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ryan ross keeps on amusing me.

that b. urie is ridiculously endearing, what with quoting love songs before going off to his sister's wedding and having a family which actually holds 50's diner-themed receptions.

we all know that he has a god voice, that doesn't need to be said, but it still surprises me that when he stretches his voice like that. he doesn't do it enough *g*

anyway, can someone please tell me if that is his girlfriend on the left? if so, is he effectively serenading to her? b. urie = romantic sap, makes me grin.:D
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uhm, oops! sorry! I keep forgetting cut tags )
(and this icon is quite appropriate)

btw, still looking for people to go with me to relay for life on 30th.

EDIT: oh, and david cook almost (almost!) made me cry. that man is made of some fucking strong stuff. how was he even able to sing that song?


why isn't this video all over my flist?

brendon urie, how are you so spastic yet adorbale? he does a jig! he does The Worm. he got called a nerd by a 12-year-old and cries. his life. so hard.

eta the 3rd: why does lj cut off my posts midway after I hit the save button, causing me to re-edit it? so frustrating.
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last batch, I swear.

3 MCR, 2 Brendon Urie, 5 (6?) Ryan Ross

when in the heck did I become obsessed with Ryan Ross? geez.


I am officially confused. Is Ryan Ross a girl or a boy?

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so, I was trying to get the hang of the hue/color thing on Picture Manager. totally innocent (except for the fact that I was procrastinating, really but we'll ignore that). and I, um, sort of went on an icon-making frenzy. I'll probably keep some for myself but I only have 15 icon space so if ya'll want any of these, go ahead. credit in posts/comments and all that.

(I kinda feel weird for doing this because the people in my flist probably have enough icons and won't have any use for these but what the heck, right?)



why, yes, these are all done completely randomly, without any theme whatsoever. how did you ever guess?


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