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this performance is FANTASTIC. Seriously, if you've never heard of The Like before, I highly recommend watching this performance and this interview.

Stealing clothes off children! Bribing them with lollipops! Having no shame at doing the walk of shame! )

I stand by my statement that they should do video interviews all the time. They're just so freaking likable (unintentional pun, sorry).

and before I forget again:


(click for bigger)
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is he kidding or... is he kidding? because I can't imagine Cape Town being a theme for anything sports-related.

World Cup:
I only saw England vs Slovenia and USA vs Algeria not even halfway through so if you have anything to add, please do.

England vs Slovenia was terrible. Both sides were... clunky, for lack of a better word. Although England got better after the goal. (Their passes actually reached the right people!) That Slovenian goalie, though. Man.

USA vs Algeria! I liked this match, from what I saw before I fell asleep on the couch. I stand by my opinion that that first disallowed goal shouldn't have been disallowed. But they still won! and Michael Bradley actually smiled! \o?

now, do I get over my anxiety of unknown places and go to the cafe opposite this apartment to get breakfast or actually wait until my planned trip to the mall later today?

eta: just saw the highlights of Mexico vs Uruguay, France vs South Africa and Nigeria vs South Korea. I didn't realize how crazy the South Africa vs France game was. also, the Uruguay and South Korea teams are full of hot people.

eta2: wow, Greek goalie, whoever you are. He did well against Argentina and looked good doing it. actually, you know what? just go to this post and appreciate the pretty. [/shallow]

eta 3: oh Mark Ronson, you are such a hipster. )
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Today )

Anyway, instead of babbling so much, I wanted to rec you a fic that kept me company throughout those LJ-less 3 days.

I've read and reread Apple Shampoo so many times I can probably quote you my favourite parts. Sure, there are some technically iffy parts, maybe due to beta issues, but I love this Ryan so, so much.

Spencer's fingers catch in Ryan's belt loops, pulling Ryan under him. His mouth is hot and familiar, and Ryan's stomach flips. Spencer's fingers on his hips make him gasp stupidly. He narrows his eyes and goes for Spencer's nipple, because he knows that works. He's still surprised by the resulting look on Spencer's face, and the thought that he put it there is terrifying and amazing at the same time.

Spencer, of course, has lube and a condom, and after a bit of fumbling, he gets them out of his pocket.

They don't talk much after that. They don't need to discuss things—some stuff is obvious. At one point, Ryan looks up at Spencer, knees hooked over Spencer's shoulders. “I'm so your bitch.”

“Shut up, I'm trying to concentrate and not harm you horribly.”

p.s. I just imported everything from LJ to DW. That was easy.

p.p.s. I've just realized that for the past three weeks or so, I've basically lived out of my suitcase, taking stuff out and putting them back in when I need to leave for somewhere else. Why can't I live my whole life like this? I hate packing/unpacking so much.

p.p.p.s. I just finished rereading Invisible Monsters. the ending wasn't as awesome as I remembered. I still love Rant, though.
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in twitterdom:
ryan ross keeps on amusing me.

that b. urie is ridiculously endearing, what with quoting love songs before going off to his sister's wedding and having a family which actually holds 50's diner-themed receptions.

we all know that he has a god voice, that doesn't need to be said, but it still surprises me that when he stretches his voice like that. he doesn't do it enough *g*

anyway, can someone please tell me if that is his girlfriend on the left? if so, is he effectively serenading to her? b. urie = romantic sap, makes me grin.:D
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ahahaa. it amuses me that the panic guys did not know they were going to open for No Doubt. good employee/employer communication going on there.

and hey, did anybody else get a warning when they went to patdonline that it was an attack site? cause it seems to be alright now. it amuses me that there seems to be a dude between ryan and spencer in this pic (in the row behind the driver) who then he magically disappears in this one. (what? I have to get my kicks where I can, okay. there's just so little of them together nowadays.)

also, hey! fly-by fic rec!

Flying Into The Sun (Ryan/Spencer) by [ profile] stealstheashes

the story's set in the pre-pete wentz days (sort of) and I absolutely love Ryan's voice in this. it shows how desperate he is to get out, and yet he's still young and unsure. and Spencer is just there for him, loyal to a fault. also, the push-pull in Ryan's mind re: him and Spencer was quite believable.

Your Love is Going To Drown (Jon/Tom, pre-Panic!GSF, Ryan/Spencer/Brendon) by [ profile] stardustonsable

bitter Tomrad, you guys! bitter Tomrad breaks my heart but it is strangely compelling, because I assume he can actually be like that in real life. it's short but I like how it was crafted, how well it showed the tensions between TAI and Panic! during that tour and the unspoken things that peppers this fic.

as per usual, I have this feeling that I wanted to talk about something else, but now I've forgotten. *sigh*
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Ryaaan Rossssssssss. sometimes that dude scares me to death.

also, I've come to realize that Panic is my new happy place. any time I'm stressed out, I imagine them being ridiculous and voila! less stressed out me.

one more night in a hotel! the worst thing about sharing hotel rooms is not sharing beds (that can actually be pretty fun. and no, not in a dirty way.) but the fact that the air con is always too low, no matter what you do gives you a clogged nose and restless sleep. but hey, one more night here, and a night sleeping in a bus, and I'll be back home! hooooome.
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I feel like if I say Ryan Ross in italics, it would cover every expression of astonishment and wonderment to ever exist.

Water Co. shut off my water. Back to the Orphanage I guess. Responsibilty, I want you. and yes, i've seen birds in Hawaii be cannibals.

does this mean he'll move in with Spencer?
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oh man. now every fic of them traipsing across the country/ road-tripping/ jungle trekking is going to come true.

2/24/09 Day Trip on Santa Ynez Canyon Trail Pt 1. I only fell ten times, Jon, only one.
Ryan Ross!
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A very good read. Joseph Ganley talks about a country's football identity and the link between that and players choosing to play in their local league rather than going abroad. He also points out Jonathan Wilson's article in there.

The Run of Play applauds Guus Hiddink's tactics.

I just found out about Roy of the Rovers. This concept sounds awesome. Does anybody else know more about this comic?

Okay, so me, my sister and my mom are off to Singapore tomorrow. Our flight is at some ridiculous time in the morning. Wish us a safe journey, yeah? And I haven't figured out yet if I'm bringing my laptop with me. I don't even know if we'll have internet connection at the hotel.

Edit: this video, you guys. AWESOME.

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last batch, I swear.

3 MCR, 2 Brendon Urie, 5 (6?) Ryan Ross

when in the heck did I become obsessed with Ryan Ross? geez.


I am officially confused. Is Ryan Ross a girl or a boy?

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so, I was trying to get the hang of the hue/color thing on Picture Manager. totally innocent (except for the fact that I was procrastinating, really but we'll ignore that). and I, um, sort of went on an icon-making frenzy. I'll probably keep some for myself but I only have 15 icon space so if ya'll want any of these, go ahead. credit in posts/comments and all that.

(I kinda feel weird for doing this because the people in my flist probably have enough icons and won't have any use for these but what the heck, right?)



why, yes, these are all done completely randomly, without any theme whatsoever. how did you ever guess?


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