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Chicharito has his own commercial! I know it's weird to be excited about a footballer doing a commercial but thinking about where he was just a couple of years ago... :')

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why am I not attending this concert? why?? ugh, Jason Orange, you are so ridiculous, it's unreal. Also, did you know that during a radio interview, two ladies tweeted to say that they still had two TT tickets from '95 because they couldn't attend at the time. They asked the boys (just for fun, I imagine) if they could still use the tickets for the Progress tour instead. and guess who said yes? JASON ORANGE. I hope he makes good on his promise.

The best part about this video? Surprise!?uestlove! He seriously knows everybody. check out Karmin's video of them performing Look At Me Now with The Roots live. It was great.

I've been reading so much TSN fic, lately. SO MUCH. I've even started reading Eduardo/Sean (can you imagine Justin and Andrew being together???) and personally, I blame wip and silviakundera. I think I'm a bit overinvested in this fandom. To the point where I don't think I can watch the movie again because even seeing gifs of Eduardo and Mark fighting just hurts. Don't judge me, okay! I'm just gonna read reconciliation fic forever and ever.

This weekend has been pretty crappy because I got incredibly sick (high fever, sore throat, joint pain, body pain, the works) on Friday and til today, it seems like the fever is refusing to be beaten. It left my body really weak. I get this fever pretty much every year so I guess it's good to know I'm home free for the rest of the year.


Man, I almost forgot about this video. It made me sniffle, I'm not gonna lie.
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holy shit, that was an amazing match. I only caught the tail end of it but that run by bellamy was beautiful. and Michael fucking Owen, who would've guessed? and Giggsy! Giggsy deserves his own special dance and flail, for his amazingness.

uhm, Happy Aidilfitri, guys!
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oh, and the malaysia vs china men's doubles match going on? fucking crazy. seriously, craaaaaaaaazyyyy.
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how are they so adorable?

I stole this from [ profile] hiro_chan who credited samabachan@redcafe

- - -

also, someone described me as such a while back: she's not shy. she's just very quiet.

I lol'd.

- - -

Sweden Approves Gender-Based Abortions

um, hi?

Chinese Bias for Baby Boys Creates a Gap of 32 Million

food for thought, mostly. it'd be interesting to compare the two.
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[ profile] thepianopoet , I just got my hands on those CDs! thank you so much!! you don't know how excited I was when I saw it on the table! I can't stop using exclamation marks!! \o/ even slutty!Becks and Ole cannot properly express my joy :D

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i just wanted to say, I was not at all disappointed by the way we played.
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okay, the anti virus subscription that came with my computer has expired so I've been trying to download and install the free AVG but every time I try to install it, this error occurs.

Action failed for file avgssie.dll: file registration....
Error 0x80070002

does anybody know why?

oh, and I found something cute today: Noel Gallagher (sort of) defending Russell Brand's honour! even when he's suffering from three broken and dislodged ribs! bless.

There was a phone in on CNN and the title on the screen was: RUSSELL BRAND - BAD HAIR, BAD JOKE. I'd have pissed myself laughing if it didn't hurt so much. Some woman called in saying as an American she didn't like a British guy coming over here, insulting her commander-in-chief!! Very funny. But NOT funny at all. If Chris Rock, for example, says that kind of thing everybody laughs because they think they should, but if it's a man who's dressed up like a vampire's lamp-shade? Well? He was wasted on the shower of God-fearing, corporate hot-dogs anyway.

oh, and I missed United v Bolton :((( figures I would miss a match when Rooney finally scores. sleep is sometimes very overrated. trying to download it now but it is sloooow. at least I can listen to this commentator defending Jens Lehmann's honour. (that was SO  a foul, btw. not that I'm an expert or anything.)

eta: and Mad Jens strikes again! seriously, I don't even know what he was complaining about but he fills me with glee.

in icon news, I can't remember if I've posted those Iker/Becks icons I made a year ago. more importantly, would anybody be interested anymore??

oh, man

Jul. 4th, 2008 11:29 am
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Those Spanish boys are so mean. But I cannot lie. The video made me laugh. Poor Schweini.

The Verve are giving away a b-side, Mover, for free here. Go get it. But be quick. I think it's only available til the end of this week. has part 1 of the Solskjaer story up on its site. One part of me is grinning like a fool when reading those moments but another part just wants to go WAAAAH.


May. 29th, 2008 03:25 pm
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Gerard's letter


*reluctantly lets go*

one of the reasons I love Couple? they have opinions and articulate them well. like this.

and all of CRon's 42 goals.

I'm still annoyed but damn that kid's amazing. (but I guess that's common knowledge by now.)

although - wait. Eamon Dunphy certainly does not agree.


May. 22nd, 2008 06:01 am
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I don't really - words have abandoned me.

I will just go into my room and squee by myself.

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I'm sure I'm the last to know about this but still.

you guys! The Awesome April Challenge Master List is up! the purpose of the challenge was to produce a popslash/popgen fic for every day in April. go forth and read.

I, of course, will be going through all the Nick-centric fics first. (I honestly have no idea why I love Nick so much in fic. if you pressed for an answer, I would most probably just go 'um, he's really hot but in the most generic way. maybe so generic that it turns people off, which makes him even hotter to me. and his smiles are made of sunshine and kittens and rainbows. and he's not shy about showing his love for the important people in his life. and I have this inkling that he gives awesome hugs. and... yeah.')

alright then. here's a few interesting articles that I've read these past few days.

an insider's view on the effects of the China quake in Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, some of the hardest hit areas.

I talked with locals for an hour who said the only aid received so far is water and rice. No power, no gas, no running water, no telephone.

The quake has destroyed everything they own.

how sexism and sportswomen getting frequently injured are connected.

Former Celtic manager and legend, Tommy Burns, dies after losing the fight against cancer.

Sad but true: Andy Bull's critique of the sports news culture nowadays. and The Run of Play gives Andy Bull his backing by calling on you, the readers, to send any generic articles that you come across to him.

and Who Ate All The Pies? are shipping... Ole/Ronaldo?

does anybody else think it's hilarious that in this picture, Ronaldo looks like he just cannot. stop. posing. but Scholesy looks reluctant to even smile for the camera? (also? I would love you a whole lot if you can get me a bigger version of this.)

I seem to be sick. or, at least, I can't stop sneezing/sniffling. bleurgh.
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do not read this. seriously, this is like, alien babbling.

I just realized that I ended both halfs being scared that Rooney would get booked. I really don't want to lose him in the important matches, I guess.
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first and foremost

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say that I love how you churn fic after fic like it's nothing (which is why I haven't caught up with reading all of them yet) and how they're all pretty much constantly amazing. also, you're generous enough to share good music. so, I hope you your birthday and everyday after that will be awesome because you deserve no less. :D

secondly okay, that's enough babbling. I need to go shampoo my hair. it smells of chlorine.

witness Russell Brand fanboying David Beckham. it's not exactly groundbreaking journalism but it made me giggle nontheless.
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missed most of the 1st half but the start of the 2nd half has already caused me to say 'fuck' out loud - with my parents in the next room. I just hope that the tv is loud enough so that I can get away with that.

oh, sheasy.

wtf ref? are you sympathetic to all aspiring goalkeepers?, football makes me bitchy.

okay, my internet connection got cut off halfway
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just as an update, I know have internet access. I arrived home on Tuesday to find that something was wrong with the modem and/or line. got the password changed, still no internet. finally, someone came by this morning to reconfigure the modem settings and BAM, internet access! so, tell what has been happening with you all.

I haven't really talked about United much in my journal, mostly because I can't really articulate what I feel, exactly, and I think that if I had forged and did try, I would've done them injustice. so here are two incredibly well-written posts about United's form this season, one by Martha and another by The Run of Play. I can't agree more about what Martha said about United's match against Roma. I am also heartened by the fact that she absolutely loathes United. *g*

... okay, fine, I'll stop gloating now.
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I very nearly swallowed my tongue when I saw this. Rooney's hand. on Cristiano's waist. and Cris' hand cupping Wayne's neck.



seriously, you guys. seriously.
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Solskjaer Testimonial

oh, Ole. I wish I could be there to watch that match. *feels like cuddling everyone*

(o hey, did mention I can now spell Kuszczak correctly without any reference? *checks again with Wikipedia* see? *beams*)
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Man U soccer star arrested over rape claim

oh man. Jonny Evans? really? shit, dude.
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dudes, this video? AWESOME

at 3:16, there's this totally lol-worthy moment where the camera pans on Gaz and van der Sar with their arms around each other. it was from the waist up and the were grinning at the crowd and had their arms around each other really tightly. I was all 'awwww' until a second later when the camera panned out and Gaz just sort of - dropped. I was all '???' until I realized that Edwin had been holding him up. man, I love how tiny everybody is compared to Edwin. but especially Gary.

eta! Rooney attempting to pull down Gary's shorts. while he's doing an interview. ahahaha

am I spamming? yes. I don't have anything better to do, okay? rumour has it that public transportation workers are gonna go on a strike some time this weekend so no going out for me.

eta2!! around 6:46 they bring out their kids! eeeee! tiny Giggsies and Scholesies running around Old Trafford! I think my abuse of exclamation points is totally okay! I am dead from the cute, you guys. also, you can see Ronaldo with his family(?) and some Portuguese staff holding the trophy a bit later on. eta4: seriously, you guys. Giggsy and his teeny tiny kids at the end. did I say dead? I meant dead and buried.

eta3: man, Edwin van der Sar is hot. why haven't I noticed this before? also, a lot of half-naked players walking around the pitch. they just won the league! *cue shirts being thrown into the stands* I wholly approve of this tradition. and what are the security guys doing there?

eta5 (..what??)
Kaka! his little face.

oh, and have I mentioned that I love OneNote on Microsoft Office? I keep, like, 3/4 of Hitverse in there and a ton of other fics and I can just pull out my laptop anytime I need another dose of crack love. and it never gets old, seriously. I can reread it over and over and not get tired of its amazingness.

eta6: geez... that's Wayne Rooney, kids. (and no, I'm pretty sure all that was real. and so is this.)

eta7: what the hell are they doing? is that part of warm-up? watch and help me figure it out, please.

eta8: (yep, officially an archiving post, now)
see, Thierry did this interview and talked about Cesc and then the interviewer told him Cesc was also in the studio so he said a few words to Cesc. I thought Cesc was going to cry at some point but fortunately, he didn't. so effing adorable!

eta9: Thierry, er, advising Cesc during an interview. This made me melt and giggle at the same time :) too adorable.

eta10: I absolutely love this Joga3 vid. Rooney and Ronaldo fight for the ball by doing keepy-uppies! and Rooney's ball hit Cris's butt square on. ahahaha. oh, boys.

eta11: ha! I've been trying to find a video of this for ages. Rooney, trying to pull down Ronaldo's shorts! (he's very bad at it.)

(okay, this post officially turned into a tagging post around eta #3. maybe I should just collect all the football vids I want to watch over and over again here in the future.)


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