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why does that new actor on Gossip Girl look so much like Ryan Ross when he smiles? and he's really bad at acting so his face has two expressions, max, and has no inflection in his speech. which, hey! reminds me even more of Ryan Ross. it's disturbing.

yeah, I'm bored.
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Things that make me mad:

E! promoting plastic surgery. Bikini Bottom Booster is a must for the summer? Really? You do realize that my 14 year old sister watches this, right?

Reality shows on MTV. 'Nuff said.

Things that make me happy:

Ironman/Spiderman ( [community profile] boy_touching  brought my attention to this video.)

A Brokedown Melody by [profile] sathinks 

I'm actually only halfway through this but I am already reccing it because it is just that good. Jon Walker the surf-rocker, you guys.

And look! *points to icon* [profile] geneli4  made that. (find more here.) she also made me this.

yep, she is made of awesome. y'know, just in case there was any doubt.
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I'm really feeling this nightmare before christmas ost (the original version). it's totally fun and not scary at all. although I haven't watched the movie yet. hmmm.

did you guys hear about Manband? *shudders*

EDIT: Damn. I knew it was coming but still. Damn.
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so, the names of those who got picked for National Service came out. I didn't get picked, of course, since I'm too young, to which I say BWAHAHAHAHA.

the main reaction seems to be that those who got picked moan about not wanting to go while those who didn't moan about wanting to go.

Personally, I have no interest at all in staying in camp, shooting M-16 guns and listening to motivational talks for three months.


I just saw the promo clip for Studio 60 (I'm late, I know but better late than never, right?). Why didn't anybody tell me the cast included Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet?

There's Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet.

Suffice to say, it looks set to be a great show. (When is it airing, anyway? Is it airing?)

Too bad it probably won't be aired here. *pouts*


I suddenly found myself humming along to Justin's SexyBack song. *headdesk* What the hell, JayTee? I was fine with not liking that song and dance/club songs in general, okay. I do not need you and JC's kinks stuck in my head.



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