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the tradition of getting a fever right before/after/during finals time is holding up! this time it's right before finals. which probably means I'm gonna get sick after, too. *mainlines warm water*

also, the idea of Ryan Ross realizing it cost a grand to park his car at LAX for a month after he came back is just too funny to me. Spencerrrrr, hit your friend on the upside of the head for me.

and Jon's alive!
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I've just realized that I haven't had a shower in over 24 hours. geez, louise. Thankfully I haven't started smelling yet, mostly because I've barely left my bed.

Which probably led me to forgetfulness. HAPPY BELATED DEEPAVALI, GUYS.

have I mentioned that I really liked the last two articles James Montgomery wrote about Ryan Ross and The Young Veins? because I really liked it. especially this line:

"That's a whole lot of "officially" for a guy like Ryan Ross, who, ever since splitting with Panic! at the Disco earlier this summer, has made a point of living (and working) as unofficially as possible. That is to say, he's tried very hard to make it look like he's not trying hard at all."

That's exactly it, dude. I still can't quite believe that they've finished the album, all the way up to mastering it. even when I followed their progress religiously on twitter. Also, I listened once to The Other Girl and I think I like Change better, especially the mastered version. but I still want that album. He had his friends sing on his album, guys. For free! Because it was his birthday! and you might hear someone shouting Happy Birthday on the album! and him and Jon sang This Heart of Mine facing each other while playing guitar! which one of these facts excite you the most? Trick question! the answer is all of them.

what else, what else? oh, yes. FINALS ARE IN ONE WEEK. ONNNNNNEEEEE.

p.s. I need to update my icons.

eta: is it bad that I have way too many happy icons? I need a 'I am mad' and 'I am sad' icons.

also, I heard that not a lot of people were there for the young veins' listening party. not on, fandom.

eta2: new icons! one which is totally appropriate for this post.
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y'know, I've been listening and relistening to the Oh Glory snippet. from what I can hear, it is damn good. relatedly, does anyone have an mp3 of it.

unrelatedly, I'm supposed to hand in a ten-page researched essay on Tuesday and I'm still procrastinating. I mean, the subject sucks, and it doesn't have anything to do with any of my other subjects, which I am interested in. blargh. someone want to write a paper for me?
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oh man, I'm turning into pete wentz.

but - gospel-sounding choirs! rockin' guitars! drums! brendon urie's voice on an original panic! song!

re rl: I know the past few posts have been all about Panic(!) but I swear, my life has not revolved around them. or, maybe just 50%. it's just that I've been so busy with the semester having started this week. I don't even have proper stationery or the textbooks yet. so, I'm really sorry if I've missed anything important.
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I just got back my Finals results.

my lowest grade is a B+.

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Man U are playing Liverpool (Liverpool!) and I can only rely on livetext to find out what's going on. *is restless*

(and why does Guardian say Pepe Reina but BBC say it's Jose Reina?)

and a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find pictures of components that make a Maglev train work? It's for a school project. Google Images has failed me. Don't engineers visually document their works anymore?

eta: and what in the world is a 'meaty header'? who in the world is writing this?

eta2: ...ugh, I can feel bile rising up my throat. also, STOP GETTING BOOKED OKAY.

eta3: I was holding out for that tiny spark of magic that we always seem to get near the end (only near the end) but *sigh*

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you want to know what happened yesterday? I had two midterm tests in one day. oh, the humanity!

the first test (the one that involved drawing with a computer software) wasn't very good. I know realize that I absolutely cannot draw something properly within a limited amount of time. the second one went pretty okay, considering I was slacking off on studying for it. and hey, my calculus and materials midterm marks cheered me up, so.

I have to trim down my music library again. iTunes says it's more than 18G now. *sigh* I should maybe delete those World Football Phone-In downloads but I can't bring myself to hit 'Delete' for most of them. I can't help it, those guys are funny!

you know what's getting me excited, though? a new Oasis album. the new single's gonna be out soon and I can't wait. *bounces* I am totally ready for Noel to be ridiculously funny during interviews and pretending to be a douchebag. (I'm pretty sure he's incredibly nice in real life because all the fan reports say he is and numerous former-baby bands follow him around like puppies. read:KASABIAN.) and Liam being a real douchebag and/or wasted. and Gem doing damage control. and Andy just being awkward with interviews, probably because he's stoned. and Noel doing some more beautiful acoustic gigs (Slide Away is one of my absolute favourites. but I have a lot of favourites).

I don't know, I don't follow them religiously or anything (probably because most of the stuff I find out about bands I like come from my flist, I'm lazy like that. and as far as I know, none of you are fans of Oasis.) but I still find myself enamoured with them. (although I'm alarmed at how skinny Liam is now. doesn't his wife feed him?)

oh, and wanna know which band's about to put out another album? The Sounds. I may also be incredibly excited about this too because dude, The Sounds putting out new music? A++

lastly, I wanted to share music with you guys but my connection is too slow to upload anything. *pouts*

but here: Jake Troth writes music purely because he enjoys it and wants to give it to you for free via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. You should check it out.

oh, nearly forgot the person I wanted to share with you the most. Laura Marling. you should check her album out. it's Alas I Cannot Swim. I particularly like the slightly more uptempo songs right now, like Ghosts and Cross Your Fingers but I also like Failure because it was the first song of hers that I heard. and I really, really like her lyrics and sense of melody.

and I am also addicted to Negative Thinking by The Death Set (formerly known as The Motherfucking Death Set). I put the blame solely on [info]provetheworst's shoulders. you can get the song as a free download on their website. no need to register or anything. the song is like this concoction of punk, rock, electronica and hyperness that resulted in an insanely catchy tune. I checked a few other songs on their myspace too and I really like Impossible and Around The World.
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so, [profile] nz_bonjovi_gal   ordered her flist for updates and I live to serve.

...okay, my life is seriously this boring. I can't think of anything else.

oh, yeah. there's that little Man U vs Wigan thing. when is it again? *scrathes head* since I can't watch it live, I will distract myself from the unnecessary stress (you all better update! *glares at flist*).

alright then. football matters

does anybody know where Mourinho's going next season? anybody? last I heard, it was wither Spain or Italy. and play offs vs goal difference. what do you think?

Giggly Keano alert! Giggly Keano alerteta: an awesome video of BBC's extended interview with Roy Keane.  "I look back now and I'm very sure I was very hard work for some of the managers"  hehe.  it's a lovely interview, on the whole. Keano The Gaffer sounds incredibly wise when he talks.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be infuriating. (to those who don't support Man U, anyway. and even some who do.)

Free-scoring Sandersen hails half-century

When Lianne Sanderson set herself a target of 50 goals at the start of the season, she kept it a secret. Understandably, the England star didn't want any flak if she failed to scale those dizzy heights.

She needn't have worried. Sanderson reached her half-century as long ago as April 16 in the County Cup Final win against Millwall and, after the rarity of two games without a goal, has since taken her tally to 52. Not bad for someone who was still a teenager at the start of February.

40 goals a season doesn't look like much in comparison, huh? Damn those Gunners.

2 goals down and playing with 9 men, San Lorenzo can still beat you.

eta: a very interesting article on the Premier League's academies setup.

When McClair is asked when the next Scholes or Giggs or Beckham is coming, he answers thus. If the current academy system had been in place in the late 1980s United would not have signed Beckham, who grew up in Essex. McClair does not believe they would have signed the Nevilles either, as they would have been snapped up by Bury at an early age and a prohibitive price put upon them. Scholes, he says, would have been at Oldham Athletic's academy. Giggs would not have had the chance to leave Manchester City for the club he supported. United might have got Butt; they might not.

for the world at large:
Burma's military governmentwent ahead with voting for the new constitution. this is despite the fact that more than a million of their people don't have food, shelter, clean water, and clean clothes and 62000 dead or missing. what. the. FUCK. to make matters worse, it seems that the aid delivered are used to entice voters. appeared that some resources for cyclone victims was diverted to the vote campaign. In some cases, generals' names were scribbled onto boxes of foreign aid before being distributed...

A resident of Yangon said refugees seeking shelter in schools were evicted so the buildings could be used as polling places, the newspaper reported.


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see, I was totally planning on registering tomorrow (oh, hey, did I mention that the semester is starting next week? I totally forgot to tell you that, didn't I? and did I mentioned that our postponed exam last month is going to be held on the 24th (next Thursday)? Damn, forgot that too.) but then, I was reminded by the fact that I hadn't taken out the money I needed to register from my account yet. and I haven't started packing even though it's 8 pm right now. so that's going to be postponed to Sunday.

what? don't look at me like that. me, resisting change? *suddenly goes deaf* I CANNOT HEAR YOU. really, I am not resistant to change at all. that heavy pressure on my chest earlier? was, um, indigestion. yes.

now, I will do a 180.

footie fans! I am currently watching the Chelsea v Wigan match I just dl'ed. (Bruuceeeey! no, I haven't dl'ed the Chelsea v Everton one. was it any good?) is it just me or do those commentators really dislike Chelsea? I mean, I could feel their waves of disdain from a few time zones away. not that I root for Chelsea or anything (obviously) but I just find it weird. aren't they supposed to be boring and neutral?

eta: I am sort of falling all over myself for Christian Maldini. or, more accurately, Christian Maldini's hair. you guys, his hair is awesome. which is only to be expected, I suppose.

also, I want to change my default icon

I'm leaning towards the first one myself, because I already have a Ronaldo/Rooney icon. you know that icon? *points at current icon* that's Rooney's sweater he's tugging on. and Rooney has the most adorable smile in that picture. *g*
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okay, so when a lecturer tells you to incorporate double spacing in your essay, does she mean a) the spacing between words or b) the spacing between lines? because if it's between lines, I'm pretty much done but if not, I need to lengthen it. need clearer instructions!

and I find it both weird and amusing (weirdly amusing?) that nobody has posted reviews of Arsenal matches at [profile] jogobonito yet. no Arsenal love over there, huh? and although I hate that they're above us now, I kind of feel bad for Phillipe because his goal was pretty much overshadowed by Adebayor's. does anybody even remember him scoring that first goal?

oh, and before I forget again, if you've noticed, I've put most of my music recs under flock. so, um, if you want those but you are not my friend, comment to be added? (for the record, I don't know if people actually do lurk around my lj. because, honestly, who would want to?)
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Midterms are OVAH!


though I still have one paper left but that's after Chinese New Year + the midsem break. now I need to go focus on my English ll essay.
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Ramadhan has started! well, it started three days ago but this is the first chance I got to announce it so. *shrugs*

the two first days have gone by without incident so let's hope that trend continues. I'm feeling slightly tempted today for some reason but nothing serious.

yesterday, I had my Physics I midterm. um. let's just say I'm not expecting my marks to be the highest in class.

...and that's pretty much it, I think.

I'm totally procrastinating from doing my Calculus homework and lab reports. Calculus, it is the bane of my existence. *sigh*
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dude, seriously. why do Sendspace and Mediafire hate me? I want to upload/download files, dammit!

oh, and I forgot to mention this yesterday. all the foundation in mechanical engineering students in my year have to do this logbook thing throughout their foundation year (3 semesters). how it works is like this: all the ME students are split into seven groups and there are seven different tasks. all the groups have to complete all the tasks. three weeks are given to complete each task with a week of break in between tasks. each group does a different task each time, which basically means the we rotate the tasks. we can either do the tasks individually or in small groups.

what I wanted to ask is, have any of you guys ever done this before? or know of anyone who has done this?
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okay, this day started out shitty, with this uni saying they were offering a scholarship through another body and it ended with me realizing that they were totally lying. whatever. (I don't know why I just told you that. you guys are totally becoming my therapists or something, only way friendlier.)

but [info]provetheworst's continuing snippets from And Time Will Show The Way
(What he's gesturing at says, "I will have you know that I am a trained professional, thank you." What he's gesturing at is a woman probably ten years Ryan's senior.

Ryan!" Spencer says.)

plus [profile] geneli4's awesomely hot, awesomely adorable JC/Patrick snippet
(JC had looked startled for a second and then he smiled and said, "Hey, you're the cat with the voice," and Patrick said, "Uhm, hey, so are you,")

cheered me up tremendously  =D

so, yes. will be leaving today and enrolling tomorrow morning. wish me luck, eh?
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my classmates are fucked up.


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