Nov. 12th, 2009 01:31 pm
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oh, pete.

why can they not see that this was not a good video to release? whyyyy??? it also baffles me since, you know, there is a girl in the band.
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I almost fell off of the cliff the other night trying to gather some firewood, it was one of those movie falls where you slip and catch yourself then realize how close you actually were to being in a serious mess. Spence came over the next time and we built a small wall to hopefully deter that from happening to anyone else.

I thought about it, and I've decided that I want a fic based on this. or, with this scene in it. because Spencer motherfuckin' Smith is just practical and doesn't want his best friend to die, okay. and why didn't Jon make sure there was a freaking wall built in the first place? he knows how Ryan is.

EDIT: you guys, my Disney + bandom dream is coming true. courtesy of demi lovato, pete wentz and twitter. can I have a 4.0 GPA while you're at it, God?

evidence #1: http://twitpic.com/2n5tz

evidence #2: http://twitter.com/billbeckett/status/1513679791

evidence #3:
# @ddlovato I'm driving thru texas (this place giant) in the back the bus thinking about @ashsimpsonwentz . Are u from here10:20 AM Apr 16th from TwitterBerry
# @petewentz Yeah, I'm from Dallas. What areas are you driving through? Give Texas a hug for me.12:35 PM Apr 16th from web in reply to petewentz
# @ddlovato I think we drove thru all of texas. It took forever. But were in dallas now. I got a tattoo of texas on my wrist2:18 PM Apr 16th from TwitterBerry

ugh, bandom. what are you doing to me.
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1. Oasis and Panic are playing in the same festival. how epic would it be if they met? I'm sure Noel would blog about it. this has a potential for hilarity, you guys.

2. how amazing is my screensaver? as awesome as the universe.

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it's like a slideshow of all these different images, the Sun, the face of the moon, the huge volcano on Mars, the storm on Jupiter, stuff like that. really cool.

3. I have 100+ stuff (read: fic) tagged READ (which is my tag for stuff that I plan on reading). I found some freaking cool stuff, too. if you're interested (there's a Supernatural/Friday Night Lights crossover that I just read! really, really good) head over here.

4. it is really, really humid tonight since it rained earlier*. on the plus side, the angsana trees on my street are blooming and the sight of it falling is beautiful. I imagine it's sort of like what falling cherry blossoms in Japan would look like, if they were bright yellow. I wish I could take a picture to show you.

5. shaaaaane! and panic! and pete!

6. should I or should I not watch Wolverine? I don't read the comics so I'm not particularly attached to the fandom, but - Tim Riggins! I want to hug whoever did the casting.

*= I was going to post this yesterday night, but I accidentally fell asleep so it's morning now. quite a pleasant one, too, although I'm sure it'll be hot as hell later.
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Pete talking to Out.com about homophobia, changing the scene and his bands. Some interesting tidbits, like this one

His new career was Fall Out Boy, a pop-punk band that left the local hardcore scene for more melodic rock pastures, in part because the homophobic violence they witnessed at shows pissed them off.

And don't tell anyone, but this made me go 'awww'

“Being ambiguously flamboyant really does help,” he says. “I’ve had so many people come up to me and be like, ‘I felt OK to come out of the closet after you said this.’ And I’m like...” He looks shocked, even overwhelmed. “When someone says that to me -- it’s not an event I’ve ever been through, so I don’t know what to compare it to. I don’t think I even understand how important that is to someone’s life.”

And when the Euro ad spot appears and it goes 'And the Germans are the ones who can celebrate now' I just want to yell at it to shut up. Jennifer Doyle is not helping me to get over it. Neither is Pitch Invasion. Great pictures, though. But this Ugly Betty marathon is helping a bit.
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what did I do for the past few days? I made some really crappy icons, then some slightly crappy ones, then some not crappy icons. here goes.

1 Pete, 10 Patrick, 1 FOB, 8 various FOB pairings, 3 P!ATD (these are pretty bad), 5 William Beckett



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I'm freaking tired, man. and I'm pretty sure I flunked my History test. next week I have all three science tests. *groans*
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Pete Wentz may annoy me sometimes but I love him when he does stuff like this. The only thing that would be better is if Ryan Ross was in here too. and looked more like a girl and had on more eye make up than all of them combined.


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