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I didn't know how much I was hoping this was an isolated incident until I read this:

Journalist Ketil Stensrud tweets: "Breivik's attorney has, in a radio interview with NRK, confirmed that his client belongs to an international network of right-wing extremists. He's planned his actions for a long time, and has requested the hearing on Monday to be open for world media, so that he can 'reveal all'. Strong suspicion of OSL/Utøya operation being funded by intnl"

(from the Al-Jazeera liveblog)

I'm still hoping the police will find out he's crazy and was acting on his own, to be honest. I'll be praying for the people of Norway.

In other news, I knew people can be stupid, but to be so ignorant that they'll boo a random person just because he's from Israel? I'm guessing these people think that Israelis all think alike? I don't know Benayoun, and I don't know about his political affiliations. But he came here to do his job, which is playing football, not support Israel's political agenda. Those people need to get out of their shells and see that not all citizens support their nation's policies. /rant
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1. Kris Allen: Ladybug Killer
"I will sing to you, little ladybug" and then he killed it. ahahahahhahaha. after the performance, Kris tweeted "RIP to the ladybug at the radio show today. Pourin some out for ya." and then, his guitarist/BFF Cale Mills who performed with him and was the one who brought Kris' attention to the ladybug on his mike tweeted "@Krisallen, Ozzy bites the head off a bat on stage, you accidentally kill a ladybug at a radio show...advantage ozzy." and then @ladybugghost appeared (its name is Dot) on Twitter and its first tweet was "@KrisAllen I forgive you." just - HAHAHHAHHA

2. is this not the most precious thing you have ever seen? (a cute boy! wrapped up in a flag! asleep on a field! wearing red chucks! I don't know, that last part is really endearing to me *g*.)

3. [personal profile] stickmarionette has been educating me on the ways of FC Barcelona through her fics and Twitter. I think I know the same amount of information about Barcelona as I do Man Utd now, which is quite surprising, given my creaky memory haha.


4. Cannot. Stop. Watching. This.

eta: are these not the most beautiful pictures you've seen in your life today? :D? \o/? no? not even this?


...okay /o\
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an interview with Simone Bitton, who made the film "Rachel", which investigated the death of Rachel Corrie through her unique point of view.

Still, I was very moved by the story because it was the first time that somebody who came to protect the Palestinians was killed. It was the whole notion of protection, of nonviolent resistance. It was a red line which has been crossed. It was very frightening.

it's fascinating, especially when she talks about Rachel as a person, and she clearly admires her. and what she said about how her generation had failed to stop the occupation, and now that responsibility has been passed down, because that's what I think about almost every single day. she also talks about how people know it most likely won't work but try anyway.

yesterday, I found out a member of the Al-Qaeda was working in my state.

...yeah, there's not much I can say about that.

on to things that have made me happy lately:

I still don't like their singing voices, but man, are they entertaining

this actually had me crying from laughter you guys. I can't even tell you which parts were the best, you'll just have to watch it yourselves.

you big gay threesome, you

it's in korean but whatever, it's still ridiculoously entertaining. Ji Sung:*points to all three of them* Gay. Carlos not paying attention and Pat looking baffled and going all "Translate, Ji!"

oh, and I'm thinking of doing fic recs but I also think it would be a bit redundant, since you all have probably read the fics I'm only reading now ages ago (I'm slow like that).
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d'you guys think this pay-as-you-play plan is gonna be a regular thing in the top league?

...if you're expecting something from me, well, I got nothing. I have no tv and haven't seen a match in ages.

also, I'm downloading the Lion Kind OST! *flails* so excited, dudes.

re America's Suitehearts: I keep wondering if it really is Mikeyway in a skirt in that video.

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the things you can discover on the CNN website

Charting the psychology of evil
what if somebody told you to electrocute someone, even after they were screaming for mercy? Apparently, 70% of people would electrocute someone up to 450 volts. Power is heady, as they say.
I can't wait to know the results of the Everyday Heroism project, though. what makes people heroic?

Women right's activist beheaded in Iraq
the thing is, it looks as if the reporter decided that should only take up less than half of the entire article. the rest is about the political arrests of officers that have links to Saddam's former party.

Beckham in Milan
wait, wait. Beckham will actually play for the first team? also, I just found out Senderos got injured again. :(

do you want to help someone while getting free music?
Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman's band) is giving away Microphone, a track from their new album, Davy, for free on Amie Street. for every download, Amie Street will donate $1 to Mr. Hollands Opus Foundation, which gives musical instruments to kids.
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WHOO BOY. just like old times, eh?
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Matt Pond PA is giving out a free EP, which you can get here. linesthroughlines recommended it so I'm dl'ing it right now.

4AD Records is giving out a free compilation album to celebrate the holiday season. the albm features artists like TV On the Radio, Bon Iver, The Mountain Goats, etc. head over here to download the album (e-mail required). [via HearYa]

HearYa says that Billy Corgan is a huge prick. I was reading through he quotes he picked out from Corgan's interview with Greg Kot but I stopped after "Who’s above us? Who’s lighting the culture on fire? Nobody."
you can read the interview here, if you aren't as lazy as I am.

Simon Kuper talks about how the popularity of other sports may help football and fight obesity in India: India can fight the flab by gorging on other games.

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I know some of you have wanted to see Yoann Gourcuff strip at least once in your life. so, um, here's the video.

courtesy of Kickette and my pervy-ness. in my defense, he was stripping in full view of a thousand working cameras! on the pitch!

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via Run of Play

this is quite interesting: a series of postcards written by someone who was at the Scotland-England match on April 5, 1902 describing the Ibrox disaster. (during the match, a stand collapsed, killing 25 people.) the five postcards are being auctioned in London.
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cue my jaw dropping.

and me covering my eyes a moment later.

from [ profile] ontd_football , of course.

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it seems like Gerard is settling in well with the rest of Barca's team. Very well, at least when Bojan is concerned. I wish he would playfully chase an underwear-clad teammate while only wearing a towel out of United's dressing room but it's cool. he looks happy.

does anyone know if Bojan was already in Barca B while Pique was there? or was he too young? inquiring minds need to know.

I'm going back home for Raya! all my classes have been cancelled/postponed next week so I have the whole week off! still have to finish up some assignments, though, and my computer being infected by a virus is not helping. Have I mentioned there's a virus? got it from installing a software for my Graphics. I find it ironic that I got a virus from a software for educational purposes instead of all the songs/albums/videos/tv shows I download on a daily basis. so far, I can't access Task Manager and Search in my Windows Explorer, my Control Panel keeps disappearing from the Start menu and so has Run. *sigh*

and I don't have tv here, and even if I did, I don't think Entourage is aired here anymore. Despite this fact, I've been reading a ton of Entourage fics. And I can't stop. Seriously, it's like a sickness. I am such a sucker for the whole 'BFF since in the womb' thing.

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Keano reprimanding FIFA's vice-president. and this

"But I do know, for example, that we wouldn't have offered him a one-year deal this season if he'd said he was going to be playing for Trinidad. I'll be speaking to him today."

sounds ominous. I do not want to be Dwight Yorke right now. (but angry!Keano: YUM)

and apparently, the guy who attacked Noel was drunk. here's Noel's post

In his defence though, he’s probably having one of those mid-life crises things. )

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things you should be checking out:

[profile] freestylepulp 
the brainchild of [profile] lemongrasstea  , the premise is football RPF AUs in the pulp magazine universe and comicbooks. You may get to read about Figo, the cranky superhero and/or private eye! what's not to love?

free music: yes, more free music. check out youareawesome!! they're sort of like a Swedish music organization comprised of musicians in the indie scene supporting other musicians in the indie scene. on the site, there's a ton of free music to promote these musicians and all you have to do is Tell all your friends, enemies,brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents...your favourite radio station, DJ or blog-writer about these fantastic artists and their music and our site. in their own words. I can't tell you if I like any of the songs because my dl manager has suddenly decided that it doesn't like downloading stuff. so, if you download anything, don't forget to share. *grabby hands*

and spread the word, of cours :)

unrelatedly, a song that I think you'll like
Couple - Tentang Kita
change xx to tt
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this is just a quickie.

Linesthroughlines say Richard Swift is amazing and Drew's taste in music and mine seem to run along the same lines so I'm pimping. Free music, for a limited time, by Richard Swift. He's giving away his Ground Trouble Jaw EP for free on the internet so you can listen to him. I haven't downloaded the whole thing yet but the description of his music has my interest piqued. ...the five tracks run the gamut from 60s girl group pop to Motown soul to Onasis-flavored 50s street gang doo-wop to synth-fueled pop classics. How does that not sound awesome?

also, (via [profile] lemongrassteaSheva has left Chelsea and is going to be reunited with his Ricky. Footy slashers, get your keyboards ready for reunion!fic.

eta: Sunderland won! Against Spurs! Go Keano *g* Now, United, I know you're usually shit against Pompey but win this one, please? Let's not give Roy more ammo for his Chelsea-will-win-it schtick, okay?
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LOL. (ASIA A source of “untapped markets.”) Oh, how I adore The Run of Play.

And The Morning Benders are giving away an album of covers on their blog. I haven't downloaded it yet myself because on-campus internet is really fucking slow, but you totally should. Plus, they've done a couple of live sessions for HearYa and Daytrotter, a few songs which you can also get, yes, for free.

Here's a scary story. How the 'entrepreneur', Darren Brown, bought Chesterfield F.C. Then emptied their coffers to pay his debt and support his fashionable lifestyle.

Now this one is just plain depressing. A Brazillian company, Traffic, buys young talent, lend them to Brazillian teams, and take most of the money when they move on to Europe.

Spangly Princess talks about Lazio and the mafia.

 Hey, my mom's coming today! but I'm sort of sick. It's okay, though. It was worse yesterday when my mouth felt like it was stuffed with damp cotton. Today I just seem to have the sniffles and my body seems a bit heavier than normal.
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anyone interested in football/soccer should go watch this documentary done by Tim Vickery for It's basically just Tim talking about South American football but it's really interesting because you can see how excited he is when talking about it. And you can learn a ton of stuff on how modern football began. Did you know Uruguay were the first team to play with black players? And that they were, for all intents and purposes, pioneers of modern football? Anyway, it's posted in install ments and I think it's up to part 6 now.

And this is my new music crush

Ben Sollee - It's Not Impossible
Ben Sollee - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Ben Sollee - A Few Honest Words
Ben Sollee - How  To See The Sun Rise

His voice, you guys. I can't really explain it, except in the way that it makes me melt. It's honest and compelling and makes you stop in your tracks. And here's a fun fact. He used to be a cello player for a symphony or something and then decided to try his luck as a solo artist. And boy, am I glad he plunged those cello-playing hands into the indie music waters. My favourite is It's Not Impossible because of how it's starts slow and forlorn and then turns into this totally upbeat, catchy song.

in real life, things are, well, hectic to say the least. Doesn't help that I'm procrastinating as much as possible. And don't be surprised if you hear about me going to prison. That would probably be caused by the fact that I had throttled one (or all, I'm not sure yet) of my group members in my Language class. We're supposed to hand in a 5 page essay before Tuesday and we haven't done a thing.

And I'm currently attempting to listen to my whole iTunes library in alphabetical order so that I can throw out the songs I really really don't like/listen to anymore. Really. According to iTunes, it will take me 11 days to complete this task. Well, that was then. I am now in the midst of the B's and it's dwindled to 10.9 days. A huge accomplishment, I know.
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Get this. Breaking transfer news by Facebook. By the player himself. That's not even the best/worst part of it. He refers to himself as a third person.

In other less horrifying news, school is back on. I'm still trying to get into the swing of things but it's only been two days so we'll see how that goes.

And I'm planning on getting Viva La Vida. It seems that Lovers in Japan has done enough to convince me to shell out 50 ringgit for it. *sigh* Goodbye, sweet money.

oh, man

Jul. 4th, 2008 11:29 am
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Those Spanish boys are so mean. But I cannot lie. The video made me laugh. Poor Schweini.

The Verve are giving away a b-side, Mover, for free here. Go get it. But be quick. I think it's only available til the end of this week. has part 1 of the Solskjaer story up on its site. One part of me is grinning like a fool when reading those moments but another part just wants to go WAAAAH.
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dressing room shenanigans, dude.

you get to see Juanito, Iker and Xavi in their teeny tiny matching underwear. only in their matching underwears. and you get to see David Villa jumping and hollering like a hyperactive 12 year old.


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