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Stumbled over these videos of Jon performing on something called JBTV.

Panic :(

Cassie! ♥

He also performed a number of other songs for his set, but I haven't had time to check those out yet.
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guys, I know I've been harping on about these five and their tour for ages and I'm really sorry for those of you who are still not into them - despite my super-sekrit brainwashing techniques - but I don't see myself stop blabbering on about them anytime soon. I'M SORRY, I REALLY AM.

I understand if you want to unfriend me for a while. I'll be sad (my sad face, let me show it to you D:) but I will definitely understand.

That said - THEY ARE FILMING A BEHIND THE SCENES!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. The Circus Spectacular was awesome (ice baths! which included practically-naked hot men joking around!), and the exclusive interview they did for the Beautiful World album was comedy gold. I hope Fred + Nick are behind this documentary, too. (seeing from the style of the above video, they are).

Now, if only all five members could appear on a big talk show and have a proper chat, my life would be 1000000x better. Come on, Jason and Howard, stop slacking on your band duties. Just because interviewers request for Mark/Robbie/Gary is no reason not to foist your beauty on them.

(excuse me if this post is a bit disjointed/has really bad grammar. I had a taxing day and am too tired to proofread.)


Watching this made me realize how much I missed JC and his awe-inducing voice.

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Chicharito has his own commercial! I know it's weird to be excited about a footballer doing a commercial but thinking about where he was just a couple of years ago... :')

(via checkeredshirtdance)
why am I not attending this concert? why?? ugh, Jason Orange, you are so ridiculous, it's unreal. Also, did you know that during a radio interview, two ladies tweeted to say that they still had two TT tickets from '95 because they couldn't attend at the time. They asked the boys (just for fun, I imagine) if they could still use the tickets for the Progress tour instead. and guess who said yes? JASON ORANGE. I hope he makes good on his promise.

The best part about this video? Surprise!?uestlove! He seriously knows everybody. check out Karmin's video of them performing Look At Me Now with The Roots live. It was great.

I've been reading so much TSN fic, lately. SO MUCH. I've even started reading Eduardo/Sean (can you imagine Justin and Andrew being together???) and personally, I blame wip and silviakundera. I think I'm a bit overinvested in this fandom. To the point where I don't think I can watch the movie again because even seeing gifs of Eduardo and Mark fighting just hurts. Don't judge me, okay! I'm just gonna read reconciliation fic forever and ever.

This weekend has been pretty crappy because I got incredibly sick (high fever, sore throat, joint pain, body pain, the works) on Friday and til today, it seems like the fever is refusing to be beaten. It left my body really weak. I get this fever pretty much every year so I guess it's good to know I'm home free for the rest of the year.


Man, I almost forgot about this video. It made me sniffle, I'm not gonna lie.
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The opener:

Maaaaark. Mark Owen and his high-jumping ways :DDDDD Also in this performance's favour:

- one of my favourite songs
- Jason Orange looking really hot
- how awesomely they used the runway
- the two dancers (one in his underwear, on only in his pants) jumping and hugging each other and looking so happy
- the dramatic image of Mark waving the Union Jack with the background being orangey-red + dancers cheering and stripping

and Adele

no words needed. I can't stop the lyrics from playing on a loop inside my head now.
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who knew Charice was so cute when she was younger? I certainly didn't. I want to squish her 16-year-old self.

(go watch part 1 on YouTube. At the end, she and David Foster bump fists. I swear to God, it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. Also, in the 3rd part she does a short, impromptu performance of Billie Jean, complete with awesome dance moves.)
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they are adorable )
Q: Guys, at what address may I send you my panties?
A: Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom

Rob, Mark and Jason thank you for your time - oh, wait. They're too busy doing each other this )
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this is why I unironically adore boybands.
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Hahahahha! I love how they answer the questions the exact same way, and at exactly the same time.

Stop being adorable, random casts of random movies. The Losers, Inception, now this? You'll be making me want to camp out in the theatre lobby until The Social Network comes out here and I have too much dignity for that.
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I cannot stop watching this video. No, seriously. Cannot. Stop. I've even downloaded it and I'm watching it at least once every time I open up my laptop. Z saying "Ladies and gentleman, Laena Geronimo" and then Laena busting out that amazing bassline is probably the best start to a video in anything I've seen recently. and that guitar breakdown, UNF. and Laena jumping up and down and shaking her hair in the background later on ♥______♥

That part at 0:55 when Ryan leans over towards Jon and they both can't keep from grinning? That's exactly what I feel like every time they do that. :DDDDD

Last but not least, who wants to join me in appreciating this GQMF?

I mean, really. )
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I think I hurt my throat, I was choking so hard on my laughter. and about the Palestinian-American car bomber? SO TRUE. even when you're not Palestinian, just a Muslim.
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"Education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education -- the best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most. In a series of real-life experiments from New Delhi to South Africa to Italy, he gave kids self-supervised access to the web and saw results that could revolutionize how we think about teaching."

I actually acted like a crazy person and CLAPPED AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN while watching this. in hindsight, it was a good thing I had locked my door.

and I've been perusing through some of TED's talk videos they've posted on their website and I can't stop watching. some of them are just mindblowing. From six ways mushrooms can save the world to string theory explained in simple words to learning what exactly is the Large Hadron Collider to finding out what time of the year breakups most occur through Facebook statuses to learning about The Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour. I can't get enough of it.

(tip: if you go to the website, you can download these videos for free! you don't even need to sign up or anything like that.)
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oh man, I'm reading The Losers fic again when I should be studying/completing my projects /o\

but the cast of The Losers, guys! how are they so AWESOME? I never knew Zoe Saldana was such an awesome, funny lady until this

"That is so fucking amazing! *clasps hands to chest*"
HAHAHAHAHA. You should watch this for the hilarity of Columbus answering "She's Latin."

and this, too

Audience member: Chris Evans, you are such a hunk..... Okay, this question is for Zoe.
Everybody: *cracks up*

Audience question about Zoe being badass in the movie.
Zoe: There's a little bit of resilience that I have, I don't know whether that's due to stubbornness or the fact that I like pain, when something becomes a 'No' I guess it just turns me on. I really like to challenge myself..
Audience: *shouts of No! and general cheering*
Zoe: I know! Am I just making sexual references today, you guys? Happy Easter :D

also, the love that Chris and Columbus seem to have for each other makes me very, very happy :DDD

(shuddup. so I get smiley about that stuff :P)
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School has been taking over my life this past month. SERIOUSLY, I feel like the three months of doing nothing has turned my brain into mush and made me forget how to actually think. It makes me sad because thinking is one of my favourtie pastimes :(

anyway, I feel like I should post in bullet points lately because no way can I write a post about the past month in a cohesive manner.

1. Inception. Inception fandom, how so awesome? seriously, I am finding good fic everyday )

and that's only the fic I've read in the past few days. If I included every fic I've read that I really, really liked, this list would be very, very long. if you're curious for more, just comment. I'd be happy to sift through my bookmarks.

2. late, but this video

Krim Outtakes from Yankee Stadium )
KRIM! KAB! Kris being a gentleman and picking up Jim's notes after he dropped them for the 20842 time! (obvious much, Jim?)

3. people on twitter have reignited my love for football and, strangely, the Beckhams. I forgot how Victoria says the most hilariously inappropriate things sometimes and David is quietly snarky. and babiiiieeees <333

4. I still don't really know how to feel about Eminem asking Rihanna to basically sing a refrain on a song about domestic violence but ugh, this song is so good. and so is the music video. which features Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan )

5. Just found this article on Guardian Football about Rooney clashing with SAF. hahahahaha HE JUST WANTS TO PLAY FOR HIS COUNTRY, OKAY. Seriously, though. It's why I love that little dude so much. He just can't say no to his country (and club, too).

6. Watched Salt last night. I want to see Angelina Jolie in action movies all the time now. She's just so good at it. (No, I haven't seen Mr and Mrs Smith. what? I just don't go out a lot, okay.)

7. I really want this hoodie but I just can't justify spending that amount of money for an item of clothing + shipping ;_______________; /whine

8. ...I just stumbled over this video of Lissie covering Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness :O ...:DDDD )

(and I can't stop listening to the Lissie and Ellie Goulding collaboration on Everywhere I Go from the same festival. yes, STILL. here, have an mp3. I really should go and get this lady's album from somewhere.)

...aaaaaaaand now I have to get back to studying. /o\ oh, and eating. I keep forgetting that getting proper nutrients at appropriate mealtimes is an essential part of life /o\/o\/o\
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I woke up in a spectacularly bad mood to day for unknown reasons (maybe because I missed last night's prayers because I fell asleep? that just came to me. I don't know, though.) but a few things made it better:

1. [ profile] stickmarionette

LXD at TED, where they got a standing ovation. YOU HEAR THAT, OSCARS?? )

3. Lissie and Ellie Goulding singing Everywhere I Go live. purest form of beauty. )

I had this video on repeat before I went to class. I hope someday, I can find something that gets me as passionate as these two seem to be about music.

4. [ profile] stickmarionette (who brought me #5 and #6)

5. remembering this pic

I still giggle EVERY. TIME. ~So wrong, yet so right~

6. this dude )

(who is also in this video. he's the one on stage left. who keeps doing the orgasm!face and skips to centerstage halfway through the song. he's my favourite :DDD)

7. [ profile] stickmarionette :DDDDDD
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why is this video SO. OUT OF. SYNC. Grrrr.

Very pretty tho. I appreciate the close-ups of Ryan and Jon Walker's face in general :D

in other news, I ♥ Jim Cantiello and the Kris Allen Band

my favourite parts:
2. Jim implying that Nicole Kidman is going to carry Kris away because he looks similar to Keith Urban
3. Cale talking about how they tried Googling the shirtless pics. FOR. THE. WIN.

in other news, DO NOT get a twitter. It is addictive /o\
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this performance is FANTASTIC. Seriously, if you've never heard of The Like before, I highly recommend watching this performance and this interview.

Stealing clothes off children! Bribing them with lollipops! Having no shame at doing the walk of shame! )

I stand by my statement that they should do video interviews all the time. They're just so freaking likable (unintentional pun, sorry).

and before I forget again:


(click for bigger)
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this made me feel slightly better about Uruguay vs South Korea. South Korea are not "my" team but I was hoping that they would advance and I'm still slightly upset. oh, football.
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here, have a video of the Kris Allen Band comparing themselves to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

this band cracks me up )

cover of the night, Don't Look Back In Anger!

with cameos by all of GRO and a bubble maker! the fact that Josh(?) had to bend way down to sing into Kris' mike cracks me up. Kris messes up the words, but not horribly. and apparently they gave Kris a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and a baby before the last song. man am I gonna miss those guys.

Steve Luna takes the cake, though, by walking onstage in a midriff baring GRO merch shirt, a wig and a skirt. I have to admit, he looks better in that skirt than I probably would. and Kris & Band presents GRO with a painting of horses as a parting gift. (Yeah, no idea either.)

Things that do not involve Curse I've Fallen*:
I've been noticing that my memory is getting really really bad lately. For example, I'm on a site and reading something and then I remember I need to do something (e.g. search a phrase or get a drink). After I've browsed the site a bit more and move to another tab, I've forgotten what I was supposed to do. 60% of the time I remember again but it's the rest 40% that has me worried. *sigh* I guess my memory is like my kneecaps, getting old before their time.

* got those from the comments section of Top Idol. I was so bored I actually spent the whole day going through the comments in the AI threads there. It was very.... educational.
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is he kidding or... is he kidding? because I can't imagine Cape Town being a theme for anything sports-related.

World Cup:
I only saw England vs Slovenia and USA vs Algeria not even halfway through so if you have anything to add, please do.

England vs Slovenia was terrible. Both sides were... clunky, for lack of a better word. Although England got better after the goal. (Their passes actually reached the right people!) That Slovenian goalie, though. Man.

USA vs Algeria! I liked this match, from what I saw before I fell asleep on the couch. I stand by my opinion that that first disallowed goal shouldn't have been disallowed. But they still won! and Michael Bradley actually smiled! \o?

now, do I get over my anxiety of unknown places and go to the cafe opposite this apartment to get breakfast or actually wait until my planned trip to the mall later today?

eta: just saw the highlights of Mexico vs Uruguay, France vs South Africa and Nigeria vs South Korea. I didn't realize how crazy the South Africa vs France game was. also, the Uruguay and South Korea teams are full of hot people.

eta2: wow, Greek goalie, whoever you are. He did well against Argentina and looked good doing it. actually, you know what? just go to this post and appreciate the pretty. [/shallow]

eta 3: oh Mark Ronson, you are such a hipster. )
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oh man, I think I squeaked when I saw this. $25k in 4 days you benches! so kick awesome!

here's another couple who are so dorky and adorable they make my teeth ache.

I was originally saving my last userpic spot (on LJ) for a Kris icon but, uh, apparently Andrew takes precedence right now?

here's what I've been watching on and off for a while now:

around 1:54, when he drops his head back? I think my mouth went dry.

speaking of hotness, I really want to be Nick White in this one. look how he oh-so-casually slings an arm around Jon's shoulders.

okay, so this post pretty much devolved into a Jon Walker (and the rest of his band) Is Hot post. I don't think many people will complain, though.


I don't think I've posted this before, even though I flailed over it months ago. But if you haven't seen Lisa Hannigan & band perform I Don't Know in a tiny room, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to watch this video. Seriously.


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