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School has been taking over my life this past month. SERIOUSLY, I feel like the three months of doing nothing has turned my brain into mush and made me forget how to actually think. It makes me sad because thinking is one of my favourtie pastimes :(

anyway, I feel like I should post in bullet points lately because no way can I write a post about the past month in a cohesive manner.

1. Inception. Inception fandom, how so awesome? seriously, I am finding good fic everyday )

and that's only the fic I've read in the past few days. If I included every fic I've read that I really, really liked, this list would be very, very long. if you're curious for more, just comment. I'd be happy to sift through my bookmarks.

2. late, but this video

Krim Outtakes from Yankee Stadium )
KRIM! KAB! Kris being a gentleman and picking up Jim's notes after he dropped them for the 20842 time! (obvious much, Jim?)

3. people on twitter have reignited my love for football and, strangely, the Beckhams. I forgot how Victoria says the most hilariously inappropriate things sometimes and David is quietly snarky. and babiiiieeees <333

4. I still don't really know how to feel about Eminem asking Rihanna to basically sing a refrain on a song about domestic violence but ugh, this song is so good. and so is the music video. which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan )

5. Just found this article on Guardian Football about Rooney clashing with SAF. hahahahaha HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIS COUNTRY, OKAY. Seriously, though. It's why I love that little dude so much. He just can't say no to his country (and club, too).

6. Watched Salt last night. I want to see Angelina Jolie in action movies all the time now. She's just so good at it. (No, I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Smith. what? I just don't go out a lot, okay.)

7. I really want this hoodie but I just can't justify spending that amount of money for an item of clothing + shipping ;_______________; /whine

8. ...I just stumbled over this video of Lissie covering Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness :O ...:DDDD )

(and I can't stop listening to the Lissie and Ellie Goulding collaboration on Everywhere I Go from the same festival. yes, STILL. here, have an mp3. I really should go and get this lady's album from somewhere.)

...aaaaaaaand now I have to get back to studying. /o\ oh, and eating. I keep forgetting that getting proper nutrients at appropriate mealtimes is an essential part of life /o\/o\/o\
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1. Kris Allen: Ladybug Killer
"I will sing to you, little ladybug" and then he killed it. ahahahahhahaha. after the performance, Kris tweeted "RIP to the ladybug at the radio show today. Pourin some out for ya." and then, his guitarist/BFF Cale Mills who performed with him and was the one who brought Kris' attention to the ladybug on his mike tweeted "@Krisallen, Ozzy bites the head off a bat on stage, you accidentally kill a ladybug at a radio show...advantage ozzy." and then @ladybugghost appeared (its name is Dot) on Twitter and its first tweet was "@KrisAllen I forgive you." just - HAHAHHAHHA

2. is this not the most precious thing you have ever seen? (a cute boy! wrapped up in a flag! asleep on a field! wearing red chucks! I don't know, that last part is really endearing to me *g*.)

3. [personal profile] stickmarionette has been educating me on the ways of FC Barcelona through her fics and Twitter. I think I know the same amount of information about Barcelona as I do Man Utd now, which is quite surprising, given my creaky memory haha.


4. Cannot. Stop. Watching. This.

eta: are these not the most beautiful pictures you've seen in your life today? :D? \o/? no? not even this?


...okay /o\
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why is this video SO. OUT OF. SYNC. Grrrr.

Very pretty tho. I appreciate the close-ups of Ryan and Jon Walker's face in general :D

in other news, I ♥ Jim Cantiello and the Kris Allen Band

my favourite parts:
2. Jim implying that Nicole Kidman is going to carry Kris away because he looks similar to Keith Urban
3. Cale talking about how they tried Googling the shirtless pics. FOR. THE. WIN.

in other news, DO NOT get a twitter. It is addictive /o\
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here, have a video of the Kris Allen Band comparing themselves to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

this band cracks me up )

cover of the night, Don't Look Back In Anger!

with cameos by all of GRO and a bubble maker! the fact that Josh(?) had to bend way down to sing into Kris' mike cracks me up. Kris messes up the words, but not horribly. and apparently they gave Kris a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and a baby before the last song. man am I gonna miss those guys.

Steve Luna takes the cake, though, by walking onstage in a midriff baring GRO merch shirt, a wig and a skirt. I have to admit, he looks better in that skirt than I probably would. and Kris & Band presents GRO with a painting of horses as a parting gift. (Yeah, no idea either.)

Things that do not involve Curse I've Fallen*:
I've been noticing that my memory is getting really really bad lately. For example, I'm on a site and reading something and then I remember I need to do something (e.g. search a phrase or get a drink). After I've browsed the site a bit more and move to another tab, I've forgotten what I was supposed to do. 60% of the time I remember again but it's the rest 40% that has me worried. *sigh* I guess my memory is like my kneecaps, getting old before their time.

* got those from the comments section of Top Idol. I was so bored I actually spent the whole day going through the comments in the AI threads there. It was very.... educational.
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I've just been made to realize that I am a dick, thanks to my mum.

moral of the story: don't be quick to judge )

so, Kris Allen's birthday is on Monday. and krinja_signal started the idea of donating to Heifer, an organization that aims to help poor communities by giving them livestock and helping them farm and set up businesses instead of giving cold hard cash. (It's a really cool idea. You can even give a present to your family and friends by donating to Heifer in their name.) the initial goal was $500, the cost of one cow. In 36 hours, fans have managed to raise more than $12,500 so now they've upped the ante and the goal is to reach $20,000 by Monday. If you want to help, go to their team page and donate. and hey, if you want a drabble from me in return, we can work something out although I can't promise anything about the quality of it.

oh, great. they just had to be freaking adorable.
(apparently, Aaron Kelly will be singing 'I'm A Slave 4 U' on tour, shirtless, holding a python. Katie shot a fingergun at the camera. FINGERGUNS.)

also  )Siobhan and Lee reminisce about their childhood memories. There are conversations about Raise The Dead by Phantom Plabet and Disney Princesses (which they disagree over).

btw, do any of you guys know of good adam/tommy fics where there's a prominent strong friendship between Kris and Adam?
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hey, guys! the mods of are extending the deadline for the 5 june charity drive to this saturday. so if you haven't done anything for it yet, get to it! seriously, it's for a good cause. it doesn't have to be just writing or just bandom. any creation inspired by the prompt, whether related to any kind of fandom or not are accepted. if you need help with beta/posting, please comment at the prompt. the mods are really friendly! for every creation you produce, they will donate money to GNOF.

(love to you all. i have no grand plans for this half-brained scheme of mine -- all i see is that you and i together create beauty and maybe now we can share that in an increasingly ugly world. i hope you'll indulge me) - heartequals

(and I may have written something for it here. shhhhh.)

Kris Allen Band are still awesome, as are Green River Ordinance )

and dude, countless Kris/Katy bunnies keep popping into my head but I can't write/draw them at all. Has this happened to you guys? How do you not go insane from it all?

rl stuff )
I am so behind on World Cup stuff. are the group stages finished already? which one is the Group of Death? Is there even one? Which team messed up (okay, I know that one) and who surprised everyone? Which matches should I watch?

eta: re If I Had You video: I love it a lot, you guys. It just reinforces my belief that Adam Lambert is just a 28-year-old peace-loving hippie club kid at heart.

and I ignored everybody else in that video for Allison. She looks so happy dancing and smiling! and so skinny for some reason! but still hot! ♥ALLISON♥
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my mind's been stuck on music and covers/collaborations lately.

like Kid Cudi & Bryan Greenberg performing together, this cover of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Like (mp3), this mashup of Falling Slowly & With or Without You - actually, any cover Kris Allen has done, Adam Levine/Kanye West, etc and how unexpected stuff like that makes a song infinitely more interesting to me.

also, how an artist records their songs influences greatly how much I will enjoy it. Like this song, Heart of Mine, where you can hear all the laughter and conversation going on in the background. it makes it more intimate, somehow, which makes me feel slightly voyeuristic. I repeated that song so many times on the bus earlier today.

most of the time, I love live versions of certain songs way more than studio versions to the point that I forget what the original even sounds like (Is It Over, anyone? Andrew's guitar solo will blow your face off), especially when there's audience participation (two of my very favourite Panic performances. how EPIC was Hove Festival '08, you guys?).

I don't know, I guess I was just listening to a lot of songs while walking around and on the bus/train today. maybe i'll make a playlist for all of you later.

okay, okay. enough rhapsodizing for one day.

an aside: I bought a pair of TOMS shoes! turns out that strategy of having a celebrity promote your organization really does work. who knew, right?

(my friends are gonna laugh so hard when I wear them to class. they're pink plaid. /o\ shut up, they're cute. and easy to wear. and technically, i did a good deed.)

oh, and the World Cup starts tooooodaaaaay!!!

oh, and REMEMBER, for every one creation inspired by this prompt, the mods of we_are_cities will donate a dollar to the Greater New Orleans Foundation to help the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief efforts.

Mandela's great-granddaughter killed in crash after World Cup concert
Oh gosh. My thoughts go out to them.
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girl's got sass.

@krinja_signal Kris is singing "I Need To Know" in Grand Rapids right now :D
Me: WHAT???
you wouldn't not believe how high my voice went when I realized what that tweet meant.

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dude, this article in Paste about the 10 Unique, Funny or Useful Twitter Users You Should Follow Right Now is pretty amazing! I cracked up! here's an example:

5. Father Kelly - FatherKelly
In which someone in Chester County, Pa. pretends to be a Catholic priest to make religion-themed jokes.

Best Recent Tweet: A Carnie asked me to bless him. I panicked and said "Uhh..let me go get my magic wand". Then I avoided him.

who doesn't want to have a continuous feed of that??

in other news, my thought processes on Panic!/TYV still revolves around the divorce. since the new South Africa pics came out, coupled with the revelation that the split has been in the works for some time, I keep thinking, what if they (either consciously/subconsciously) knew that show would be their last together? did they talk about it at all with each other or was it just a time to relax? idk, I'm incredibly curious about these things but my mind can never stay focused enough to finish out a scenario.


how amazing is this, huh? I was gobsmacked when I first watched it. stop making my heart flutter, Kris Allen.

talking about music, I really started liking Michael Runion's The Daylight after I saw this video. and I will not touch you in the dark/ if I/ cannot love you in the daylight ;____;

also, I know everybody's over it already, but I can't stop myself from loling whenever I'm reminded of Ryan and Z's fake marriage. I mean, what if it wasn't fake, you guys! what if Ryan really did manage to carry Z over the threshold without falling over or getting winded? hahaha.


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