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Andrew DeRoberts singing I'm Tore Down feat. the Kris Allen Band. lkag;aesf

his singing voice! his drunken self! his drawl at the end! "Where's Dave? Dave, I'm sorry I broke all your shit" LOLOLOL

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oh man, I think I squeaked when I saw this. $25k in 4 days you benches! so kick awesome!

here's another couple who are so dorky and adorable they make my teeth ache.

I was originally saving my last userpic spot (on LJ) for a Kris icon but, uh, apparently Andrew takes precedence right now?

here's what I've been watching on and off for a while now:

around 1:54, when he drops his head back? I think my mouth went dry.

speaking of hotness, I really want to be Nick White in this one. look how he oh-so-casually slings an arm around Jon's shoulders.

okay, so this post pretty much devolved into a Jon Walker (and the rest of his band) Is Hot post. I don't think many people will complain, though.


I don't think I've posted this before, even though I flailed over it months ago. But if you haven't seen Lisa Hannigan & band perform I Don't Know in a tiny room, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to watch this video. Seriously.
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I've been reading pete's old blog and it's making me have thinky thoughts. Thinky thoughts are not meant to be sat on when you've been hiding in your room all day, I don't think.

anyway, I've been wanting to posts some songs but I keep forgetting. and, okay, initially I just wanted to tell you about how much time I spent staring at this pic but then this post turned into a mini ryan/spencer picspam. this may be partly because I've run out of ryan/spencer fics to read. and my wish to see them written as adorable dorks in love.
my tinhat, let me show it to you )
in conclusion, more dorky BFFs and/or boyfriends please.

and recs of panic fics that you think I haven't read yet (especially if they're spencer/ryan) are more than welcome. pictures, too!
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go here. and then go kiss [personal profile] callsigns's feet and offer her your firstborn. RIGHT NOW.
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I've been trying to icon the love that is Brendon/Ryan for the past hour to no avail. If you don't know by now, I am crap at making icons. I do not have the software nor the expertise for it. here are the pictures I've been trying to make icons from.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(l-r) Jon (or JWalk), Brendon, Ryan, Spencer. like I said, so. fucking. married. all of them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the first two pics I stole from [profile] addictedkitten's primer for Panic! At The Disco. (go read about their gayness! she loves them lots and it's contagious.)

the last two pics are from their VMA performance, originally posted here (not by me).

do they not beg to be iconed?
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why do people seem to love Dean more than Sam? Why???

I mean, yes, Dean has pretty eyes and a pretty mouth but come on. Sam is like, the definition of emo. If he took lit classes instead of going to law school, he would be in a band under the Decaydence label right now. Sam is angst. plus, he can pick locks. he has his own set of lock-picking tools. I find that absurdly geeky and hot.

(all screencaps taken from [profile] extremefangirl's amazing post of Skin screencaps here)

yes, I'm bored and no, my homework isn't finished yet. *sigh* sorry for spamming.

also, dude, no SoaP this weekend. :(  everybody's on holiday, it seems. (except me because apparently, I have no life other than lj.)

I better go to sleep before my almost-fever gets worse.

(whoa, this post became longer than I originally intended.)

EDIT: Did I mention I successfully forwarded a port? because I did. this means that I can read instructions and follow them. \o/ Plus, it makes downloading SYTYCD eps a lot faster. now, if only I can make my own bed, too.
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I have just found out that Beckett has a long-time girlfriend. my world has turned upside down. apparently, they've been going out since high school. (I won't post pictures since that makes me feel like a stalker but they look adorable together. This doesn't deter me from the fact that Travis and William need to get it on.)

also, I found pictures of no-hair Beckett

(these may have made me go "awww" but you can't prove it)
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The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes* are getting decent airplay over here, which i find sort of weird. The bands I usually like never get airplay over here. Okay, I admit, I'm not exactly a fan of GCH's music but this is totally a step up from Kelis, Paris Hilton and Fergie.

I may even start to like radio again if they keep this up. Maybe.

* You may know of Gym Class Heroes from me waxing lyrical about the singer/rapper in my previous posts for he is the Travis half of the loving William Beckett (TAI)/Travis McCoy pair.

he's the one not holding the mike.

(pics from [community profile] boy_touching)

*whistles innocently*
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I just saw this on William Beckett's wiki.

He was rumored to have gotten married to Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heros, but both of them deny the situation.

(okay, Wikipedia has edited it out now, but still)

WHAT?? *gapes*

for those of you not in the know, William Beckett is the lead singer of The Academy Is... and he's collaborated with a lot of other musicians (FOB, Jack's Mannequin, Cobra Starship, and yes, Gym Class Heroes). William and Travis hang out together a lot, as do William and Pete Wentz. All in the family, yo.

william is the one on the left. may I point out that their arms are linked?

okay, it's not so unbelievable now. :D but still, William, married? that sort of makes me want to laugh.
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I just finished watching the Criminal Minds episode, L.D.S.K. I am officially in love with Dr. Spencer Reid.

He is so slashy, it actually pains me because I think I have to actually choose which pairing I like best.

the amount of Reid/Gideon in the pilot episode is ridicolous.

and dude, in L.D.S.K.? Reid/Hotch is painfully obvious in the opening scene where they are in the dark, quiet, seemingly private shooting range. And Hotch stands just behind Reid, talking in his ear because he's supposed to be tutoring Reid for his gun qualification.

Meanwhile, Morgan acts like a 9 year old, pulling the pigtails of the girl he secretly likes (Reid) when he finds out Reid failed his gun qualification.

yes, as you can see, I love Reid because he is my inner geek but also because I find intelligence extremely hot.

all the screencaps were taken from

plus, Nick looking very good in a suit with people I do not know (probably his friends). taken from

[profile] daydreamer87 has tons of amazing CM icons over here. I snagged some. :)


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