans just put out their newest album You Cross My Path. for free. no catch. if you don't want the whole thing, you can download the songs individually. get it here.

general election:

The Election Commission (whose responsibility is to make sure that the election is fair) pulled the plug on its plan to use inedible ink on polling day. days before polling day (it's this Saturday). originally, the use of inedible ink was going to be implemented to curb multiple or phantom voting. the plan was said to be scrapped because the police received reports of some people planning to smuggle in the ink and sabotaging the voting process. or maybe it's because they haven't amended the Fedral Constitution yet so that inedible ink could actually be used. no, don't ask me why they didn't address this issue before they spent millions of ringgit on purchasing the ink.

also, I am seriously sick of those BN ads. they couldn't even be bothered to make those ads good. and whatever happened to the art of subtlety? *sigh*
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um, whoa, Joe Hart. have to say, that is quite an impressive picture. also, quite an innovative way to keep the sun out of his eyes, that baseball cap. I actually mistook him for an American. (no, seriously!)

and awww, Egypt are the ACN champions once again :D Aboutreika won it with the lone goal of the match.

the team after the final whistle blew.

Quieroz says international matches took their toll. uh huh. okay to be fair, he also gave credit to the City players but no mention of the Saudi trip. I just hope we don't make the same mistakes next time. *sigh*

eta: I just watched a video of American commentators doing commentary on a Bundesliga match. It was - weird. not bad weird, just. odd.


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