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I really hope that's a lyric, Jon Walker.

so, hi! I haven't been updating much, have I? Life has been catching up on me (or should I say the work I put off to concentrate on finals has been catching up on me? ha) and making me slightly crazy. Only slightly, though. I don't bite if you approach me now. much.

I still had time to read fic, though! more accurately, I procrastinated by reading fic.

well... )

and heeeey, it's [ profile] heartscientist's birthday already in my timezone. you should go wish her happy birthday. she writes some of my favourite spencer/ryan stories.


man, I suck at updating. I originally wanted to say that I'm sorry for being absent for so long. so, um, I'm sorry! If you missed me that is.

eta: just remembered! lookie here!(there's a bit more in the comments.) and here! loooooook. Insane!Ryan is incredibly relevant to my interests, especially if it involves a hurty Spencer Smith in any way. How could these snippets not lead to Spencer/Ryan, you guys? it is scientifically impossible not to!

which leads me to my next issue. since not many people are writing spencer/ryan anymore, i feel like i'm going through a withdrawal. i've been going through my favourite fics, squeezing all the innuendo i can for the Spencer/Ryan Team, even if the pairing isn't Spencer/Ryan. and especially if it's spencer/brendon. I can't explain it, I just don't like that pairing. it doesn't have to do anything with the split, I think, since it started before that. Don't get me wrong, Spencer seems really articulate, thoughtful and mature in interviews and Brendon just comes across as the most adorable, genuine puppy ever but I just can't get into them together. Spencer/Ryaaan *wants it* gimme ur fic picks and pics, ugh.

eta: I wrote 'picks and picks'. uhhh, what? I meant picks and pics. as in, pictures. so yeah, sorry if that was confusing.


Sep. 13th, 2009 01:04 am
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you should go read Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide by [ profile] softlyforgotten right NOW.

I can't even start to tell you what I loved most about this fic, whether it's Vicky-T and her boys, or Brendon-as-in-high-school being characterized so perfectly, or the fact that it's Greta/Vicky-T that's written so angsty and sweetly so well. anyway, you should go read it. Now.
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I should be sleeping because I have this teambuilding thing (it's like a wimp's version of camping, which is a-okay with me. we set up tents on a patch of grass on campus and will probably do stuff.) tomorrow and the day after that but I just discovered some awesome bigbangs. yes, my common sense is non-existent.

lately, I've been avoiding brendon/spencer and brendon/ryan fics. I don't know why. it may be because I'm rebelling against the fic that I've only read two new Ryan/Spencer fics lately? or there's just too much of those pairings around.

You Can Sit Beside Me When The World Comes Down by [ profile] sunsetmog_fics [Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan]
this has everything I love in a high school AU. boys being high school boys! Spencer the rugby player who is a jock and sommetimes dickish but is really good-hearted! Ryan as his best friend who devotes 90% of his life to the literary magazine and stamps down Spencer's ego when he needs it! them being BFFs and making me laugh with their banter! unexpected and realistic angst! even more realistic Panic-as-high school kids characterizations!

I Try To Focus On Your Eyes by [ profile] pr_scatterbrain [Spencer/Brendon/Ryan, Spencer/various]
the truth is, this style might not be everyone's cup of tea. but it is mine. there's just something about a broken Spencer that just gets to me. this is an AU where Spencer has to fire Brent but he just can't. and he's sad and broken because the band is and he gets away for a while because he can't handle. and he makes awesome friends along the way. I love Spencer's characterization in this, and the fact that he's so nomadic. this story features Albert Hammond Jr, Aggyness Deyn, Gemma Ward and Zach Cordon.

conjuring up our melancholy by [ profile] addandsubtract [Ryan/Mikey, Pete/Mikey]
Sequel to anything please (except defeat). !!! I'm currently just starting part two but I just know it's going to be amazing, because how could it not?

Fic Recs

Jun. 10th, 2009 07:31 pm
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another person mistook me for a high school girl today. *sigh* it was due time, I guess. it's been monthssince the last time that happened.

anyway, I've been reading a lot of good fic lately

6 times Jim didn't talk about Tarsus IV and the 2 times he had to by sloth (Star Trek XI, Kirk/McCoy)
This one. I think I literally felt my heart clench in pain. I had no idea what Tarsus IV was so I looked it up. that site should be all the warning you need if you're not into angst. but I highly recommend it.

Son is on a Midnight Run Like De Niro... by [ profile] hackthis (Southland, Ben/Cooper)
[ profile] hackthis has this way of writing that pulls you into the story, even though you're not in the fandom. She makes you care about the characters because they're real, even though you only have the vaguest idea who these people are. I think the only thing you really need to know is this is Ben Sherman, a rookie cop, and this is John Cooper, his training officer, and they patrol the streets of LA.

Your Grievance by [ profile] iphignia939 (Bandom, Pete/Patrick)
you should really read On Your Behalf and I Woke Up Next To You (linked in the above post) first but it is so worth it. The writer crosses over bandom in college with Jigoku Shojo (a popular anime) but you don't really need to know it since the writer explains it throughout the story. it's mysterious and scary and exhilarating and sweet all at once. my favourite thing was possibly that writer brought out the human elements in everyone; I really liked Pete in this, and Bill sort of became my favourite by the end.

Only The Good Die Young by [ profile] _seven_crows (Star Trek XI, Pavel Chekov)
or Five times Pavel Chekov hated being the only seventeen-year-old on the Enterprise
Basically an ensemble fic but it made me smile, how different members of the crew treated Pavel, and how he reacted to each of them. and the last one was priceless! but I think the first one was my favourite.

Spelling Bee In My Pants! (Star Trek XI RPS, Quinto/Pine)
Zachary and Chris are teachers in a high school. Sounds mundane, I know, but the writer writes in a way that makes you invested in the characters. It's one of those quietly-falling-in-love fics that warms my heart, with sniggering high school kids to boot.

Geoffrey of Monmouth was a liar, but that's okay by [ profile] mclachland (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)
this was hilarious and heartwarming at turns. it's basically how Merlin stumbles through life at Camelot while trying his best to save Arthur's neck. It is hard. Meanwhile, Arthur is just trying to deal with noticing Merlin all the time. The part with Winter was just genius!

...I actually have a few more but this got long. Next post, then.
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okay, so I was thinking of posting later but I am impatient and cannot wait. Adam Lambert, you are so much awesome. he said Kris was his type and distracting! He called Kris pretty on a Rolling Stone AHAHAHA. There's just a lot of arm-and-pom pom-waving and flailing going around in my side here. I bet Kris totally blushed when he read it while Katy ribs him and calls Adam to thank him. her man is hot, okay? Thanks for telling the nation that, seriously.

spoilers for the article )

in other news, lots of people are posting their bigbangs and I am in heaven. I'm still looking for Spencer/Ryan and GSF fic, though. anybody know of any good ones?
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ahahaa. it amuses me that the panic guys did not know they were going to open for No Doubt. good employee/employer communication going on there.

and hey, did anybody else get a warning when they went to patdonline that it was an attack site? cause it seems to be alright now. it amuses me that there seems to be a dude between ryan and spencer in this pic (in the row behind the driver) who then he magically disappears in this one. (what? I have to get my kicks where I can, okay. there's just so little of them together nowadays.)

also, hey! fly-by fic rec!

Flying Into The Sun (Ryan/Spencer) by [ profile] stealstheashes

the story's set in the pre-pete wentz days (sort of) and I absolutely love Ryan's voice in this. it shows how desperate he is to get out, and yet he's still young and unsure. and Spencer is just there for him, loyal to a fault. also, the push-pull in Ryan's mind re: him and Spencer was quite believable.

Your Love is Going To Drown (Jon/Tom, pre-Panic!GSF, Ryan/Spencer/Brendon) by [ profile] stardustonsable

bitter Tomrad, you guys! bitter Tomrad breaks my heart but it is strangely compelling, because I assume he can actually be like that in real life. it's short but I like how it was crafted, how well it showed the tensions between TAI and Panic! during that tour and the unspoken things that peppers this fic.

as per usual, I have this feeling that I wanted to talk about something else, but now I've forgotten. *sigh*
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1. Oasis and Panic are playing in the same festival. how epic would it be if they met? I'm sure Noel would blog about it. this has a potential for hilarity, you guys.

2. how amazing is my screensaver? as awesome as the universe.

Read more... )
it's like a slideshow of all these different images, the Sun, the face of the moon, the huge volcano on Mars, the storm on Jupiter, stuff like that. really cool.

3. I have 100+ stuff (read: fic) tagged READ (which is my tag for stuff that I plan on reading). I found some freaking cool stuff, too. if you're interested (there's a Supernatural/Friday Night Lights crossover that I just read! really, really good) head over here.

4. it is really, really humid tonight since it rained earlier*. on the plus side, the angsana trees on my street are blooming and the sight of it falling is beautiful. I imagine it's sort of like what falling cherry blossoms in Japan would look like, if they were bright yellow. I wish I could take a picture to show you.

5. shaaaaane! and panic! and pete!

6. should I or should I not watch Wolverine? I don't read the comics so I'm not particularly attached to the fandom, but - Tim Riggins! I want to hug whoever did the casting.

*= I was going to post this yesterday night, but I accidentally fell asleep so it's morning now. quite a pleasant one, too, although I'm sure it'll be hot as hell later.
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if you haven't read this Jon/Brendon high school AU that [ profile] flickerofyou and [ profile] sinuous_curve created yet, go do it NOW. really. not only are AUs my favourite, this particular one makes my heart break and Jon and Brendon are so fucked up and complicated. and yet I want to fold it up and tuck it into the back of my heart.
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EDIT: I've been spitting more swear words in the last half hour than I have in the past couple of days. you FAIL, LJ. I am so mad right now. *rewrites post*

So... that Spain v Italy match was really boring, huh? good thing I went to bed after the ref called half-time. I didn't get to see Iker in action but I'm sure there'll be a ton of pictures. My prediction skills suck, though. So far, I've said that Croatia would win against Russia and Italy would win the whole thing. Now, I am going to predict that the Final will go to penalties.

eta: hey, guys, I am totally ignorant when it comes to rules but I wanted to ask something. Remember when Silva's foot was stepped on right outside/inside the box and the play just went on? If the ref thought it was a dive (which it was not, ow), why wasn't Silva booked?

Um, to make this more interesting, here's a fun remix of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army. Yes, the pr0n-like voiceover is Europop lame but the crowd noise is awesome. video under the cut )

And amazing fanart by [ profile] blondiusmaximus for [ profile] harriet_vane's equally amazing kid!fic. The art is an epilogue of sorts to the fic, though, so if you're a spoiler-phobe, I recommend that you clear your schedule for a bit to read the story. And trust me, you'll need more than a few hours to read the whole thing. It is epic, but well worth it.

The Euros just get better and better. Even though the Dutch got kicked out, Spain and Italy brought the boy-touching and making my heart heal a bit. Witness: the usually emo David Villa rolling around on the pitch with Iker Casillas. They are doing their best impression of adorable puppies. And they excel at it )

more here at [ profile] twoyellowcards
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Things that make me mad:

E! promoting plastic surgery. Bikini Bottom Booster is a must for the summer? Really? You do realize that my 14 year old sister watches this, right?

Reality shows on MTV. 'Nuff said.

Things that make me happy:

Ironman/Spiderman ( [community profile] boy_touching  brought my attention to this video.)

A Brokedown Melody by [profile] sathinks 

I'm actually only halfway through this but I am already reccing it because it is just that good. Jon Walker the surf-rocker, you guys.

And look! *points to icon* [profile] geneli4  made that. (find more here.) she also made me this.

yep, she is made of awesome. y'know, just in case there was any doubt.
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dude. Freaking football. and I'm cursing my tiredness because I totally missed the match this morning. good thing tv re-airs matches 20392 times. also, I'm feeling happy because the Swiss won right after their manager's wife came out of a coma.

oh, and this is via [profile] thepianopoet. apparently, the Dutch team call Edwin 'Papy'. I just - *hands*

eta: just saw this. apparently, we stole a very promising 16 year old from Roma.

also, do you guys know how to convert streaming video to audio? I want this audio of Mystery Jets performing Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. (here. click on 'Mystery Jets perform Bleeding Love'.) maybe the video only works for people in the UK? because it's not working for me.

you know how Big Bang stories are freaking awesome and deliciously long? yeah. I think I'll be attached to my laptop for a very long time. so far, I've finished reading one story and in the middle of reading another one.

Of Moon, Birds, and Monsters by [ profile] sinuous_curve  and [ profile] flickerofyou 

I fail at reccing this story because I am just going to flail about incoherently whenever I try to do it. basically, Brendon is an up-and-coming actor who has his demons. he meets Spencer, a waiter. and it's really, really not your run-of-the-mill romance.

Stump's Eleven by  [ profile] ailleann23

I'm about halfway through this one and it's seems really promising, so far. of course, I may just be biased because I adore ensemble fics. especially ensemble fics that has the potential to put the characters in situations where they have to work well together and/or get stuck in cramped places together. what??
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Rec: The Tale of the Soldier by [profile] guede_mazaka
Luis Figo/Adrian Mutu. set in Alternate World Romania and loosely based in 1476. I don't usually like historical AUs but this one definitely sucked me in. I was biting my nails while reading the last part even though I know next to nothing about the characters and, well, I won't spoil it for you. fair warning though, you will probably need to keep those tissues handy.

I don't live in England nor do I support England's NT but this article by Simon Barnes about the English obsession with heroes was too good not to post. and personally, I think that applies to the people here as well. we're always disappointed when they don't do the impossible but we believe in them because they did the impossible in the first place.

and this is by Simon Kuper. how Drogba's new autobiography reads like a romance novel. (the romance is of course between him and Mourinho. I mean, who else?)

also, I thought last week's World Football podcast was really good. and I think they have a new podcast up already but I haven't had time to listen to it yet.

I'm listening to it right now and guess who's being interviewed? PETER SCHMEICHEL. also, Porto were found guilty of match-fixing a few matches in 2004? wtf?

I read an article in the newspaper this morning and it made me cry. in that article, many were not as lucky as Yang Liu.

and words fail me when it comes to this. so I rely on the pictures and other people's resilience and determination to ably describe what's happening.
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above the atlantic by [personal profile] vlieger

AU; David Backham/ Iker Casillas

(when he was nine years old and immortality was only a step in the right direction, david wanted to be a rock star. so his parents bought him a guitar and david practised faithfully until a string broke - snapped whilst his still uncalloused palm was pressed into the frets like skin, and sliced a neat little cut that bled and bled, and never really faded. he has that string still, plaited around a strand of yellow wool and looped onto his wrist, loose enough to fall just over the veins that form miniature maps on the back of his hand, three-dimensional and alive, pulsing, running with his blood. and david never forgets that the string made him bleed, once - all he does is twist his wrist and watch the scar pulling across his skin like a frozen river.)

one of the most tangible and beautiful AUs I've read in a long time. (although only 10 people commented on it? =l)

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not gonna comment much on the loss to Bolton since I didn't watch the match (we have no satellite channels!). but the fact that Anelka scored the only goal had me smiling a little because of the irony.

right, I've held this off long enough. time to get down to business.

secondly, I just checked my results on my uni's website and I did alright, considering how I thought I totally bombed my finals.

last, but certainly not least:
in spite of myself, this video is adorable. tiny kids! *flail* (argh, I can't believe I'm reading so much David/Iker.)

okay, I just found this. I AM CONVINCED OKAY. really, utterly convinced. you can stop poking me now, world. (but you can keep throwing those slashy vids/pics my way.)
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so, I broke fast today with my mom and sis -

my mom came here for the weekend! you do not know how happy this makes me, especially since it's been a pretty down week, personally -

- anway, we broke fast at this small restaurant by the roadside; briyani rice with chicken, chicken curry (curry was the Pakistani kind, which was the best I've tasted so far) and some naan.

Gastronomical delights, dudes.

also! I'm a bit late with this but [profile] provetheworst  wrote this amazing Pete/Brendon, Spencer/Brendon AU. Brendon's an artist, but not one of those stuffy, pretentious types and Spencer and Ryan Ross are his best friends and they're in college. it's wonderful and heartwarming and not as angsty as you would imagine a fic that includes both Pete and Ryan Ross would be. it made my heart grow three sizes, kids, no lie.

"I'm not sure it's even visible in summer," Brendon says. "Well. I mean, it's almost fall, but still. I don't think we can see it from here right now."

"That explains so much," Pete says. "I can't find anything up there, man."

Brendon says, "Well, okay, hey. Hey, look -- you see those there?" He wriggles in closer to Pete, and points up at the sky. "That kind of x-shape?"

"Yeah," Pete says.

"And that really bright star right about it? Okay. Well. That's a truck stop waitress. She's even got, hey! That star there is totally her tray of pancakes."

Pete laughs. "Dude, I'm pretty sure there's no waitress constellation."

"Oh, there totally is. Man, who do you think keeps the other constellations from starving to death?"

Pete says, "Okay, okay. That star there's her kid. He's a bit of a rebel, wants to run off with some hot star girl he met yesterday."

to write anymore would probably give the whole story away so I will refrain and shoo you off towards the story itself instead. Run, don't walk.

in addition to that, she made a post about the media stuff she incorporated into the fic (which made the fic even more amazing, btw.) AND if you're fanatic about spoilers, you should probably read the fic first since the media post contains huge spoilers.

also, make sure to check the comments in both posts for these random snippets she posts as reply to some comments. they're pretty awesome.

guys, do you know if
eta2: why hasn't anyone ever pointed out that Ben and Casey Affleck seem to love each other a lot? and that (this is the best part) they're not afraid of showing it. I'm pretty sure that Casey is sitting in Ben's lap in that first picture.
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you trust me, right? if you do, you should all go and read this right now.

As Close As It Gets To Home by [ profile] airgiodslv

bandom (um, multi-band? MCR, PATD? whatevs), AU

read it and leave a comment for the author. but please don't read the comment I left there because it is simply filled with incoherence. I really have no words to describe how much I loved it.


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