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so, um, I was procrastinating and I sort of went on The Great Icon-Making Frenzy.

1 AJ/Kevin, 2 Dr Spencer Reid, 2 Ryan Ross, 10 William/Travis, 7 William Beckett, 4 William Beckett's legs (what? tell me you haven't thought about it at least once.)

um, whoa. that was way more than I realized.

take whatever you want but please credit. (comments would be greatly appreciated, too.)

Teasers? Okay!

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So, William, Gabe, Travis and Maja were on FUSE hosting this thing called the screen test.

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and dude, they are all adorable. the cuteness. and william wasn't wearing any shoes, as always.

also, I love The Hush Sound.
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The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes* are getting decent airplay over here, which i find sort of weird. The bands I usually like never get airplay over here. Okay, I admit, I'm not exactly a fan of GCH's music but this is totally a step up from Kelis, Paris Hilton and Fergie.

I may even start to like radio again if they keep this up. Maybe.

* You may know of Gym Class Heroes from me waxing lyrical about the singer/rapper in my previous posts for he is the Travis half of the loving William Beckett (TAI)/Travis McCoy pair.

he's the one not holding the mike.

(pics from [community profile] boy_touching)

*whistles innocently*
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see that? the skinny one is William Beckett from The Acdemy Is... and the other one is Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. Now, you may be wondering why Travis is groping William and touching his inner thigh for no apparent reason. This is because they are dating. this is so canon (in my head).

also, this audio. William and Travis performing Slow Down at the Snakes On A Plane Soundtrack release party.

Willaim: (still singing) You fucked me up while I'm playing guitar on this song, ass, are you drunk or are you stoned?

Travis: (singsonging) I happen to be both.


EDIT: Dude, I just discovered a lot of William/Travis pics over here.
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I just saw this on William Beckett's wiki.

He was rumored to have gotten married to Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heros, but both of them deny the situation.

(okay, Wikipedia has edited it out now, but still)

WHAT?? *gapes*

for those of you not in the know, William Beckett is the lead singer of The Academy Is... and he's collaborated with a lot of other musicians (FOB, Jack's Mannequin, Cobra Starship, and yes, Gym Class Heroes). William and Travis hang out together a lot, as do William and Pete Wentz. All in the family, yo.

william is the one on the left. may I point out that their arms are linked?

okay, it's not so unbelievable now. :D but still, William, married? that sort of makes me want to laugh.


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