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Jun. 10th, 2009 07:31 pm
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another person mistook me for a high school girl today. *sigh* it was due time, I guess. it's been monthssince the last time that happened.

anyway, I've been reading a lot of good fic lately

6 times Jim didn't talk about Tarsus IV and the 2 times he had to by sloth (Star Trek XI, Kirk/McCoy)
This one. I think I literally felt my heart clench in pain. I had no idea what Tarsus IV was so I looked it up. that site should be all the warning you need if you're not into angst. but I highly recommend it.

Son is on a Midnight Run Like De Niro... by [ profile] hackthis (Southland, Ben/Cooper)
[ profile] hackthis has this way of writing that pulls you into the story, even though you're not in the fandom. She makes you care about the characters because they're real, even though you only have the vaguest idea who these people are. I think the only thing you really need to know is this is Ben Sherman, a rookie cop, and this is John Cooper, his training officer, and they patrol the streets of LA.

Your Grievance by [ profile] iphignia939 (Bandom, Pete/Patrick)
you should really read On Your Behalf and I Woke Up Next To You (linked in the above post) first but it is so worth it. The writer crosses over bandom in college with Jigoku Shojo (a popular anime) but you don't really need to know it since the writer explains it throughout the story. it's mysterious and scary and exhilarating and sweet all at once. my favourite thing was possibly that writer brought out the human elements in everyone; I really liked Pete in this, and Bill sort of became my favourite by the end.

Only The Good Die Young by [ profile] _seven_crows (Star Trek XI, Pavel Chekov)
or Five times Pavel Chekov hated being the only seventeen-year-old on the Enterprise
Basically an ensemble fic but it made me smile, how different members of the crew treated Pavel, and how he reacted to each of them. and the last one was priceless! but I think the first one was my favourite.

Spelling Bee In My Pants! (Star Trek XI RPS, Quinto/Pine)
Zachary and Chris are teachers in a high school. Sounds mundane, I know, but the writer writes in a way that makes you invested in the characters. It's one of those quietly-falling-in-love fics that warms my heart, with sniggering high school kids to boot.

Geoffrey of Monmouth was a liar, but that's okay by [ profile] mclachland (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin)
this was hilarious and heartwarming at turns. it's basically how Merlin stumbles through life at Camelot while trying his best to save Arthur's neck. It is hard. Meanwhile, Arthur is just trying to deal with noticing Merlin all the time. The part with Winter was just genius!

...I actually have a few more but this got long. Next post, then.
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I don't get it. if a politician got elected because of this quota system, would they even want to vote against it? the only way I can see of Umno recovering is if they bring in totally fresh new blood. but that's not gonna happen easily because of course those old farts won't give up their posts. it's a vicious cycle. let's hope the next generation are made up of stronger stuff than me.

hey, remember when I asked the world in general if that was Mikey Way in drag in the America's Suitehearts video? I just found out it was Cassadee. oops? (pete probably had a hand in picking the clothes, I'm sure.)

I should always remind myself how awesome Matt Nathanson is, with his Care Bear rants, R Kelly improv and Enrique Iglesias spoof.

'would you cry if you saw me crying'? what the fuck? you just asked her to dance and run, the girl's exhausted. and you're saying 'would you cry'? you're such a dick.


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what did I do for the past few days? I made some really crappy icons, then some slightly crappy ones, then some not crappy icons. here goes.

1 Pete, 10 Patrick, 1 FOB, 8 various FOB pairings, 3 P!ATD (these are pretty bad), 5 William Beckett



Icons )

I'm freaking tired, man. and I'm pretty sure I flunked my History test. next week I have all three science tests. *groans*
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go see some very nice pictures of Hitmen!BSB here from [profile] bsb_daily. My favourites are the  black and white ones and the ones where they're all sitting on stools and also the one where they're all standing around a broken car doing nothing (this one amuses me because i'm pretty sure none of them know how to fix a broken car).

and yes, the Stump love seems like it is going to last because I have seen the Dead On Arrival video. They're all so young! Patrick barely looks 16 and Joe seems to be permanently stoned.

I'm watching the NSYNC Atlantis concert right now (courtesy of [profile] turloughishere) and oh, slick boybander moves, I have missed you so. I am still astounded by their dance moves. Their skeletal structures aren't like normal people's man, I am convinced of that (or, y'know, more likely they sweated their butts off to get those moves right). and dude, Lance's voice. total porn material.

I missed seeing JC singing like that, like his life depended on getting the notes right. and the cameraman who panned in on Justin wiggling his hips deserves a plaque or something. and teh slash, of course. how much do I love that Tim McGraw actually sings to the person who is singing with him. totally emoting and reaching hands and stuff.

So much footage, so little time.
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I am feeling much emo boys love right now. more specifically, Patrick Stump love. See, I love live performances videos. I actually prefer them to music videos. (I think a lot of people will agree with me on this.) It's all about the atmosphere, the way your favourite musicians jump around like Chris Kirkpatrick who's had too much sugar and how they interact with each other and the crowd.

I've recently downloaded a lot of videos of FOB performing live and Stump, man. His voice is freaking amazing. (is he a baritone? I'm no good at this music stuff.) AJ, of course, will always be my favourite voice but Patrick Stump is definitely one of those who share the second spot. and his lips. I even like his refusal to talk in between sets because I perceive it as more of a shyness thing than a "I'm being a jackass" thing.

Oh, and when Justin was on TRL, the had a short clip of the VMA nominations and what the nominees had to say about being nominated. Brendon and JWalk were talking for a bit in front of their tour bus.

Brendon: Red Hot Chilli Peppers got a few, Madonna got a few -
JWalk: Shakira did, too. *twirls hair*
Brendon: Shakira... *giggles*
JWalk: Shakira! *pumps fist*
Brendon: *wiggles eyebrows at JWalk* So, yeah. we're right up there with them, it's kinda flattering.
I should also mention that Brendon was wearing a red/pink hoodie and JWalk is the cutest ever with his hair-twirling (honest to god hair-twirling). Boys.
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i just got back from tuition and my concentration was shot almost throughout the whole two hours. But I heard 'I Write Sins...' on the radio on the way back so that definitely cheered me up. They were the biggest chart-jumpers of the week! Which of course made me rub my hands with glee. World domination, yo. It's the plan of the summer.

So, to cheer myself up even more (and whoever is reading this, of course), have some William Beckett.

William likes other boys, too:

I think I should balance this post out a bit.

So, okay. I guess I should post a few FOB videos as well.
Here goes:

And now, I should really go to sleep.

EDIT: I just found out that the frontman of Jack's Mannequin is Andrew MacMahon from Something Corporate. To which I say, WHAT?!  When did this happen? No wonder when I finally heard a few songs by JM they sounded familliar. Jeebus. I really need to get with the times.


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