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Man U are playing Liverpool (Liverpool!) and I can only rely on livetext to find out what's going on. *is restless*

(and why does Guardian say Pepe Reina but BBC say it's Jose Reina?)

and a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find pictures of components that make a Maglev train work? It's for a school project. Google Images has failed me. Don't engineers visually document their works anymore?

eta: and what in the world is a 'meaty header'? who in the world is writing this?

eta2: ...ugh, I can feel bile rising up my throat. also, STOP GETTING BOOKED OKAY.

eta3: I was holding out for that tiny spark of magic that we always seem to get near the end (only near the end) but *sigh*

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put your hands up if you're watching the quarterfinals too!

my lr )

and now we have Extra Time

while waiting, more things to note:

1)did anybody else get the impression that Holland were playing with a man down? they looked overwhelmed throughout the game.

2)dude, the Russians totally figured out how to shut Holland down. their defense was tight.

3)is the whole Russian squad made up of adolescents? all of them are so red-cheeked and angelic-looking it's ridiculous.

FUCK. This is fucking painful. how in the world did I get so attached to them? it's 5am an I don't think I'll be able to go to sleep. and yes, I am randomly adding sentences to this thing. I'll be drowning my sorrows in Panic's HCT vids now.
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and you know what else I am in love with? THIS.

CLICK FOR BIGGER VERSION. CLICK NOW.[info]ahh_serie_a totally provided the awesome. and I want an icon for this. even though I have no icon space left.


May. 22nd, 2008 06:01 am
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I don't really - words have abandoned me.

I will just go into my room and squee by myself.

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Chelsea game, the short version )

one more thing: apparently, there was a fracas at Stamford Bridge after the game ended. what made it weird was that it was between United players (those who weren't involved in the game) and the ground staff. hope none of the players get suspended or anything if Chelsea file complaints.
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see, I was totally planning on registering tomorrow (oh, hey, did I mention that the semester is starting next week? I totally forgot to tell you that, didn't I? and did I mentioned that our postponed exam last month is going to be held on the 24th (next Thursday)? Damn, forgot that too.) but then, I was reminded by the fact that I hadn't taken out the money I needed to register from my account yet. and I haven't started packing even though it's 8 pm right now. so that's going to be postponed to Sunday.

what? don't look at me like that. me, resisting change? *suddenly goes deaf* I CANNOT HEAR YOU. really, I am not resistant to change at all. that heavy pressure on my chest earlier? was, um, indigestion. yes.

now, I will do a 180.

footie fans! I am currently watching the Chelsea v Wigan match I just dl'ed. (Bruuceeeey! no, I haven't dl'ed the Chelsea v Everton one. was it any good?) is it just me or do those commentators really dislike Chelsea? I mean, I could feel their waves of disdain from a few time zones away. not that I root for Chelsea or anything (obviously) but I just find it weird. aren't they supposed to be boring and neutral?

eta: I am sort of falling all over myself for Christian Maldini. or, more accurately, Christian Maldini's hair. you guys, his hair is awesome. which is only to be expected, I suppose.

also, I want to change my default icon

I'm leaning towards the first one myself, because I already have a Ronaldo/Rooney icon. you know that icon? *points at current icon* that's Rooney's sweater he's tugging on. and Rooney has the most adorable smile in that picture. *g*
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do not read this. seriously, this is like, alien babbling.

I just realized that I ended both halfs being scared that Rooney would get booked. I really don't want to lose him in the important matches, I guess.
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first and foremost

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say that I love how you churn fic after fic like it's nothing (which is why I haven't caught up with reading all of them yet) and how they're all pretty much constantly amazing. also, you're generous enough to share good music. so, I hope you your birthday and everyday after that will be awesome because you deserve no less. :D

secondly okay, that's enough babbling. I need to go shampoo my hair. it smells of chlorine.

witness Russell Brand fanboying David Beckham. it's not exactly groundbreaking journalism but it made me giggle nontheless.
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missed most of the 1st half but the start of the 2nd half has already caused me to say 'fuck' out loud - with my parents in the next room. I just hope that the tv is loud enough so that I can get away with that.

oh, sheasy.

wtf ref? are you sympathetic to all aspiring goalkeepers?, football makes me bitchy.

okay, my internet connection got cut off halfway
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*does cartwheels*

I'm sort of in love with football, aren't I? *sigh*
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we're 1-0 down. oh, man. why did Rooney have to get suspended today of all days?

2-0. *squeezes eyes shut*

Half-time. I can't even vent my frustration properly since I'm depending on BBC's livetext. why do they insist on doing this the hard way? come on, boys!

72 minutes gone. still 0-2. *yanks hair* *takes deep breaths*

I'm considering sticking my head in the sand until this game is over. apparently, the double substitution isn't going very well? c'mon Giggsy!

85 mins and still no goals. *bites nails*

my stomach feels funny. three minutes to go.

Full Time

Utd 1-2 City. Carrick scored the last goal. we're never going to hear the end of it from City fans. urgh. oh, and the Gooners. and the Liverpool fans, of course. URGH.

okay, my eyeballs are hurting. sleep now.


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