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School has been taking over my life this past month. SERIOUSLY, I feel like the three months of doing nothing has turned my brain into mush and made me forget how to actually think. It makes me sad because thinking is one of my favourtie pastimes :(

anyway, I feel like I should post in bullet points lately because no way can I write a post about the past month in a cohesive manner.

1. Inception. Inception fandom, how so awesome? seriously, I am finding good fic everyday )

and that's only the fic I've read in the past few days. If I included every fic I've read that I really, really liked, this list would be very, very long. if you're curious for more, just comment. I'd be happy to sift through my bookmarks.

2. late, but this video

Krim Outtakes from Yankee Stadium )
KRIM! KAB! Kris being a gentleman and picking up Jim's notes after he dropped them for the 20842 time! (obvious much, Jim?)

3. people on twitter have reignited my love for football and, strangely, the Beckhams. I forgot how Victoria says the most hilariously inappropriate things sometimes and David is quietly snarky. and babiiiieeees <333

4. I still don't really know how to feel about Eminem asking Rihanna to basically sing a refrain on a song about domestic violence but ugh, this song is so good. and so is the music video. which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan )

5. Just found this article on Guardian Football about Rooney clashing with SAF. hahahahaha HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIS COUNTRY, OKAY. Seriously, though. It's why I love that little dude so much. He just can't say no to his country (and club, too).

6. Watched Salt last night. I want to see Angelina Jolie in action movies all the time now. She's just so good at it. (No, I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Smith. what? I just don't go out a lot, okay.)

7. I really want this hoodie but I just can't justify spending that amount of money for an item of clothing + shipping ;_______________; /whine

8. ...I just stumbled over this video of Lissie covering Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness :O ...:DDDD )

(and I can't stop listening to the Lissie and Ellie Goulding collaboration on Everywhere I Go from the same festival. yes, STILL. here, have an mp3. I really should go and get this lady's album from somewhere.)

...aaaaaaaand now I have to get back to studying. /o\ oh, and eating. I keep forgetting that getting proper nutrients at appropriate mealtimes is an essential part of life /o\/o\/o\
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I feel like reading lots of angst today. *ANGSTS*

so, I want to ask you guys a favor. rec me some stories? I don't care if it's long or a drabble or an AU. I just want angst. they only things that would tick me off right now are wonky characterizations or sex without any plot whatsoever. oh, and please, please no Dumbledore/anyone. I prefer to think that Dumbledore has no sex life. or even Voldemort/anyone. *hums very loudly to drown out any protests*

fandoms are popslash, Panic!, FOB, Queer as Folk, Harry Potter - and, hey, do people write Pete/Carl? or Carl/anyone?

p.s. I haven't dove into the SeSa stories yet. (I think I've only read like, five stories. and I even sucked at giving feedback.) I don't know, man. I've just been in this sort-of funk lately.
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so, hey, I don't know if anybody in my flist even cares about this but. guess what I found in [community profile] crack_van's memories.

a fic where Brian Kinney takes part in the gay version of Survivor. Brian Kinney. living on an island with a lot of hot guys, doing stupid tasks (and the guys, too) and just being a smart, manipulative ass. how is that not genius?

Queer Survivor by [personal profile] josselin

to be fair, I've only read the first part but I haven't stopped grinning since I started so I'm thinking the rest of it will be just as good.

(seriously. Brian Kinney. on Survivor.)
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William Beckett is Doing Everyone, And Here's Why

cannot. stop. smiling. =D
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[personal profile] bubbleforest posted a new fic!

Deep Greens and Blues

it's lush and angsty and perfect. it's quite long but so, so worth the read. It's AJ/Brian/Howie and it's wonderful with the characterizations and the natural progression of things and the interactions.

yeah, apparently my vocabulary goes down when I am in awe with someone else's writing.

anyway, go read!
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let me rec you HP fics that I've recently read and let's ignore the fact that I should be doing homework.

first and foremost, I have to rec the person who pulled me into HP fandom in the first place and ultimately, Draco/Ginny.


Does anybody know of any other crossover fics?

I really want to do a rec for Criminal minds fic but I actually have to find more CM fics first.
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another fic by [personal profile] bubbleforest and this time it's HP.

Pen My Soliloquy

It's Draco/Hermione and it's angst and forbidden love. It draws you in without warning and hurts you in all the best  ways.
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Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Says Door's Always Open For Kevin

"All we can do is be supportive in any decisions that any of us make," Carter said of Richardson's announcement that he's leaving the group. "Like I said before, we still want to be able to do records and there are fans out there that want to hear our music, and we're going to push on. But the door was always open for him. It's still open. If he wants to come back to perform again, he can. We respect his decision."

"That's why we're together now — so we can help fill in the gaps — and we love each other so much," Aaron added. "You're going to see the fights and then you're going to see the instant family love, and that's what's great. That's what it's about, man."

Word, AC.

I think I may be genuinely looking forward to this show, just because of the Carter Sibling Love. CSL, it kills.

And speaking of Kevin, let me pimp you a story, just in case you've been living under a rock haven't heard of it already.

Laugh With the Sinners by [personal profile] bubbleforest  (co-written with [personal profile] trumpeterofdoom)

It's a Kevin-centric GSF and it's both heartbreaking and hopeful and hits you right where it hurts.

Nick's hands stay at Kevin's waist, thumbs smoothing idly back and forth at the waistline of his pants. When Kevin looks at him, Nick is biting his lip. "I know," he says, and manages a crooked smile. He presses his forehead against Kevin's and lets out a hollow sigh. "I know," he says again, softer and sadder.


In that brief second Kevin watches the others. Brian and AJ are locked in a deep, unhurried, comforting kiss. Nick is standing behind AJ, doing something that has AJ whimpering and arching back. Brian's hands are on AJ's cheeks, cupping his face, and his thumbs are rubbing gently under AJ's eyes as he hums into the kiss. Kevin can only guess what he's wiping away.

Then all he sees is Howie, straddling him now.

and, oh, I don't want to spoil the story for anybody but let's just say the last paragraph pretty much clinches it.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

man, I'm spamming a lot today.

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WARNING: Do not read while eating/drinking for it will be hazardous to your health (and monitor).

Coversational Winchester for Trolls by [profile] eloise_brightThere was the oldest Winchester, who had a God complex, the middlest Winchester, who had a Christ complex, and the youngest Winchester, who had a Judas complex.

“What’s with all the religious symbolism?” said the troll.

You like it?

“Whatever,” said the troll, non-committally.

“Hang on!” said the youngest Winchester, full of righteous indignation. “What do you mean Judas?


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