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also, I've realized that I've been having some serious mood swings these past few days. it's kinda unsettling when you realize you have almost no control over your emotions/reactions to something (this may be because I speak without thinking things through. or, um, I don't think things through, period). I think I know why it's happening but we'll see. hmmmm... *strokes imaginary beard*
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oh, Derailed, your corny episode title does not do you justice.

do you think someone can OD on a fictional character?

Dr Spencer Reid

all screencaps from

and according to this wiki Matthew Gray Gubler (who plays Dr. Spencer Reid) is also a director, sketch artist, and former male fashion model who has worked with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger.
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yes, I'm very late into this fandom.

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I just finished watching the Criminal Minds episode, L.D.S.K. I am officially in love with Dr. Spencer Reid.

He is so slashy, it actually pains me because I think I have to actually choose which pairing I like best.

the amount of Reid/Gideon in the pilot episode is ridicolous.

and dude, in L.D.S.K.? Reid/Hotch is painfully obvious in the opening scene where they are in the dark, quiet, seemingly private shooting range. And Hotch stands just behind Reid, talking in his ear because he's supposed to be tutoring Reid for his gun qualification.

Meanwhile, Morgan acts like a 9 year old, pulling the pigtails of the girl he secretly likes (Reid) when he finds out Reid failed his gun qualification.

yes, as you can see, I love Reid because he is my inner geek but also because I find intelligence extremely hot.

all the screencaps were taken from

plus, Nick looking very good in a suit with people I do not know (probably his friends). taken from

[profile] daydreamer87 has tons of amazing CM icons over here. I snagged some. :)


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