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such a beautiful picture. although the Brits wasn't quite as fun this year, was it? *g*
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I woke up in a spectacularly bad mood to day for unknown reasons (maybe because I missed last night's prayers because I fell asleep? that just came to me. I don't know, though.) but a few things made it better:

1. [ profile] stickmarionette

LXD at TED, where they got a standing ovation. YOU HEAR THAT, OSCARS?? )

3. Lissie and Ellie Goulding singing Everywhere I Go live. purest form of beauty. )

I had this video on repeat before I went to class. I hope someday, I can find something that gets me as passionate as these two seem to be about music.

4. [ profile] stickmarionette (who brought me #5 and #6)

5. remembering this pic

I still giggle EVERY. TIME. ~So wrong, yet so right~

6. this dude )

(who is also in this video. he's the one on stage left. who keeps doing the orgasm!face and skips to centerstage halfway through the song. he's my favourite :DDD)

7. [ profile] stickmarionette :DDDDDD
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kinda late because I've been spazzing all over twiiter but-




*kisses all of you*

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this performance is FANTASTIC. Seriously, if you've never heard of The Like before, I highly recommend watching this performance and this interview.

Stealing clothes off children! Bribing them with lollipops! Having no shame at doing the walk of shame! )

I stand by my statement that they should do video interviews all the time. They're just so freaking likable (unintentional pun, sorry).

and before I forget again:


(click for bigger)
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their little faces! how adorable are they? also, I hope this performance is up on YouTube.

there's a jon/ryan one too! )source
there are pictures of The Like's performance there, too.
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These are clearly pics taken when they went on a movie date together. I mean, Brendon probably would fidget and narrate (in a whisper!) the movie to the person beside him. Jon would indulge him and Spencer would distract Ryan enough that he won't feel inclined to strangle anyone in the theatre, with a smirk on his face all the while.

also, it amuses me a lot that ryan and spencer strike identical poses when next to each other )
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an interesting e-mail reached my inbox a few days ago. Take the time to read it, please, because I really do think it's a good idea )

Basically, let's all fast together and do an extra bit of kindness on the 16th (and hopefully in the days after that)! My idea is to post pics of our respective breaking fast meals on the 16th with a common tag (somebody come up with a catchy name? I'm horrible at that. I know some people have issues about posting pics of themselves and their rl on lj - I'm one of them - but I don't think anybody would have a problem with food? and hey, did I mention that I have a phone that can actually take pictures now? \o/

[ profile] frankkincense posted this and my reaction was basically ALSKDHABEROINC \O/

look at them! loooook! b&w! look at spencer and ryan and how their hips are tilting towards each other. (this was during the honda civic tour, right? I think Brendon's hair was in that phase during that tour. and how sad is it that I can say that off the top of my head?)

in conclusion, ALKDJFNIOVHAE BOYS.

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can I keep them, Mom? can I? please?


Jan. 26th, 2009 05:29 pm
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heh, I wish our Prime Minister was this adorable.

did the uploading picture thingy use to be this shitty? I can't remember.

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cue my jaw dropping.

and me covering my eyes a moment later.

from [ profile] ontd_football , of course.

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Pete talking to about homophobia, changing the scene and his bands. Some interesting tidbits, like this one

His new career was Fall Out Boy, a pop-punk band that left the local hardcore scene for more melodic rock pastures, in part because the homophobic violence they witnessed at shows pissed them off.

And don't tell anyone, but this made me go 'awww'

“Being ambiguously flamboyant really does help,” he says. “I’ve had so many people come up to me and be like, ‘I felt OK to come out of the closet after you said this.’ And I’m like...” He looks shocked, even overwhelmed. “When someone says that to me -- it’s not an event I’ve ever been through, so I don’t know what to compare it to. I don’t think I even understand how important that is to someone’s life.”

And when the Euro ad spot appears and it goes 'And the Germans are the ones who can celebrate now' I just want to yell at it to shut up. Jennifer Doyle is not helping me to get over it. Neither is Pitch Invasion. Great pictures, though. But this Ugly Betty marathon is helping a bit.
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and you know what else I am in love with? THIS.

CLICK FOR BIGGER VERSION. CLICK NOW.[info]ahh_serie_a totally provided the awesome. and I want an icon for this. even though I have no icon space left.


Jun. 17th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Pato's holiday pictures (and the ensuing comments) made LOL. the first one looks like the pictures you see all the time in tourism brochures.

and I'm trying my hardest to avoid reading Ronaldo's current status but it's really freaking hard.

and I came across this news item: a father beating "the demons" out of his son, a two year old.

Six-and-a-half minutes for two men to try to stop a father from beating "the demons" out of his two-year-old son in the middle of a dark country road. Six-and-a-half minutes for a young woman to crouch in her car and watch in helpless shock. Six-and-a-half minutes for a police officer to land in a helicopter, run across a cow pasture, and shoot the man squarely in the forehead.

Six-and-a-half minutes of horror.

Fucking hell. I really don't know which is scarier, whether he really was possessed or that was just another facet of human nature.
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I'm sure I'm the last to know about this but still.

you guys! The Awesome April Challenge Master List is up! the purpose of the challenge was to produce a popslash/popgen fic for every day in April. go forth and read.

I, of course, will be going through all the Nick-centric fics first. (I honestly have no idea why I love Nick so much in fic. if you pressed for an answer, I would most probably just go 'um, he's really hot but in the most generic way. maybe so generic that it turns people off, which makes him even hotter to me. and his smiles are made of sunshine and kittens and rainbows. and he's not shy about showing his love for the important people in his life. and I have this inkling that he gives awesome hugs. and... yeah.')

alright then. here's a few interesting articles that I've read these past few days.

an insider's view on the effects of the China quake in Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan, some of the hardest hit areas.

I talked with locals for an hour who said the only aid received so far is water and rice. No power, no gas, no running water, no telephone.

The quake has destroyed everything they own.

how sexism and sportswomen getting frequently injured are connected.

Former Celtic manager and legend, Tommy Burns, dies after losing the fight against cancer.

Sad but true: Andy Bull's critique of the sports news culture nowadays. and The Run of Play gives Andy Bull his backing by calling on you, the readers, to send any generic articles that you come across to him.

and Who Ate All The Pies? are shipping... Ole/Ronaldo?

does anybody else think it's hilarious that in this picture, Ronaldo looks like he just cannot. stop. posing. but Scholesy looks reluctant to even smile for the camera? (also? I would love you a whole lot if you can get me a bigger version of this.)

I seem to be sick. or, at least, I can't stop sneezing/sniffling. bleurgh.
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things that made me crack up today:


how does Ollie Kahn celebrate winning a match, you wonder? by punching a teammate, of course! oh, how I love those German goalies.

2) this totally made me snort in laughter

...and Thierry Henry being generally mediocre now that he's left his Arsenal harem.

I read that in Footie Girl's CL review. hands up if you think she reads those Arsenal groupsex fic!


and of course, the mandatory Gaz Returns! picture:
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um, whoa, Joe Hart. have to say, that is quite an impressive picture. also, quite an innovative way to keep the sun out of his eyes, that baseball cap. I actually mistook him for an American. (no, seriously!)

and awww, Egypt are the ACN champions once again :D Aboutreika won it with the lone goal of the match.

the team after the final whistle blew.

Quieroz says international matches took their toll. uh huh. okay to be fair, he also gave credit to the City players but no mention of the Saudi trip. I just hope we don't make the same mistakes next time. *sigh*

eta: I just watched a video of American commentators doing commentary on a Bundesliga match. It was - weird. not bad weird, just. odd.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 10:25 pm
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I wasn't feeling all that well earlier but these two make my day about 100000000000x better

being boys! (heee!) )
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can people stop writing articles about how Arsenal are 'now serious title contenders'? They have been serious title contenders from the start of the season! they play beautiful, flowing football! all the people that thought Arsenal would go down without Henry are proven wrong! their whole squad is young and exciting! I GET IT OKAY! Please stop recycling the same articles over and over again, sports journalists.

eta (in saudi arabia): hee! freaking adorable, the lot of them.

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I very nearly swallowed my tongue when I saw this. Rooney's hand. on Cristiano's waist. and Cris' hand cupping Wayne's neck.



seriously, you guys. seriously.


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