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Happily Never After
Helpless When She Smiles

okay, so if these two songs had to fight it out to be the first single, I would vote for 'Helpless...' hands DOWN. seriously, guys. the vocals. seriously. THIS IS WHAT A VOCAL GROUP SOUNDS LIKE, YOU GUYS.

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane.
*flails a lot*

and the sudden pause with the vocals following it had me hiding my face in my hands to stop the squeaky happy noises from coming out.

people have been comparing 'Helpless...' to Incomplete a lot but this is so much better, imo. (er, Incomplete wasn't my favourite BSB song btw.) and did you hear the Brian/AJ during the chorus? (at least, I think it was Bri/AJ beneath Nick's voice.)

Hi, Boys! *more incoherence*

ETA: the song's been on repeat for the past hour. I'm still not over it. thisissogood.

ETA2: wow, Brian. how is your voice quite but commanding all at once?
also, THE WAILING GUITARS OMG. and the twinkling piano underneath. and someone should conduct a study on how they harmonize RIGHT NOW.
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[personal profile] bubbleforest posted a new fic!

Deep Greens and Blues

it's lush and angsty and perfect. it's quite long but so, so worth the read. It's AJ/Brian/Howie and it's wonderful with the characterizations and the natural progression of things and the interactions.

yeah, apparently my vocabulary goes down when I am in awe with someone else's writing.

anyway, go read!
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go see some very nice pictures of Hitmen!BSB here from [profile] bsb_daily. My favourites are the  black and white ones and the ones where they're all sitting on stools and also the one where they're all standing around a broken car doing nothing (this one amuses me because i'm pretty sure none of them know how to fix a broken car).

and yes, the Stump love seems like it is going to last because I have seen the Dead On Arrival video. They're all so young! Patrick barely looks 16 and Joe seems to be permanently stoned.

I'm watching the NSYNC Atlantis concert right now (courtesy of [profile] turloughishere) and oh, slick boybander moves, I have missed you so. I am still astounded by their dance moves. Their skeletal structures aren't like normal people's man, I am convinced of that (or, y'know, more likely they sweated their butts off to get those moves right). and dude, Lance's voice. total porn material.

I missed seeing JC singing like that, like his life depended on getting the notes right. and the cameraman who panned in on Justin wiggling his hips deserves a plaque or something. and teh slash, of course. how much do I love that Tim McGraw actually sings to the person who is singing with him. totally emoting and reaching hands and stuff.

So much footage, so little time.
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I'm a total eunuch, yo. um, yay?

You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.
How Boyish or Girlish Are You?

EDIT: and,um, these pictures have made me go asdkfjahoiw.

the first two are unreleased(?) Never Gone promo pics. I got them from blogdonick.

I got these from They're from a recent photoshoot by Soulla Petrou.

and I think I know where Aaron got the idea for the shaggy-haired look from.

Image Hosted by 

why, from his big brother, of course!

 Image Hosted by

because they are that close.

 Free Image Hosting at

(The aaron pic and the last pic were from also. and, um, I am a horribble person because I can't remember where I got the Nick picture from. it was originally a picture of him and AJ which I cropped. So, whoever knows who that one is from, please tell me and i will credit accordingly. thanks :))
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Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Says Door's Always Open For Kevin

"All we can do is be supportive in any decisions that any of us make," Carter said of Richardson's announcement that he's leaving the group. "Like I said before, we still want to be able to do records and there are fans out there that want to hear our music, and we're going to push on. But the door was always open for him. It's still open. If he wants to come back to perform again, he can. We respect his decision."

"That's why we're together now — so we can help fill in the gaps — and we love each other so much," Aaron added. "You're going to see the fights and then you're going to see the instant family love, and that's what's great. That's what it's about, man."

Word, AC.

I think I may be genuinely looking forward to this show, just because of the Carter Sibling Love. CSL, it kills.

And speaking of Kevin, let me pimp you a story, just in case you've been living under a rock haven't heard of it already.

Laugh With the Sinners by [personal profile] bubbleforest  (co-written with [personal profile] trumpeterofdoom)

It's a Kevin-centric GSF and it's both heartbreaking and hopeful and hits you right where it hurts.

Nick's hands stay at Kevin's waist, thumbs smoothing idly back and forth at the waistline of his pants. When Kevin looks at him, Nick is biting his lip. "I know," he says, and manages a crooked smile. He presses his forehead against Kevin's and lets out a hollow sigh. "I know," he says again, softer and sadder.


In that brief second Kevin watches the others. Brian and AJ are locked in a deep, unhurried, comforting kiss. Nick is standing behind AJ, doing something that has AJ whimpering and arching back. Brian's hands are on AJ's cheeks, cupping his face, and his thumbs are rubbing gently under AJ's eyes as he hums into the kiss. Kevin can only guess what he's wiping away.

Then all he sees is Howie, straddling him now.

and, oh, I don't want to spoil the story for anybody but let's just say the last paragraph pretty much clinches it.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

man, I'm spamming a lot today.

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oh, nearly forgot. I downloaded the DLF footage with Howie and Brian from [personal profile] erilyn and. and. SQUEEE!!1! Heh. There's What makes You Different.. which was one of my favourites from B&B. And when Brian comes out, he and Howie hug and he literally lifts Howie off his feet. and they sing love songs to each other *flail* and Howie. Oh, Howie, you dork. He sings to a fan onstage and dude, you know he can charm the socks off anybody.

The best part is when he and Brian sing SOMH and Drowning. The try to impersonate the other guys. Howie tries to become a baritone and Brian plugs his nose to sound like Nick. *flails again*

I love these Boys.

EDIT: just heard Peek-a-boo by Gym Class Heroes and TAI. oh. my. god. *dies of laughter* so fucking cute. The best part is how they sing this song. They sound like they're gonna burst out laughing any minute. Funniest kinky song ever. Okay, my cheeks actually hurts now from smiling so much. 'Tis a good day.


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