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School has been taking over my life this past month. SERIOUSLY, I feel like the three months of doing nothing has turned my brain into mush and made me forget how to actually think. It makes me sad because thinking is one of my favourtie pastimes :(

anyway, I feel like I should post in bullet points lately because no way can I write a post about the past month in a cohesive manner.

1. Inception. Inception fandom, how so awesome? seriously, I am finding good fic everyday )

and that's only the fic I've read in the past few days. If I included every fic I've read that I really, really liked, this list would be very, very long. if you're curious for more, just comment. I'd be happy to sift through my bookmarks.

2. late, but this video

Krim Outtakes from Yankee Stadium )
KRIM! KAB! Kris being a gentleman and picking up Jim's notes after he dropped them for the 20842 time! (obvious much, Jim?)

3. people on twitter have reignited my love for football and, strangely, the Beckhams. I forgot how Victoria says the most hilariously inappropriate things sometimes and David is quietly snarky. and babiiiieeees <333

4. I still don't really know how to feel about Eminem asking Rihanna to basically sing a refrain on a song about domestic violence but ugh, this song is so good. and so is the music video. which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan )

5. Just found this article on Guardian Football about Rooney clashing with SAF. hahahahaha HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIS COUNTRY, OKAY. Seriously, though. It's why I love that little dude so much. He just can't say no to his country (and club, too).

6. Watched Salt last night. I want to see Angelina Jolie in action movies all the time now. She's just so good at it. (No, I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Smith. what? I just don't go out a lot, okay.)

7. I really want this hoodie but I just can't justify spending that amount of money for an item of clothing + shipping ;_______________; /whine

8. ...I just stumbled over this video of Lissie covering Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness :O ...:DDDD )

(and I can't stop listening to the Lissie and Ellie Goulding collaboration on Everywhere I Go from the same festival. yes, STILL. here, have an mp3. I really should go and get this lady's album from somewhere.)

...aaaaaaaand now I have to get back to studying. /o\ oh, and eating. I keep forgetting that getting proper nutrients at appropriate mealtimes is an essential part of life /o\/o\/o\
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I woke up in a spectacularly bad mood to day for unknown reasons (maybe because I missed last night's prayers because I fell asleep? that just came to me. I don't know, though.) but a few things made it better:

1. [ profile] stickmarionette

LXD at TED, where they got a standing ovation. YOU HEAR THAT, OSCARS?? )

3. Lissie and Ellie Goulding singing Everywhere I Go live. purest form of beauty. )

I had this video on repeat before I went to class. I hope someday, I can find something that gets me as passionate as these two seem to be about music.

4. [ profile] stickmarionette (who brought me #5 and #6)

5. remembering this pic

I still giggle EVERY. TIME. ~So wrong, yet so right~

6. this dude )

(who is also in this video. he's the one on stage left. who keeps doing the orgasm!face and skips to centerstage halfway through the song. he's my favourite :DDD)

7. [ profile] stickmarionette :DDDDDD
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Today )

Anyway, instead of babbling so much, I wanted to rec you a fic that kept me company throughout those LJ-less 3 days.

I've read and reread Apple Shampoo so many times I can probably quote you my favourite parts. Sure, there are some technically iffy parts, maybe due to beta issues, but I love this Ryan so, so much.

Spencer's fingers catch in Ryan's belt loops, pulling Ryan under him. His mouth is hot and familiar, and Ryan's stomach flips. Spencer's fingers on his hips make him gasp stupidly. He narrows his eyes and goes for Spencer's nipple, because he knows that works. He's still surprised by the resulting look on Spencer's face, and the thought that he put it there is terrifying and amazing at the same time.

Spencer, of course, has lube and a condom, and after a bit of fumbling, he gets them out of his pocket.

They don't talk much after that. They don't need to discuss things—some stuff is obvious. At one point, Ryan looks up at Spencer, knees hooked over Spencer's shoulders. “I'm so your bitch.”

“Shut up, I'm trying to concentrate and not harm you horribly.”

p.s. I just imported everything from LJ to DW. That was easy.

p.p.s. I've just realized that for the past three weeks or so, I've basically lived out of my suitcase, taking stuff out and putting them back in when I need to leave for somewhere else. Why can't I live my whole life like this? I hate packing/unpacking so much.

p.p.p.s. I just finished rereading Invisible Monsters. the ending wasn't as awesome as I remembered. I still love Rant, though.
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and it's only noon :(
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I really hope that's a lyric, Jon Walker.

so, hi! I haven't been updating much, have I? Life has been catching up on me (or should I say the work I put off to concentrate on finals has been catching up on me? ha) and making me slightly crazy. Only slightly, though. I don't bite if you approach me now. much.

I still had time to read fic, though! more accurately, I procrastinated by reading fic.

well... )

and heeeey, it's [ profile] heartscientist's birthday already in my timezone. you should go wish her happy birthday. she writes some of my favourite spencer/ryan stories.


man, I suck at updating. I originally wanted to say that I'm sorry for being absent for so long. so, um, I'm sorry! If you missed me that is.

eta: just remembered! lookie here!(there's a bit more in the comments.) and here! loooooook. Insane!Ryan is incredibly relevant to my interests, especially if it involves a hurty Spencer Smith in any way. How could these snippets not lead to Spencer/Ryan, you guys? it is scientifically impossible not to!

which leads me to my next issue. since not many people are writing spencer/ryan anymore, i feel like i'm going through a withdrawal. i've been going through my favourite fics, squeezing all the innuendo i can for the Spencer/Ryan Team, even if the pairing isn't Spencer/Ryan. and especially if it's spencer/brendon. I can't explain it, I just don't like that pairing. it doesn't have to do anything with the split, I think, since it started before that. Don't get me wrong, Spencer seems really articulate, thoughtful and mature in interviews and Brendon just comes across as the most adorable, genuine puppy ever but I just can't get into them together. Spencer/Ryaaan *wants it* gimme ur fic picks and pics, ugh.

eta: I wrote 'picks and picks'. uhhh, what? I meant picks and pics. as in, pictures. so yeah, sorry if that was confusing.
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I've just realized that I haven't had a shower in over 24 hours. geez, louise. Thankfully I haven't started smelling yet, mostly because I've barely left my bed.

Which probably led me to forgetfulness. HAPPY BELATED DEEPAVALI, GUYS.

have I mentioned that I really liked the last two articles James Montgomery wrote about Ryan Ross and The Young Veins? because I really liked it. especially this line:

"That's a whole lot of "officially" for a guy like Ryan Ross, who, ever since splitting with Panic! at the Disco earlier this summer, has made a point of living (and working) as unofficially as possible. That is to say, he's tried very hard to make it look like he's not trying hard at all."

That's exactly it, dude. I still can't quite believe that they've finished the album, all the way up to mastering it. even when I followed their progress religiously on twitter. Also, I listened once to The Other Girl and I think I like Change better, especially the mastered version. but I still want that album. He had his friends sing on his album, guys. For free! Because it was his birthday! and you might hear someone shouting Happy Birthday on the album! and him and Jon sang This Heart of Mine facing each other while playing guitar! which one of these facts excite you the most? Trick question! the answer is all of them.

what else, what else? oh, yes. FINALS ARE IN ONE WEEK. ONNNNNNEEEEE.

p.s. I need to update my icons.

eta: is it bad that I have way too many happy icons? I need a 'I am mad' and 'I am sad' icons.

also, I heard that not a lot of people were there for the young veins' listening party. not on, fandom.

eta2: new icons! one which is totally appropriate for this post.
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YESSSSSSSSSS!!! (see: [ profile] bandom_hc )

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (see: the 2 tests that I have on Wed & Fri.)

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yesterday I sprained my foot (i think) by standing up from a couch after being woken up. sprained it. by standing up. officially clumsiest person alive.
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oh man, I'm turning into pete wentz.

but - gospel-sounding choirs! rockin' guitars! drums! brendon urie's voice on an original panic! song!

re rl: I know the past few posts have been all about Panic(!) but I swear, my life has not revolved around them. or, maybe just 50%. it's just that I've been so busy with the semester having started this week. I don't even have proper stationery or the textbooks yet. so, I'm really sorry if I've missed anything important.
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I am actually just getting into Young Folks, even though it was the summer anthem about 19386 years ago. idk.

anyway, DW is not being cooperative so this is not a crosspost but sendspace is, so. change xx to tt, please.

The Death Set - Around The World
we go around the world and we do what must be done/ top-secret mission and our enemies are wishin' that they had a bigger gun!
ahahaha. this song is absolutely crazy and spazzy but I love it so. so much fun, seriously.

Manchester Orchestra - Wolves At Night
I could have sworn that I saw you knee bent on the bedside/ arms stretched like a kite that time will eventually grow
I am really getting into Manchester Orchestra lately. and I'm recommending this song because I appreciate it when rock bands put in keyboards in a seemingly out-of-place song and make it work. and I really like the drums+guitar distortion effect (I don't know what it's called) at the beginning, too.

Aizat - I Go
music is my life and you're my sweetest nightingale/ but I can't hear it here no more/ and I go
the erhu, guys. it stole my heart. ahem. but even if you took out the erhu, this song is still so beautiful it hurts. I also recommend the version sung by the composer, Pete Teo. it made me realize how different voices can convey different meanings even though the lyrics are the same. I love the Malay version, too! this song is just amazing like that.

Yuna - Backpacking Around Europe
we are proud enough to not to know/ that we are strong enough to let it go
if you are any way into singer/songwriters, I highly recommend this girl. gorgeous voice, amazing musical sensibilities.

Mandy Moore - Everblue
I play the pain upright, straight ahead, and with a beat
Amanda Leigh is such a good classic pop record, seriously. I've always liked her voice, it's such a pure singer's voice. which is used to full effect on this album. the record's more stripped down and so unabashed about being happy and in love. also, besides handclaps and good drumming, I am such a weakling for perfect harmonies (Backstreet taught me about these things). if you like more uptempo stuff, check out I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week (handclaps!) and Fern Dell.

and Song About Home just assaults you with pretty pretty voices.
too many dreams or miles burning/ around the one who struck the match

oh, and the male vocals on the record is Mike Viola.


my life is boring. or maybe that's just me. I've been trying to figure out what to update you with but everything in contention seems too unimportant. is my location right at this very moment important? if so, I'm living on someone's floor. my friend's really cool and unconditionally kind since she barely knows me before (I only had two classes with her all through two years of uni and we didn't talk much) but she still lets me crash in her room on short notice for, wow, two weeks now. and borrow her internet connection, food and toiletries. friends are good.

um, the reason for crashing? I'm working on a project at school but I'm not actually taking classes this semester which means no accomodation until our group leader GIVES US PROPER ACCOMODATION DANGIT.

...okay, maybe I have more repressed rage than I realized.

EDIT: cos I wanted to show off my new icon by [ profile] angel_elf_icons. this is really how dorky they are with each other, no lie.
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I've realized that mostly I update when I'm bored and don't update when something's actually happening. oops? I'll try to change that.

click if you want to know what I'm doing this Sunday )

and this next segment has nothing to do with the previous one: Coldplay is actually giving out a free EP! no strings attached!

physical exertion is no joke, people. )
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Ryaaan Rossssssssss. sometimes that dude scares me to death.

also, I've come to realize that Panic is my new happy place. any time I'm stressed out, I imagine them being ridiculous and voila! less stressed out me.

one more night in a hotel! the worst thing about sharing hotel rooms is not sharing beds (that can actually be pretty fun. and no, not in a dirty way.) but the fact that the air con is always too low, no matter what you do gives you a clogged nose and restless sleep. but hey, one more night here, and a night sleeping in a bus, and I'll be back home! hooooome.
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hey, does anybody know who's saying 'here we go!' at the start of we're so starving? it sounds like spencer, which fills me with glee. spencer! (and you know what's weird? I don't hate that song anymore, and I used to loathe it.)

and I'm leaving tonight so I need to draw money and buy stuff before I leave. stuff like deodorant and travel-sized soap and shampoo. fun fact! I haven't worn deodorant once since I came back home because I never leave the house. disgusting, I know. why am I even surprised that I fail so much at being a semi-adult?

oh, and my friend and I watched Talentime way back when it first came out and we were so in love with it. this song, especially, was beautiful.

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it's 12.30 pm and it's raining! YESSS. this probably means it's gonna be hot as hell in the evening but whatever, I'll take what I can get. better for it to be hot in the evenings than in the middle of the afternoon, eh?

also, I just realised that I'm posting almost daily... about absolutely nothing. do you guys actually read my shit? *shakes head*

here's a serious question, though? I'm thinking of buying my own camera, mostly because I keep regretting not having a camera on hand (no, my phone doesn't come with a camera. shcoking, I know. I like old Nokia models). the question is, how much do they usually cost, flist? and what models take good quality pics?

it'd be good if you know the prices of them in Malaysia, heh. I'm pretty sure overseas prices are different, right? but any help is appreciated, really.
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going to the zoo today! I'll tell you about our adventures when we get back.
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[ profile] thepianopoet , I just got my hands on those CDs! thank you so much!! you don't know how excited I was when I saw it on the table! I can't stop using exclamation marks!! \o/ even slutty!Becks and Ole cannot properly express my joy :D

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ah, High Fever, at last you have decided to leave me.

see you again next year!

P.S. I can't get Lovebug out of my head.

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I am now definitely going to pay more attention to The Cab *g*.

oh, and school starts back on Monday :((. not that I don't like it... 50% of the time. it's just that this holiday was way too short.
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it seems like Gerard is settling in well with the rest of Barca's team. Very well, at least when Bojan is concerned. I wish he would playfully chase an underwear-clad teammate while only wearing a towel out of United's dressing room but it's cool. he looks happy.

does anyone know if Bojan was already in Barca B while Pique was there? or was he too young? inquiring minds need to know.

I'm going back home for Raya! all my classes have been cancelled/postponed next week so I have the whole week off! still have to finish up some assignments, though, and my computer being infected by a virus is not helping. Have I mentioned there's a virus? got it from installing a software for my Graphics. I find it ironic that I got a virus from a software for educational purposes instead of all the songs/albums/videos/tv shows I download on a daily basis. so far, I can't access Task Manager and Search in my Windows Explorer, my Control Panel keeps disappearing from the Start menu and so has Run. *sigh*

and I don't have tv here, and even if I did, I don't think Entourage is aired here anymore. Despite this fact, I've been reading a ton of Entourage fics. And I can't stop. Seriously, it's like a sickness. I am such a sucker for the whole 'BFF since in the womb' thing.

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LOL. (ASIA A source of “untapped markets.”) Oh, how I adore The Run of Play.

And The Morning Benders are giving away an album of covers on their blog. I haven't downloaded it yet myself because on-campus internet is really fucking slow, but you totally should. Plus, they've done a couple of live sessions for HearYa and Daytrotter, a few songs which you can also get, yes, for free.

Here's a scary story. How the 'entrepreneur', Darren Brown, bought Chesterfield F.C. Then emptied their coffers to pay his debt and support his fashionable lifestyle.

Now this one is just plain depressing. A Brazillian company, Traffic, buys young talent, lend them to Brazillian teams, and take most of the money when they move on to Europe.

Spangly Princess talks about Lazio and the mafia.

 Hey, my mom's coming today! but I'm sort of sick. It's okay, though. It was worse yesterday when my mouth felt like it was stuffed with damp cotton. Today I just seem to have the sniffles and my body seems a bit heavier than normal.


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