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I am actually just getting into Young Folks, even though it was the summer anthem about 19386 years ago. idk.

anyway, DW is not being cooperative so this is not a crosspost but sendspace is, so. change xx to tt, please.

The Death Set - Around The World
we go around the world and we do what must be done/ top-secret mission and our enemies are wishin' that they had a bigger gun!
ahahaha. this song is absolutely crazy and spazzy but I love it so. so much fun, seriously.

Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night
I could have sworn that I saw you knee bent on the bedside/ arms stretched like a kite that time will eventually grow
I am really getting into Manchester Orchestra lately. and I'm recommending this song because I appreciate it when rock bands put in keyboards in a seemingly out-of-place song and make it work. and I really like the drums+guitar distortion effect (I don't know what it's called) at the beginning, too.

Aizat - I Go
music is my life and you're my sweetest nightingale/ but I can't hear it here no more/ and I go
the erhu, guys. it stole my heart. ahem. but even if you took out the erhu, this song is still so beautiful it hurts. I also recommend the version sung by the composer, Pete Teo. it made me realize how different voices can convey different meanings even though the lyrics are the same. I love the Malay version, too! this song is just amazing like that.

Yuna - Backpacking Around Europe
we are proud enough to not to know/ that we are strong enough to let it go
if you are any way into singer/songwriters, I highly recommend this girl. gorgeous voice, amazing musical sensibilities.

Mandy Moore - Everblue
I play the pain upright, straight ahead, and with a beat
Amanda Leigh is such a good classic pop record, seriously. I've always liked her voice, it's such a pure singer's voice. which is used to full effect on this album. the record's more stripped down and so unabashed about being happy and in love. also, besides handclaps and good drumming, I am such a weakling for perfect harmonies (Backstreet taught me about these things). if you like more uptempo stuff, check out I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week (handclaps!) and Fern Dell.

and Song About Home just assaults you with pretty pretty voices.
too many dreams or miles burning/ around the one who struck the match

oh, and the male vocals on the record is Mike Viola.


my life is boring. or maybe that's just me. I've been trying to figure out what to update you with but everything in contention seems too unimportant. is my location right at this very moment important? if so, I'm living on someone's floor. my friend's really cool and unconditionally kind since she barely knows me before (I only had two classes with her all through two years of uni and we didn't talk much) but she still lets me crash in her room on short notice for, wow, two weeks now. and borrow her internet connection, food and toiletries. friends are good.

um, the reason for crashing? I'm working on a project at school but I'm not actually taking classes this semester which means no accomodation until our group leader GIVES US PROPER ACCOMODATION DANGIT.

...okay, maybe I have more repressed rage than I realized.

EDIT: cos I wanted to show off my new icon by [ profile] angel_elf_icons. this is really how dorky they are with each other, no lie.
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I don't speak French or know anything about the music scene in France but I'm pretty sure this song is really, really good, even if I don't understand the words.

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit

change xx to tt

oh, and just so you know, you've probably already heard this song, because it was released... last year? the year before that? anyway, I'm just posting for those who haven't heard it yet.
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this is the third time I've tried to edit this post. what happened to automatically saving drafts, LJ? HUH?


three songs that I like! change xx to tt )

also, I love to watch them doing Knocked Up live. they have this uncanny ability to turn potentially stupid-sounding lyrics into an astounding song. and make the crowd sing along to it.

other stuff:
1) I spent the whole day browsing youtube and myspace and now I really like Taylor Swift. she's ridiculously dorky. and her whole family, band and crew are too. (or at least, they humour her a lot.) and look, Patrick makes a brief appearance! (around 3:58)

2) speaking of videos, what about those Home Movies Kings of Leon did while recording, huh? I have now learned that Caleb is a dick sometimes when he drinks (he thinks it's because the fame is getting to his head so they went back home to record), their mom thinks something might go wrong if 'boys don't do IT enough' (which prompt the boys to declare her the coolest mom ever) and they play Roofball and regress to competitive 15-year-olds when they get back home and/or playing against each other. oh, and this story of the recording of Cold Desert

which was what made me want to listen to the song in the first place.

I don't know if there's a KoL fandom (and I don't think I want to know) but man, if there is, they must be really happy with the amount of canon handed to them.
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linesthroughlines say that they have cajones and their album, More No More has emerged as the dark horse for the album of the year title. Drew isn't really the sort to throw out platitudes like that so you should probably check it out.

Conversion Party's album doesn't seem to be available for sale anywhere and yet they're putting it out for free. download More No More here.

and I only recently found out that La Blogotheque has an awesome collection of downloadable videos of various artists performing their songs acoustically. they even got Kele and Russell of Bloc Party to perform on the side of the street recently! and I really liked reading the story behind how they managed to convince Kele to perform.

and I watched a couple of videos of Priscilla Ahn performing, too. her voice is beautiful.

I think I'm going to watch Port O'Brien next. that's sure to be fun :)

I have a feeling that I should ask my sister why she put a pack of dinner rolls in the freezer.
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Drew Worden has informed me that Muxtape (which has ceased to exist and is re-launching as a service for bands - not that I ever used it before) is spreading the love for Francis and the Lights by featuring the band on their homepage. I've only listened to a few songs so far but man, these musicians have soul.

Drew's post (you should read them. he has a way of describing music that I envy greatly) will also lead you to the band's website where they're giving out both their albums, A Modern Promise (2008) and Striking (2007), for absolutely free. but I want to make your life easier, so here's the link. I think you should go visit linesthroughlines anyway, if only for the free music offered there. it's one of the blogs that I frequent the most. it's like a the music version of Run of Play! well, actually, I think saying Run of Play is the football version of linesthroughlines would be more accurate.

and look! I stumbled over this sweet post. Alex Suarez, you are awesome!

Instead of mailing them, we gave our letters to Alex the bass player after the show in Boston in January and he read them, and then he wouldn’t take our $$…Which kind of defeated the purpose, but he didn’t care. The band supports people who download their stuff and they don’t care how you get it as long as you listen.

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you want to know what happened yesterday? I had two midterm tests in one day. oh, the humanity!

the first test (the one that involved drawing with a computer software) wasn't very good. I know realize that I absolutely cannot draw something properly within a limited amount of time. the second one went pretty okay, considering I was slacking off on studying for it. and hey, my calculus and materials midterm marks cheered me up, so.

I have to trim down my music library again. iTunes says it's more than 18G now. *sigh* I should maybe delete those World Football Phone-In downloads but I can't bring myself to hit 'Delete' for most of them. I can't help it, those guys are funny!

you know what's getting me excited, though? a new Oasis album. the new single's gonna be out soon and I can't wait. *bounces* I am totally ready for Noel to be ridiculously funny during interviews and pretending to be a douchebag. (I'm pretty sure he's incredibly nice in real life because all the fan reports say he is and numerous former-baby bands follow him around like puppies. read:KASABIAN.) and Liam being a real douchebag and/or wasted. and Gem doing damage control. and Andy just being awkward with interviews, probably because he's stoned. and Noel doing some more beautiful acoustic gigs (Slide Away is one of my absolute favourites. but I have a lot of favourites).

I don't know, I don't follow them religiously or anything (probably because most of the stuff I find out about bands I like come from my flist, I'm lazy like that. and as far as I know, none of you are fans of Oasis.) but I still find myself enamoured with them. (although I'm alarmed at how skinny Liam is now. doesn't his wife feed him?)

oh, and wanna know which band's about to put out another album? The Sounds. I may also be incredibly excited about this too because dude, The Sounds putting out new music? A++

lastly, I wanted to share music with you guys but my connection is too slow to upload anything. *pouts*

but here: Jake Troth writes music purely because he enjoys it and wants to give it to you for free via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. You should check it out.

oh, nearly forgot the person I wanted to share with you the most. Laura Marling. you should check her album out. it's Alas I Cannot Swim. I particularly like the slightly more uptempo songs right now, like Ghosts and Cross Your Fingers but I also like Failure because it was the first song of hers that I heard. and I really, really like her lyrics and sense of melody.

and I am also addicted to Negative Thinking by The Death Set (formerly known as The Motherfucking Death Set). I put the blame solely on [info]provetheworst's shoulders. you can get the song as a free download on their website. no need to register or anything. the song is like this concoction of punk, rock, electronica and hyperness that resulted in an insanely catchy tune. I checked a few other songs on their myspace too and I really like Impossible and Around The World.
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locals get a mention first: asna. indierock band with female vocalist.

and check out hayes peebles, guys and girls. kid has a really, really amazing voice and such a knack for lyrics and melodies.

and if you like that, maybe you'll like laura marling, too.

I don't know how talent like these even exist.

you know what's really amazing? hayes can't be older than 16 (i think he's 15+?) and laura's only 17.

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guess what I found?

c'mon, guess. it's something that I've been searching for a really long time.

Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance

I love it with all of my tiny heart. (I had to put it up on sendspace so, sorry, but it's not gonna last long.)
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things you should be checking out:

[profile] freestylepulp 
the brainchild of [profile] lemongrasstea  , the premise is football RPF AUs in the pulp magazine universe and comicbooks. You may get to read about Figo, the cranky superhero and/or private eye! what's not to love?

free music: yes, more free music. check out youareawesome!! they're sort of like a Swedish music organization comprised of musicians in the indie scene supporting other musicians in the indie scene. on the site, there's a ton of free music to promote these musicians and all you have to do is Tell all your friends, enemies,brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents...your favourite radio station, DJ or blog-writer about these fantastic artists and their music and our site. in their own words. I can't tell you if I like any of the songs because my dl manager has suddenly decided that it doesn't like downloading stuff. so, if you download anything, don't forget to share. *grabby hands*

and spread the word, of cours :)

unrelatedly, a song that I think you'll like
Couple - Tentang Kita
change xx to tt
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this is just a quickie.

Linesthroughlines say Richard Swift is amazing and Drew's taste in music and mine seem to run along the same lines so I'm pimping. Free music, for a limited time, by Richard Swift. He's giving away his Ground Trouble Jaw EP for free on the internet so you can listen to him. I haven't downloaded the whole thing yet but the description of his music has my interest piqued. ...the five tracks run the gamut from 60s girl group pop to Motown soul to Onasis-flavored 50s street gang doo-wop to synth-fueled pop classics. How does that not sound awesome?

also, (via [profile] lemongrassteaSheva has left Chelsea and is going to be reunited with his Ricky. Footy slashers, get your keyboards ready for reunion!fic.

eta: Sunderland won! Against Spurs! Go Keano *g* Now, United, I know you're usually shit against Pompey but win this one, please? Let's not give Roy more ammo for his Chelsea-will-win-it schtick, okay?
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LOL. (ASIA A source of “untapped markets.”) Oh, how I adore The Run of Play.

And The Morning Benders are giving away an album of covers on their blog. I haven't downloaded it yet myself because on-campus internet is really fucking slow, but you totally should. Plus, they've done a couple of live sessions for HearYa and Daytrotter, a few songs which you can also get, yes, for free.

Here's a scary story. How the 'entrepreneur', Darren Brown, bought Chesterfield F.C. Then emptied their coffers to pay his debt and support his fashionable lifestyle.

Now this one is just plain depressing. A Brazillian company, Traffic, buys young talent, lend them to Brazillian teams, and take most of the money when they move on to Europe.

Spangly Princess talks about Lazio and the mafia.

 Hey, my mom's coming today! but I'm sort of sick. It's okay, though. It was worse yesterday when my mouth felt like it was stuffed with damp cotton. Today I just seem to have the sniffles and my body seems a bit heavier than normal.
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anyone interested in football/soccer should go watch this documentary done by Tim Vickery for It's basically just Tim talking about South American football but it's really interesting because you can see how excited he is when talking about it. And you can learn a ton of stuff on how modern football began. Did you know Uruguay were the first team to play with black players? And that they were, for all intents and purposes, pioneers of modern football? Anyway, it's posted in install ments and I think it's up to part 6 now.

And this is my new music crush

Ben Sollee - It's Not Impossible
Ben Sollee - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Ben Sollee - A Few Honest Words
Ben Sollee - How  To See The Sun Rise

His voice, you guys. I can't really explain it, except in the way that it makes me melt. It's honest and compelling and makes you stop in your tracks. And here's a fun fact. He used to be a cello player for a symphony or something and then decided to try his luck as a solo artist. And boy, am I glad he plunged those cello-playing hands into the indie music waters. My favourite is It's Not Impossible because of how it's starts slow and forlorn and then turns into this totally upbeat, catchy song.

in real life, things are, well, hectic to say the least. Doesn't help that I'm procrastinating as much as possible. And don't be surprised if you hear about me going to prison. That would probably be caused by the fact that I had throttled one (or all, I'm not sure yet) of my group members in my Language class. We're supposed to hand in a 5 page essay before Tuesday and we haven't done a thing.

And I'm currently attempting to listen to my whole iTunes library in alphabetical order so that I can throw out the songs I really really don't like/listen to anymore. Really. According to iTunes, it will take me 11 days to complete this task. Well, that was then. I am now in the midst of the B's and it's dwindled to 10.9 days. A huge accomplishment, I know.
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can you believe that this guy is 15 years old?

I'm allowed to be jealous that he's younger than me but way more talented right?

I think most of you will like this kid's music.  :)

ps. if you managed to download story, tell me. I want it but myspace seems to not be cooperating.

pps will someone kick me in the ass to get me out of the house? I need to get my hair cut. and buy stuff if I want to cook. but I'd rather just sit here in front of the computer and read and/or reread HP fics while stuffing my face with unhealthy foodies. laaaaaaaaaaaazyyyyyyy.
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an amazing article by Jennifer Doyle on football and art and fans. Read it, even if you're not a fan of sports. It's amazing, seriously. She also has an interesting football blog, From A Left Wing.

and wanna know who's putting out free albums for internet frequenters like us? Tiny Echoes and Empires, that's who! go get 'em.

also, this is so not cool, Becks. stop eroding my faith in you.
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dudes, have you seen the new Nike ad? YOU SHOULD.

It's in the 1st person POV and you can see Rooney and Ronaldo working together to get an awesome goal. Ronaldo blows the kid (you/me) a kiss, Fabregas really does kiss the kid, Zlatan winks at him and he practically gets punched out by Materazzi. a perfect ad for slashers, right?

you can watch it here.


this video is solely responsible for making me love John Mayer again.

here's the mp3 if you want it. and I know you do. *g*

sorry bout that. seems that the mp3 was a wee bit too long. I'll replace it if I can.
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I've been really getting sucked into this song lately. it's about his relationship with his brother, who left home, and how much he misses him. incredibly sweet song. (and just. ignore the stupid hair, okay?)

oh, right. they're a local band and I think they mostly sing in Malay. their myspace.

and here's a non-acoustic version, if you're interested. and a live performance at some tiny club where they are young and ridiculously adorable. I need to find their cd, dammit.
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not gonna comment much on the loss to Bolton since I didn't watch the match (we have no satellite channels!). but the fact that Anelka scored the only goal had me smiling a little because of the irony.

right, I've held this off long enough. time to get down to business.

secondly, I just checked my results on my uni's website and I did alright, considering how I thought I totally bombed my finals.

last, but certainly not least:
in spite of myself, this video is adorable. tiny kids! *flail* (argh, I can't believe I'm reading so much David/Iker.)

okay, I just found this. I AM CONVINCED OKAY. really, utterly convinced. you can stop poking me now, world. (but you can keep throwing those slashy vids/pics my way.)
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okay, so a few Sundays ago, [profile] chopsticknoodle rec'd The National's About Today. after a couple of listens, I was pretty much head over heels for it. as soon as the vocalist starts singing, my heart seems to skip a couple of beats before stuttering and speeding up again. there's just something so desolate in the way he sings, coupled with the lyrics...

anyway, I found a ton of audio from when The National performed on a couple of French radio shows. The 'Black' Session on 11/17/03 (with audience) and The 'White' Session (without audience) on May 2007. they included About Today in both performances.

About Today (Black Session)
About Today (White Session)
Apartment Story (White Session)


also, Pelle Carlberg covering Mika. (Heeeeeeeeee!)
Grace Kelly


and Happy Deepavali to all Hindus!
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I've been loving this song a lot lately and it's constantly on my Walkman.

Matt Nathanson - Angel
probably because it starts off with this
you sounded so good on the phone/ all moved up and all moved on/ me and gravity, we never could agree

and it's just Matt and an acoustic guitar for the whole song.

also! [profile] chopsticknoodle recently pointed out to me that Jason Myles Goss just released a new Live EP, Dreamland. (you can find more info about it at his site. *nudgenudge*)

my favourite so far is probably A Plea for Dreamland or Dancing Scarlet.

eta: um, apparently, if you replied to a comment I made in your journal, LJ doesn't send me notifications about it anymore. GRRRRR. so, um, if I didn't reply to your comments, tell me? I want to know if this is a widespread thing.
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I've been loving these two songs by Nada Surf. I've had Telescope for a while but I just got my hands on See These Bones today. Telescope just never ceases to please me whenever it comes on. I especially love the drumming and vocals on that one. it sounds a lot like freedom, is what it is.

See These Bones (new song)

also, I just realized I never posted anything about The Go Station, which is really evil of me since I've been listening to them constantly and they should be shared.

Wandering Away
starts out ominous-sounding before just bursting with soaring, swaggering vocals and catchy, catchy melodies. they make me want to pick up my guitar. they've been compared to Embrace and Oasis but I don't really hear the similarities? whatever, they're really good. take a listen, dudes.

All Together Now
very anthemic-sounding. again, I love this guy's vocals. he has the kind of voice that I think just carries. also
we take a step to the left and we hold it down
all the time chasing Saturday dreams around

throw the chains away, sing a song for me
all together now, all together now
we're burning through the stars, taking over hearts

now, if you're having a horrible day and need a pick-me-up, (or if you just want to start the day on a good note) here are a couple of songs.

k-os - Born To Run [m4a]
I've been listening to this one constantly for the past month or so. it's just a song you never get tired of, I think. there was one point that I just put it on repeat on my Walkman for about half an hour or so per day. then I did it again the next day and the day after that.

VHS or Beta - Can't Believe A Single Word
it's hook-laden, pulsating dance pop. if it doesn't want to make you dance, you are not human.

now, a few songs that I think everybody has already, but just in case

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
Ani DiFranco - Both Hands New
Switchfoot - Amateur Lovers [wma]

(if you don't have these, YOU SHOULD. even if you have reservations about The Hives or Ani or Switchfoot, you really should take a listen anyway. they're all fun, fun songs, which isn't exactly something I thought I would ever say about Switchfoot.)


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