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guys, I know I've been harping on about these five and their tour for ages and I'm really sorry for those of you who are still not into them - despite my super-sekrit brainwashing techniques - but I don't see myself stop blabbering on about them anytime soon. I'M SORRY, I REALLY AM.

I understand if you want to unfriend me for a while. I'll be sad (my sad face, let me show it to you D:) but I will definitely understand.

That said - THEY ARE FILMING A BEHIND THE SCENES!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. The Circus Spectacular was awesome (ice baths! which included practically-naked hot men joking around!), and the exclusive interview they did for the Beautiful World album was comedy gold. I hope Fred + Nick are behind this documentary, too. (seeing from the style of the above video, they are).

Now, if only all five members could appear on a big talk show and have a proper chat, my life would be 1000000x better. Come on, Jason and Howard, stop slacking on your band duties. Just because interviewers request for Mark/Robbie/Gary is no reason not to foist your beauty on them.

(excuse me if this post is a bit disjointed/has really bad grammar. I had a taxing day and am too tired to proofread.)


Watching this made me realize how much I missed JC and his awe-inducing voice.

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Chicharito has his own commercial! I know it's weird to be excited about a footballer doing a commercial but thinking about where he was just a couple of years ago... :')

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why am I not attending this concert? why?? ugh, Jason Orange, you are so ridiculous, it's unreal. Also, did you know that during a radio interview, two ladies tweeted to say that they still had two TT tickets from '95 because they couldn't attend at the time. They asked the boys (just for fun, I imagine) if they could still use the tickets for the Progress tour instead. and guess who said yes? JASON ORANGE. I hope he makes good on his promise.

The best part about this video? Surprise!?uestlove! He seriously knows everybody. check out Karmin's video of them performing Look At Me Now with The Roots live. It was great.

I've been reading so much TSN fic, lately. SO MUCH. I've even started reading Eduardo/Sean (can you imagine Justin and Andrew being together???) and personally, I blame wip and silviakundera. I think I'm a bit overinvested in this fandom. To the point where I don't think I can watch the movie again because even seeing gifs of Eduardo and Mark fighting just hurts. Don't judge me, okay! I'm just gonna read reconciliation fic forever and ever.

This weekend has been pretty crappy because I got incredibly sick (high fever, sore throat, joint pain, body pain, the works) on Friday and til today, it seems like the fever is refusing to be beaten. It left my body really weak. I get this fever pretty much every year so I guess it's good to know I'm home free for the rest of the year.


Man, I almost forgot about this video. It made me sniffle, I'm not gonna lie.
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The opener:

Maaaaark. Mark Owen and his high-jumping ways :DDDDD Also in this performance's favour:

- one of my favourite songs
- Jason Orange looking really hot
- how awesomely they used the runway
- the two dancers (one in his underwear, on only in his pants) jumping and hugging each other and looking so happy
- the dramatic image of Mark waving the Union Jack with the background being orangey-red + dancers cheering and stripping

and Adele

no words needed. I can't stop the lyrics from playing on a loop inside my head now.
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such a beautiful picture. although the Brits wasn't quite as fun this year, was it? *g*
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they are adorable )
Q: Guys, at what address may I send you my panties?
A: Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom

Rob, Mark and Jason thank you for your time - oh, wait. They're too busy doing each other this )


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