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Is it bad that I want to drive out to the mall just to get a caffeinated drink? Oh, mass-produced, cold, sweet-yet-bitter frappucinos. How I miss you.

I've recently realized that I seem to be firmly on Team TYV. I don't whether it's because Panic(!) seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth or what. but whatever, here's me trying to be a mature adult: SPENCER, WHY ARE YOU SO THIN. I am all for being healthy (fat is a good insulator and they help store some healthy vitamins, dude) but I somehow don't think you can lose that many pounds just by drumming. or maybe you can, since he apparently finished 12 tracks in 2 days, WTF.

And to balance that out, TYV want you to know that you can pre-order your album here. I know they threw in all that cool stuff with the viewmaster and beach balls and whatnot but the only thing I'm interested in are the sunglasses. I love your brains, TYV. If anybody doesn't want theirs, be sure to mail it to me!

to close off my first DW crosspost in forever,


I love how Taylor looks like a 60's hippie-reject, Isaac looks like he works for MIB, and Zac looks like a teenager. the dancing.... I don't think there are any words for that. oh, and if you have the mp3 for this song? GIMME.

(DW, I will miss you when I don't have super-fast internet connection anymore and opening one page takes me 123947 days. and yes, I am using this icon just for the heck of it.)
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Today )

Anyway, instead of babbling so much, I wanted to rec you a fic that kept me company throughout those LJ-less 3 days.

I've read and reread Apple Shampoo so many times I can probably quote you my favourite parts. Sure, there are some technically iffy parts, maybe due to beta issues, but I love this Ryan so, so much.

Spencer's fingers catch in Ryan's belt loops, pulling Ryan under him. His mouth is hot and familiar, and Ryan's stomach flips. Spencer's fingers on his hips make him gasp stupidly. He narrows his eyes and goes for Spencer's nipple, because he knows that works. He's still surprised by the resulting look on Spencer's face, and the thought that he put it there is terrifying and amazing at the same time.

Spencer, of course, has lube and a condom, and after a bit of fumbling, he gets them out of his pocket.

They don't talk much after that. They don't need to discuss things—some stuff is obvious. At one point, Ryan looks up at Spencer, knees hooked over Spencer's shoulders. “I'm so your bitch.”

“Shut up, I'm trying to concentrate and not harm you horribly.”

p.s. I just imported everything from LJ to DW. That was easy.

p.p.s. I've just realized that for the past three weeks or so, I've basically lived out of my suitcase, taking stuff out and putting them back in when I need to leave for somewhere else. Why can't I live my whole life like this? I hate packing/unpacking so much.

p.p.p.s. I just finished rereading Invisible Monsters. the ending wasn't as awesome as I remembered. I still love Rant, though.
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ahahaa. it amuses me that the panic guys did not know they were going to open for No Doubt. good employee/employer communication going on there.

and hey, did anybody else get a warning when they went to patdonline that it was an attack site? cause it seems to be alright now. it amuses me that there seems to be a dude between ryan and spencer in this pic (in the row behind the driver) who then he magically disappears in this one. (what? I have to get my kicks where I can, okay. there's just so little of them together nowadays.)

also, hey! fly-by fic rec!

Flying Into The Sun (Ryan/Spencer) by [ profile] stealstheashes

the story's set in the pre-pete wentz days (sort of) and I absolutely love Ryan's voice in this. it shows how desperate he is to get out, and yet he's still young and unsure. and Spencer is just there for him, loyal to a fault. also, the push-pull in Ryan's mind re: him and Spencer was quite believable.

Your Love is Going To Drown (Jon/Tom, pre-Panic!GSF, Ryan/Spencer/Brendon) by [ profile] stardustonsable

bitter Tomrad, you guys! bitter Tomrad breaks my heart but it is strangely compelling, because I assume he can actually be like that in real life. it's short but I like how it was crafted, how well it showed the tensions between TAI and Panic! during that tour and the unspoken things that peppers this fic.

as per usual, I have this feeling that I wanted to talk about something else, but now I've forgotten. *sigh*
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fandom, you have failed me.

why did nobody inform me of spencer smith's awesome interview for (and just in case you were unaware, is awesome. y'know, in general.)
the article:

Ready to Reinvent Love: Panic at the Disco's drummer jumps at the chance to set the record not-so-straight

my favourite lines:

When it comes to things that are non-music related that we’re still passionate about, now we are a little more comfortable just coming out and saying exactly how we feel. And this is one topic that I’m just sort of -- I just completely disagree with any of the laws that keep everybody from being equal. I’d rather use the fact that I’m doing this interview to at least say what I think than take some weird vague view on things.

As we went on tour, me and Ryan [Ross, Panic’s guitarist] talked about making a “Reinvent Love” shirt. At first it was just going to be on the Fueled By Ramen web store, just a limited edition thing because it didn’t have our band name on the front, and we didn’t know how many people would want to wear that. It ended up being a lot more popular than we thought it would. We were ending all of the concerts with that song, so that was the last thing that people were hearing. We wouldn’t want to be a part of anything that wasn’t that kind of that message.

this next one's in response to Pete saying "they're more gay in a totally other way":

It’s definitely true that we’re totally gay, and that’s the first point that should be made. When we came out with the first record, there was a very specific style and look that we had for that. Then a lot of people thought that it was really strange that we weren’t just going to perform under a circus top forever. So I think that what he’s trying to say is that the first album, people thought we were gay, especially Brendon -- which may be true. Undetermined at this point. He doesn’t have a wife, so… And on the second album, they thought we were gay, but like gay hippies with beards. [exactly what I thought] And so it is a whole other kind of gay. It’s still there, it’s just presented a little bit differently. But maybe that’s completely bullshit. Maybe even Pete couldn’t figure out what he meant.

also, I am seriously considering just trying to printscreen reinvent ♥ on a blank t-shirt, just because I love that line so much. that's gotta be breaking some copyright laws, right?


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