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I cannot stop watching this video. No, seriously. Cannot. Stop. I've even downloaded it and I'm watching it at least once every time I open up my laptop. Z saying "Ladies and gentleman, Laena Geronimo" and then Laena busting out that amazing bassline is probably the best start to a video in anything I've seen recently. and that guitar breakdown, UNF. and Laena jumping up and down and shaking her hair in the background later on ♥______♥

That part at 0:55 when Ryan leans over towards Jon and they both can't keep from grinning? That's exactly what I feel like every time they do that. :DDDDD

Last but not least, who wants to join me in appreciating this GQMF?

I mean, really. )
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this performance is FANTASTIC. Seriously, if you've never heard of The Like before, I highly recommend watching this performance and this interview.

Stealing clothes off children! Bribing them with lollipops! Having no shame at doing the walk of shame! )

I stand by my statement that they should do video interviews all the time. They're just so freaking likable (unintentional pun, sorry).

and before I forget again:


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I think I have a crush on everybody in this band.

This article on them is really good (it also has live video of Release Me). It quotes Charlotte(!!), Mark Ronson and Homer Steinweiss of The Dap Kings, who helped produce the album.

and you learn a lot from the video. like the fact that Annie has a degree from NYU and she moved across the country to joined The Like after talking with them for a couple of hours. and that Laena likes that the bass parts are complicated because she's used to complicated stuff from playing violin. or that Tennessee and Z stalked Laena for a year before she joined the band. and Z really loves her band. and she has the dorkiest laugh. Z would have died if the album hadn't worked out the way it had.

Can they just do video interviews from now on?

I think I wanted to post something about music and/or Kris Allen before I saw this video but well - next post, I guess.

.....and now I have a The Like icon. but on DW. sorry LJ dudes.
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my mind's been stuck on music and covers/collaborations lately.

like Kid Cudi & Bryan Greenberg performing together, this cover of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Like (mp3), this mashup of Falling Slowly & With or Without You - actually, any cover Kris Allen has done, Adam Levine/Kanye West, etc and how unexpected stuff like that makes a song infinitely more interesting to me.

also, how an artist records their songs influences greatly how much I will enjoy it. Like this song, Heart of Mine, where you can hear all the laughter and conversation going on in the background. it makes it more intimate, somehow, which makes me feel slightly voyeuristic. I repeated that song so many times on the bus earlier today.

most of the time, I love live versions of certain songs way more than studio versions to the point that I forget what the original even sounds like (Is It Over, anyone? Andrew's guitar solo will blow your face off), especially when there's audience participation (two of my very favourite Panic performances. how EPIC was Hove Festival '08, you guys?).

I don't know, I guess I was just listening to a lot of songs while walking around and on the bus/train today. maybe i'll make a playlist for all of you later.

okay, okay. enough rhapsodizing for one day.

an aside: I bought a pair of TOMS shoes! turns out that strategy of having a celebrity promote your organization really does work. who knew, right?

(my friends are gonna laugh so hard when I wear them to class. they're pink plaid. /o\ shut up, they're cute. and easy to wear. and technically, i did a good deed.)

oh, and the World Cup starts tooooodaaaaay!!!

oh, and REMEMBER, for every one creation inspired by this prompt, the mods of we_are_cities will donate a dollar to the Greater New Orleans Foundation to help the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief efforts.

Mandela's great-granddaughter killed in crash after World Cup concert
Oh gosh. My thoughts go out to them.
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their little faces! how adorable are they? also, I hope this performance is up on YouTube.

there's a jon/ryan one too! )source
there are pictures of The Like's performance there, too.


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