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my mind's been stuck on music and covers/collaborations lately.

like Kid Cudi & Bryan Greenberg performing together, this cover of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Like (mp3), this mashup of Falling Slowly & With or Without You - actually, any cover Kris Allen has done, Adam Levine/Kanye West, etc and how unexpected stuff like that makes a song infinitely more interesting to me.

also, how an artist records their songs influences greatly how much I will enjoy it. Like this song, Heart of Mine, where you can hear all the laughter and conversation going on in the background. it makes it more intimate, somehow, which makes me feel slightly voyeuristic. I repeated that song so many times on the bus earlier today.

most of the time, I love live versions of certain songs way more than studio versions to the point that I forget what the original even sounds like (Is It Over, anyone? Andrew's guitar solo will blow your face off), especially when there's audience participation (two of my very favourite Panic performances. how EPIC was Hove Festival '08, you guys?).

I don't know, I guess I was just listening to a lot of songs while walking around and on the bus/train today. maybe i'll make a playlist for all of you later.

okay, okay. enough rhapsodizing for one day.

an aside: I bought a pair of TOMS shoes! turns out that strategy of having a celebrity promote your organization really does work. who knew, right?

(my friends are gonna laugh so hard when I wear them to class. they're pink plaid. /o\ shut up, they're cute. and easy to wear. and technically, i did a good deed.)

oh, and the World Cup starts tooooodaaaaay!!!

oh, and REMEMBER, for every one creation inspired by this prompt, the mods of we_are_cities will donate a dollar to the Greater New Orleans Foundation to help the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Relief efforts.

Mandela's great-granddaughter killed in crash after World Cup concert
Oh gosh. My thoughts go out to them.
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aesthetic- and storyline-wise, this is probably my favourite Panic video ever. and the making of is golden! a 9-year-old dissing Ryan Ross' fashion sense will never not be funny. & "PIMPS IN TRAINING, OVER HERE." ahahahaha. I love these kids. I love ALAIN FERGUSON. I hope The Young Veins will continue the tradition of making awesome videos and not disappoint me by putting out a performance/backstage shenanigans video for their single. I am counting on you, Ryan Ross!
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These are clearly pics taken when they went on a movie date together. I mean, Brendon probably would fidget and narrate (in a whisper!) the movie to the person beside him. Jon would indulge him and Spencer would distract Ryan enough that he won't feel inclined to strangle anyone in the theatre, with a smirk on his face all the while.

also, it amuses me a lot that ryan and spencer strike identical poses when next to each other )
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they want one half of The Bird and The Bee to produce! there may actually be a duet! (unlikely, but I like to live in my head.)
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in twitterdom:
ryan ross keeps on amusing me.

that b. urie is ridiculously endearing, what with quoting love songs before going off to his sister's wedding and having a family which actually holds 50's diner-themed receptions.

we all know that he has a god voice, that doesn't need to be said, but it still surprises me that when he stretches his voice like that. he doesn't do it enough *g*

anyway, can someone please tell me if that is his girlfriend on the left? if so, is he effectively serenading to her? b. urie = romantic sap, makes me grin.:D


Sep. 13th, 2009 01:04 am
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you should go read Hurricane and Fire Survival Guide by [ profile] softlyforgotten right NOW.

I can't even start to tell you what I loved most about this fic, whether it's Vicky-T and her boys, or Brendon-as-in-high-school being characterized so perfectly, or the fact that it's Greta/Vicky-T that's written so angsty and sweetly so well. anyway, you should go read it. Now.
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an interesting e-mail reached my inbox a few days ago. Take the time to read it, please, because I really do think it's a good idea )

Basically, let's all fast together and do an extra bit of kindness on the 16th (and hopefully in the days after that)! My idea is to post pics of our respective breaking fast meals on the 16th with a common tag (somebody come up with a catchy name? I'm horrible at that. I know some people have issues about posting pics of themselves and their rl on lj - I'm one of them - but I don't think anybody would have a problem with food? and hey, did I mention that I have a phone that can actually take pictures now? \o/

[ profile] frankkincense posted this and my reaction was basically ALSKDHABEROINC \O/

look at them! loooook! b&w! look at spencer and ryan and how their hips are tilting towards each other. (this was during the honda civic tour, right? I think Brendon's hair was in that phase during that tour. and how sad is it that I can say that off the top of my head?)

in conclusion, ALKDJFNIOVHAE BOYS.

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dude, this article in Paste about the 10 Unique, Funny or Useful Twitter Users You Should Follow Right Now is pretty amazing! I cracked up! here's an example:

5. Father Kelly - FatherKelly
In which someone in Chester County, Pa. pretends to be a Catholic priest to make religion-themed jokes.

Best Recent Tweet: A Carnie asked me to bless him. I panicked and said "Uhh..let me go get my magic wand". Then I avoided him.

who doesn't want to have a continuous feed of that??

in other news, my thought processes on Panic!/TYV still revolves around the divorce. since the new South Africa pics came out, coupled with the revelation that the split has been in the works for some time, I keep thinking, what if they (either consciously/subconsciously) knew that show would be their last together? did they talk about it at all with each other or was it just a time to relax? idk, I'm incredibly curious about these things but my mind can never stay focused enough to finish out a scenario.


how amazing is this, huh? I was gobsmacked when I first watched it. stop making my heart flutter, Kris Allen.

talking about music, I really started liking Michael Runion's The Daylight after I saw this video. and I will not touch you in the dark/ if I/ cannot love you in the daylight ;____;

also, I know everybody's over it already, but I can't stop myself from loling whenever I'm reminded of Ryan and Z's fake marriage. I mean, what if it wasn't fake, you guys! what if Ryan really did manage to carry Z over the threshold without falling over or getting winded? hahaha.
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uhm, oops! sorry! I keep forgetting cut tags )
(and this icon is quite appropriate)

btw, still looking for people to go with me to relay for life on 30th.

EDIT: oh, and david cook almost (almost!) made me cry. that man is made of some fucking strong stuff. how was he even able to sing that song?


why isn't this video all over my flist?

brendon urie, how are you so spastic yet adorbale? he does a jig! he does The Worm. he got called a nerd by a 12-year-old and cries. his life. so hard.

eta the 3rd: why does lj cut off my posts midway after I hit the save button, causing me to re-edit it? so frustrating.
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hey, so panic as american idols! how would you recast them? brendon would be a contestant! jon would be part of the band! ryan and spencer could be... mentors?
EDIT: dude, one of them could be Seacrest and the other could be Simon Cowell. they would snark at each other all nght long,

better yet, bandom recasted in ai! patrick, brendon and greta would be the holy trinity, dudes. EDIT: OR HEY, Patrick would be a judge/mentor!

come on, entertain me.

ETA3: Shia LeBeouf, you guys. I can't even handle. I keep thinking that he must have a long-suffering publicist. she would do a *facepalm* daily, pretty much.
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ahahaa. it amuses me that the panic guys did not know they were going to open for No Doubt. good employee/employer communication going on there.

and hey, did anybody else get a warning when they went to patdonline that it was an attack site? cause it seems to be alright now. it amuses me that there seems to be a dude between ryan and spencer in this pic (in the row behind the driver) who then he magically disappears in this one. (what? I have to get my kicks where I can, okay. there's just so little of them together nowadays.)

also, hey! fly-by fic rec!

Flying Into The Sun (Ryan/Spencer) by [ profile] stealstheashes

the story's set in the pre-pete wentz days (sort of) and I absolutely love Ryan's voice in this. it shows how desperate he is to get out, and yet he's still young and unsure. and Spencer is just there for him, loyal to a fault. also, the push-pull in Ryan's mind re: him and Spencer was quite believable.

Your Love is Going To Drown (Jon/Tom, pre-Panic!GSF, Ryan/Spencer/Brendon) by [ profile] stardustonsable

bitter Tomrad, you guys! bitter Tomrad breaks my heart but it is strangely compelling, because I assume he can actually be like that in real life. it's short but I like how it was crafted, how well it showed the tensions between TAI and Panic! during that tour and the unspoken things that peppers this fic.

as per usual, I have this feeling that I wanted to talk about something else, but now I've forgotten. *sigh*
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1. Oasis and Panic are playing in the same festival. how epic would it be if they met? I'm sure Noel would blog about it. this has a potential for hilarity, you guys.

2. how amazing is my screensaver? as awesome as the universe.

Read more... )
it's like a slideshow of all these different images, the Sun, the face of the moon, the huge volcano on Mars, the storm on Jupiter, stuff like that. really cool.

3. I have 100+ stuff (read: fic) tagged READ (which is my tag for stuff that I plan on reading). I found some freaking cool stuff, too. if you're interested (there's a Supernatural/Friday Night Lights crossover that I just read! really, really good) head over here.

4. it is really, really humid tonight since it rained earlier*. on the plus side, the angsana trees on my street are blooming and the sight of it falling is beautiful. I imagine it's sort of like what falling cherry blossoms in Japan would look like, if they were bright yellow. I wish I could take a picture to show you.

5. shaaaaane! and panic! and pete!

6. should I or should I not watch Wolverine? I don't read the comics so I'm not particularly attached to the fandom, but - Tim Riggins! I want to hug whoever did the casting.

*= I was going to post this yesterday night, but I accidentally fell asleep so it's morning now. quite a pleasant one, too, although I'm sure it'll be hot as hell later.
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fandom, you have failed me.

why did nobody inform me of spencer smith's awesome interview for (and just in case you were unaware, is awesome. y'know, in general.)
the article:

Ready to Reinvent Love: Panic at the Disco's drummer jumps at the chance to set the record not-so-straight

my favourite lines:

When it comes to things that are non-music related that we’re still passionate about, now we are a little more comfortable just coming out and saying exactly how we feel. And this is one topic that I’m just sort of -- I just completely disagree with any of the laws that keep everybody from being equal. I’d rather use the fact that I’m doing this interview to at least say what I think than take some weird vague view on things.

As we went on tour, me and Ryan [Ross, Panic’s guitarist] talked about making a “Reinvent Love” shirt. At first it was just going to be on the Fueled By Ramen web store, just a limited edition thing because it didn’t have our band name on the front, and we didn’t know how many people would want to wear that. It ended up being a lot more popular than we thought it would. We were ending all of the concerts with that song, so that was the last thing that people were hearing. We wouldn’t want to be a part of anything that wasn’t that kind of that message.

this next one's in response to Pete saying "they're more gay in a totally other way":

It’s definitely true that we’re totally gay, and that’s the first point that should be made. When we came out with the first record, there was a very specific style and look that we had for that. Then a lot of people thought that it was really strange that we weren’t just going to perform under a circus top forever. So I think that what he’s trying to say is that the first album, people thought we were gay, especially Brendon -- which may be true. Undetermined at this point. He doesn’t have a wife, so… And on the second album, they thought we were gay, but like gay hippies with beards. [exactly what I thought] And so it is a whole other kind of gay. It’s still there, it’s just presented a little bit differently. But maybe that’s completely bullshit. Maybe even Pete couldn’t figure out what he meant.

also, I am seriously considering just trying to printscreen reinvent ♥ on a blank t-shirt, just because I love that line so much. that's gotta be breaking some copyright laws, right?

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have I mentioned lately that I love Ryan Ross? because I do.

This is Tokyo Hotel, they’re getting their makeup done, outside in the parking lot for everyone to see, oh and also they were playing their own song from their very large monster truck, from a very large stereo. By far the most entertaining thing I saw.

keep rocking being yourself, Ryan Ross. oh, and have babies someday with keltie. just so the world will die from the cuteness.
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hey, I have sort of a weird request. those anybody have an audio of the drumline from the 'nothing rhymes with circus' tour? or a video?
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have you watched the Panic! at The Disco vs. Dresden Dolls video yet? you should watch it RIGHT NOW.

[Error: unknown template 'video']

Spencer is snarky, Jon is dorky, Brendon is... Brendon and Ryan is an amazingly hot teenage girl.

ps. Dude, is Ryan freaking skinny or what?

(also, I can't stop grinning. =DDDD)
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what did I do for the past few days? I made some really crappy icons, then some slightly crappy ones, then some not crappy icons. here goes.

1 Pete, 10 Patrick, 1 FOB, 8 various FOB pairings, 3 P!ATD (these are pretty bad), 5 William Beckett



Icons )

I'm freaking tired, man. and I'm pretty sure I flunked my History test. next week I have all three science tests. *groans*
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after much passive-aggressive behaviour from me and encouragement from [profile] nz_bonjovi_gal (even if she didn't realize it at the time) I have finally made a Brendon/Ryan icon.

I wanted to include the garter on Ryan's arm but it just wasn't working. I wish it wasn't so blurry but what can you do, right? yeah, I am slightly anal about things that I am not good at. pffhhht
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I've been trying to icon the love that is Brendon/Ryan for the past hour to no avail. If you don't know by now, I am crap at making icons. I do not have the software nor the expertise for it. here are the pictures I've been trying to make icons from.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(l-r) Jon (or JWalk), Brendon, Ryan, Spencer. like I said, so. fucking. married. all of them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the first two pics I stole from [profile] addictedkitten's primer for Panic! At The Disco. (go read about their gayness! she loves them lots and it's contagious.)

the last two pics are from their VMA performance, originally posted here (not by me).

do they not beg to be iconed?


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