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1. Oasis and Panic are playing in the same festival. how epic would it be if they met? I'm sure Noel would blog about it. this has a potential for hilarity, you guys.

2. how amazing is my screensaver? as awesome as the universe.

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it's like a slideshow of all these different images, the Sun, the face of the moon, the huge volcano on Mars, the storm on Jupiter, stuff like that. really cool.

3. I have 100+ stuff (read: fic) tagged READ (which is my tag for stuff that I plan on reading). I found some freaking cool stuff, too. if you're interested (there's a Supernatural/Friday Night Lights crossover that I just read! really, really good) head over here.

4. it is really, really humid tonight since it rained earlier*. on the plus side, the angsana trees on my street are blooming and the sight of it falling is beautiful. I imagine it's sort of like what falling cherry blossoms in Japan would look like, if they were bright yellow. I wish I could take a picture to show you.

5. shaaaaane! and panic! and pete!

6. should I or should I not watch Wolverine? I don't read the comics so I'm not particularly attached to the fandom, but - Tim Riggins! I want to hug whoever did the casting.

*= I was going to post this yesterday night, but I accidentally fell asleep so it's morning now. quite a pleasant one, too, although I'm sure it'll be hot as hell later.
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okay, the anti virus subscription that came with my computer has expired so I've been trying to download and install the free AVG but every time I try to install it, this error occurs.

Action failed for file avgssie.dll: file registration....
Error 0x80070002

does anybody know why?

oh, and I found something cute today: Noel Gallagher (sort of) defending Russell Brand's honour! even when he's suffering from three broken and dislodged ribs! bless.

There was a phone in on CNN and the title on the screen was: RUSSELL BRAND - BAD HAIR, BAD JOKE. I'd have pissed myself laughing if it didn't hurt so much. Some woman called in saying as an American she didn't like a British guy coming over here, insulting her commander-in-chief!! Very funny. But NOT funny at all. If Chris Rock, for example, says that kind of thing everybody laughs because they think they should, but if it's a man who's dressed up like a vampire's lamp-shade? Well? He was wasted on the shower of God-fearing, corporate hot-dogs anyway.

oh, and I missed United v Bolton :((( figures I would miss a match when Rooney finally scores. sleep is sometimes very overrated. trying to download it now but it is sloooow. at least I can listen to this commentator defending Jens Lehmann's honour. (that was SO  a foul, btw. not that I'm an expert or anything.)

eta: and Mad Jens strikes again! seriously, I don't even know what he was complaining about but he fills me with glee.

in icon news, I can't remember if I've posted those Iker/Becks icons I made a year ago. more importantly, would anybody be interested anymore??
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Keano reprimanding FIFA's vice-president. and this

"But I do know, for example, that we wouldn't have offered him a one-year deal this season if he'd said he was going to be playing for Trinidad. I'll be speaking to him today."

sounds ominous. I do not want to be Dwight Yorke right now. (but angry!Keano: YUM)

and apparently, the guy who attacked Noel was drunk. here's Noel's post

In his defence though, he’s probably having one of those mid-life crises things. )

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Noel Gallagher attacked onstage

what. what the effing eff??

dude, he played through a suspected broken rib and ligament damage. WHAT.
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you want to know what happened yesterday? I had two midterm tests in one day. oh, the humanity!

the first test (the one that involved drawing with a computer software) wasn't very good. I know realize that I absolutely cannot draw something properly within a limited amount of time. the second one went pretty okay, considering I was slacking off on studying for it. and hey, my calculus and materials midterm marks cheered me up, so.

I have to trim down my music library again. iTunes says it's more than 18G now. *sigh* I should maybe delete those World Football Phone-In downloads but I can't bring myself to hit 'Delete' for most of them. I can't help it, those guys are funny!

you know what's getting me excited, though? a new Oasis album. the new single's gonna be out soon and I can't wait. *bounces* I am totally ready for Noel to be ridiculously funny during interviews and pretending to be a douchebag. (I'm pretty sure he's incredibly nice in real life because all the fan reports say he is and numerous former-baby bands follow him around like puppies. read:KASABIAN.) and Liam being a real douchebag and/or wasted. and Gem doing damage control. and Andy just being awkward with interviews, probably because he's stoned. and Noel doing some more beautiful acoustic gigs (Slide Away is one of my absolute favourites. but I have a lot of favourites).

I don't know, I don't follow them religiously or anything (probably because most of the stuff I find out about bands I like come from my flist, I'm lazy like that. and as far as I know, none of you are fans of Oasis.) but I still find myself enamoured with them. (although I'm alarmed at how skinny Liam is now. doesn't his wife feed him?)

oh, and wanna know which band's about to put out another album? The Sounds. I may also be incredibly excited about this too because dude, The Sounds putting out new music? A++

lastly, I wanted to share music with you guys but my connection is too slow to upload anything. *pouts*

but here: Jake Troth writes music purely because he enjoys it and wants to give it to you for free via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. You should check it out.

oh, nearly forgot the person I wanted to share with you the most. Laura Marling. you should check her album out. it's Alas I Cannot Swim. I particularly like the slightly more uptempo songs right now, like Ghosts and Cross Your Fingers but I also like Failure because it was the first song of hers that I heard. and I really, really like her lyrics and sense of melody.

and I am also addicted to Negative Thinking by The Death Set (formerly known as The Motherfucking Death Set). I put the blame solely on [info]provetheworst's shoulders. you can get the song as a free download on their website. no need to register or anything. the song is like this concoction of punk, rock, electronica and hyperness that resulted in an insanely catchy tune. I checked a few other songs on their myspace too and I really like Impossible and Around The World.
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no wonder John Mayer's such a good songwriter. he actually manages to translate my thoughts into coherent sentences.

John Mayer on Oasis

"Oasis are fantastic. The Gallagher brothers are like professional wrestling - they're not really hitting people over the head with a real trashcan, but it's fun to watch. it's great theatre. It's kind of like Alice Cooper with a microcassette recorder."

and I have no idea who this Matt Willis guy is, but he makes me laugh.

Matt Willis on Oasis

"In Noel and Liam you've got the basis of every great rock'n'roll story. Two brothers who love/hate each other, but you know each one could not exist without the other. I love you, Oasis! I love you! "

oh, and this was brought on by the fact that Oasis received the Outstanding Contribution Award at the Brit Awards on Valentine's. When asked why they decided to accept it when they weren't really that old yet, Noel's answer was that he wanted to receive it "before they were forty and could still legitimately wear a black leather jacket to the ceremony".

and dude, their closing performance of Rock N Roll Star that night? ROCKED. except for Liam's hair but he's looked worse so it can be overlooked. (and, um, how freaky is it that Rock N Roll Star started playing on my mp3 player just as I was writing this? *shifty eyes*)

and here's the video

[Error: unknown template 'video']

why this rocks so hard:
- you can see Chad Smith from Red Hot Chilli Peppers around 2:40
- you can see Corrinne Bailey Rae singing along (apparently, she's a big fan. Noel would undoubtedly scoff and say that a lot of people are.)
- Noel playing guitar
- Liam acting like a douche
- Noel and Andy hugging at the end and both of them smiling at each other
- I repeat, Noel and Andy hugging it out and smiling at each other


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