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okay, the anti virus subscription that came with my computer has expired so I've been trying to download and install the free AVG but every time I try to install it, this error occurs.

Action failed for file avgssie.dll: file registration....
Error 0x80070002

does anybody know why?

oh, and I found something cute today: Noel Gallagher (sort of) defending Russell Brand's honour! even when he's suffering from three broken and dislodged ribs! bless.

There was a phone in on CNN and the title on the screen was: RUSSELL BRAND - BAD HAIR, BAD JOKE. I'd have pissed myself laughing if it didn't hurt so much. Some woman called in saying as an American she didn't like a British guy coming over here, insulting her commander-in-chief!! Very funny. But NOT funny at all. If Chris Rock, for example, says that kind of thing everybody laughs because they think they should, but if it's a man who's dressed up like a vampire's lamp-shade? Well? He was wasted on the shower of God-fearing, corporate hot-dogs anyway.

oh, and I missed United v Bolton :((( figures I would miss a match when Rooney finally scores. sleep is sometimes very overrated. trying to download it now but it is sloooow. at least I can listen to this commentator defending Jens Lehmann's honour. (that was SO  a foul, btw. not that I'm an expert or anything.)

eta: and Mad Jens strikes again! seriously, I don't even know what he was complaining about but he fills me with glee.

in icon news, I can't remember if I've posted those Iker/Becks icons I made a year ago. more importantly, would anybody be interested anymore??
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it seems like Gerard is settling in well with the rest of Barca's team. Very well, at least when Bojan is concerned. I wish he would playfully chase an underwear-clad teammate while only wearing a towel out of United's dressing room but it's cool. he looks happy.

does anyone know if Bojan was already in Barca B while Pique was there? or was he too young? inquiring minds need to know.

I'm going back home for Raya! all my classes have been cancelled/postponed next week so I have the whole week off! still have to finish up some assignments, though, and my computer being infected by a virus is not helping. Have I mentioned there's a virus? got it from installing a software for my Graphics. I find it ironic that I got a virus from a software for educational purposes instead of all the songs/albums/videos/tv shows I download on a daily basis. so far, I can't access Task Manager and Search in my Windows Explorer, my Control Panel keeps disappearing from the Start menu and so has Run. *sigh*

and I don't have tv here, and even if I did, I don't think Entourage is aired here anymore. Despite this fact, I've been reading a ton of Entourage fics. And I can't stop. Seriously, it's like a sickness. I am such a sucker for the whole 'BFF since in the womb' thing.

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I am writing this from my on-campus apartment.

you know what this means, don't you? I have finally figured out how to connect to the internet through my apartment's connection!

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
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dude, my home computer is like, depressed or something now that it's been replaced with a laptop. it started acting up and now we've sent it to be fixed. which means I have to wait (ie come back home at a later date after I've enrolled) to transfer all the data on the desktop to my laptop. dammit.

eta: also! also, did I mention that most of my music is still in that PC? that's like, 4 gigs of music or something. *curses a lot more*

eta: so, I finished watching the third season of House recently. does anyone know of any House fics they want to rec to me? anyone?
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I got back a couple of days ago. the trip was fine considering it was with the whole family and that is all I'm going to say about it.

In other news, my laptop arrived today! yes, I am posting this from my Dell XPS right now *g*

and hmmmm, I think someone has a birthday today, yes?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] tamalinn!
lots of kisses, hugs, B/J porn and good wishes for today and hopefully for always =D

okay, so I'm currently obsessed with these two songs:

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason
Jason Myles Goss - Mississippi Red

both are centred around only the singer's voice and some acoustic guitars and they're both incredibly beautiful in their own way. I originally heard Ain't No Reason on House which upped my love for Brett Dennen by about a thousand levels. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the way he sings. the way his voice lilts makes you think of warm home-cooked meals and good, friendly people.

and Jason Myles Goss! wow. his lyrics are beautiful and effective in their storytelling of someone who runs away from his/her life and ends up in a seemingly desolate situation. I'm not really explaining it very well but I kinda want to marry his songwriting skills if I could, let's put it that way. also, he has some awesome songs you can download for free on his website.

and, um, I'll probably put up a mix later this week, maybe? that is, if I ever get around to finishing any one of them.

eta: ohgods. I just discovered my Media Center. I really wish I knew how to take a screenshot of it because it is truly a thing of beauty, you guys. seriously, if I'm able to watch my shows on this Media Center... I can't even imagine. well, actually I can. excuse me while I go and.... lay down. yeah.


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