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I really hope that's a lyric, Jon Walker.

so, hi! I haven't been updating much, have I? Life has been catching up on me (or should I say the work I put off to concentrate on finals has been catching up on me? ha) and making me slightly crazy. Only slightly, though. I don't bite if you approach me now. much.

I still had time to read fic, though! more accurately, I procrastinated by reading fic.

well... )

and heeeey, it's [ profile] heartscientist's birthday already in my timezone. you should go wish her happy birthday. she writes some of my favourite spencer/ryan stories.


man, I suck at updating. I originally wanted to say that I'm sorry for being absent for so long. so, um, I'm sorry! If you missed me that is.

eta: just remembered! lookie here!(there's a bit more in the comments.) and here! loooooook. Insane!Ryan is incredibly relevant to my interests, especially if it involves a hurty Spencer Smith in any way. How could these snippets not lead to Spencer/Ryan, you guys? it is scientifically impossible not to!

which leads me to my next issue. since not many people are writing spencer/ryan anymore, i feel like i'm going through a withdrawal. i've been going through my favourite fics, squeezing all the innuendo i can for the Spencer/Ryan Team, even if the pairing isn't Spencer/Ryan. and especially if it's spencer/brendon. I can't explain it, I just don't like that pairing. it doesn't have to do anything with the split, I think, since it started before that. Don't get me wrong, Spencer seems really articulate, thoughtful and mature in interviews and Brendon just comes across as the most adorable, genuine puppy ever but I just can't get into them together. Spencer/Ryaaan *wants it* gimme ur fic picks and pics, ugh.

eta: I wrote 'picks and picks'. uhhh, what? I meant picks and pics. as in, pictures. so yeah, sorry if that was confusing.
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hey, does anybody know how to add a widget in the links list of my page?
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dudes, what is this advisory board elections thing lj has going on? I remember an earlier email about it but I forgot to ask if any of you were going to run for it. anyway, is this important? do i need to vote? cos I'm probably not going to.

[profile] turloughishere has a very informative post on this. she links to info about the voting and the candidates. basically, voting closes at 9pm PTD on May 29 and I think the leading candidate right now [community profile] legomymalfoy but it used to be a guy ([personal profile] jameth) who is not in fandom and is apparently a total prick and.. yeah, total prick. so. read, get to know the candidates and go forth and vote! (and you can also visit [profile] fandom_votes to know more. link!)

eta2: and ow. I just remembered why I don't usually eat a lot for dinner. after not eating anything since about 3pm, I at a big burger and now my stomach is like, stabbing itself or something. *whimpers* anybody have any good stomachache remedies?
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dude, a friend of mine has offered to hook me up with season 2 (up til ep 14) of SPN \o/. can't wait for Monday.

okay, so the 'recent friends' posts not showing up thing'? it's still happening. the weird thing is that it's only affecting one of my filters. all the other filters seem to work fine. does anybody know what's going on?

eta: Wentz gets dissed! by chimps! this is the best video EVER. okay, maybe JC's A.D.I.D.A.S. is a bit better since it mocks cheesy porn movies. but just a tiny bit.

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did you know that watching videos of The Sounds performing on YouTube can boost your confidence by leaps and bounds? no, seriously. everyone should try it sometimes.

also, I've started slashing Jesper/Felix. (yeah, I'm scared of the fact that I know all of their names already.)

2nd, what is up with lj? I had to try multiple times before I finally managed to log in. same with trying to update.


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