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an interesting e-mail reached my inbox a few days ago. Take the time to read it, please, because I really do think it's a good idea )

Basically, let's all fast together and do an extra bit of kindness on the 16th (and hopefully in the days after that)! My idea is to post pics of our respective breaking fast meals on the 16th with a common tag (somebody come up with a catchy name? I'm horrible at that. I know some people have issues about posting pics of themselves and their rl on lj - I'm one of them - but I don't think anybody would have a problem with food? and hey, did I mention that I have a phone that can actually take pictures now? \o/

[ profile] frankkincense posted this and my reaction was basically ALSKDHABEROINC \O/

look at them! loooook! b&w! look at spencer and ryan and how their hips are tilting towards each other. (this was during the honda civic tour, right? I think Brendon's hair was in that phase during that tour. and how sad is it that I can say that off the top of my head?)

in conclusion, ALKDJFNIOVHAE BOYS.

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The situation in Iran made me cry, both happy and sad tears.

It is incredible that people are going out in droves protesting the results, but also how the bond together, leaving their houses unlocked to let protesters in if riot police start attacking, protesters giving aid to police that are hurt, chasing away police who wanted the BBC reporters to turn off their cameras and clearing traffic so that the reporters can make a break for it. but I also cried for the students who have been surrounded in their dorms, still trying to tell the world about the situation while under siege from Ansar Hezbolah, a hardline Islamic group. I never believed I would actually say this, but twitter may actually help change the landscape of Iranian politics. It just shows how much a country can come together in the face of something so huge.

thanks to [ profile] phaballa for discovering the blog :)

EDIT: Previously, I posted about PAS, a political party in Malaysia ridiculing and attempting to ban Sisters in Islam (SIS), an NGO that helps Muslim women in court. The PAS muktamar adopted a resolution, without debate, for SIS to be investigated and banned, and its members rehabilitated, if it was found to be anti-Islam. this explains it better than I can. I don't want to make plea for you to sign this petition, because I don't believe in that. if you've read it and agreed with it and want to show your support, sign it. if not, well, don't.
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The Kulim-Bandar Baru MP has instead proposed in his blog that SIS change its name to Ikatan Wanita Kosmopolitan (Cosmopolitan Wo-men’s Alliance) – IWK being a reference to the sewerage treatment company – as “most of its members do not wear the tudung” and “are unmarried”.

First of all, it appalls me that he can say something like this and see nothing wrong with it. The man stands for everything I hate in the so-called 'religious' group of men who are actually heads of political parties and teach and shape the minds of the young. I mean, he basically said that only women who wear the tudung and are married can call themselves Muslimah. I bet he thinks Muslim women should also stay at home and do housework because the Quran says so. even though the Quran was referring to a society hundreds of years ago. and that the Quran placed particular emphasis on the empowerment of women. seriously, WTF.

Secondly, I am even more appalled at Pakatan Rakyat for not taking any disciplinary action against him. I don't care if he's speaking from a personal point of view. he's a Member of Parliament and represents his people. not to mention he insulted an NGO that helps Muslim women who wouldn't have a chance otherwise. thanks for destroying my faith in you, PR. thanks a lot.

I can't talk anymore about this coherently. my head's going to explode. I would just like to say, on behalf of Malaysia, that not all Malaysians are as narrow-minded and chauvinistic as this guy. really.
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oh, and the malaysia vs china men's doubles match going on? fucking crazy. seriously, craaaaaaaaazyyyy.
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not that I don't agree with him, but talking to reporters is not the best plan of action, I must say.

before this, I didn't know you could sue the Sultan! (what's the plural for sultan, anyway? sultans? sultana? sultan?)
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this nearly made me cry today. sometimes, I can't believe this is the country I lived in for 19 years.
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anybody who would be remotely interested in this probably has already watched this a long time ago, but still

on fatwas & women

I like her. I really, really like her!


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