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an interview with Simone Bitton, who made the film "Rachel", which investigated the death of Rachel Corrie through her unique point of view.

Still, I was very moved by the story because it was the first time that somebody who came to protect the Palestinians was killed. It was the whole notion of protection, of nonviolent resistance. It was a red line which has been crossed. It was very frightening.

it's fascinating, especially when she talks about Rachel as a person, and she clearly admires her. and what she said about how her generation had failed to stop the occupation, and now that responsibility has been passed down, because that's what I think about almost every single day. she also talks about how people know it most likely won't work but try anyway.

yesterday, I found out a member of the Al-Qaeda was working in my state.

...yeah, there's not much I can say about that.

on to things that have made me happy lately:

I still don't like their singing voices, but man, are they entertaining

this actually had me crying from laughter you guys. I can't even tell you which parts were the best, you'll just have to watch it yourselves.

you big gay threesome, you

it's in korean but whatever, it's still ridiculoously entertaining. Ji Sung:*points to all three of them* Gay. Carlos not paying attention and Pat looking baffled and going all "Translate, Ji!"

oh, and I'm thinking of doing fic recs but I also think it would be a bit redundant, since you all have probably read the fics I'm only reading now ages ago (I'm slow like that).
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who's with me in saying this is basically Shane's short, 19 Miles To Vegas? seriously, I can't believe it actually became reality.

(Shane Valdes: Seer of the Future??)

oh, and I got found this through linesthroughlines who found it through john mayer.
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this is the third time I've tried to edit this post. what happened to automatically saving drafts, LJ? HUH?


three songs that I like! change xx to tt )

also, I love to watch them doing Knocked Up live. they have this uncanny ability to turn potentially stupid-sounding lyrics into an astounding song. and make the crowd sing along to it.

other stuff:
1) I spent the whole day browsing youtube and myspace and now I really like Taylor Swift. she's ridiculously dorky. and her whole family, band and crew are too. (or at least, they humour her a lot.) and look, Patrick makes a brief appearance! (around 3:58)

2) speaking of videos, what about those Home Movies Kings of Leon did while recording, huh? I have now learned that Caleb is a dick sometimes when he drinks (he thinks it's because the fame is getting to his head so they went back home to record), their mom thinks something might go wrong if 'boys don't do IT enough' (which prompt the boys to declare her the coolest mom ever) and they play Roofball and regress to competitive 15-year-olds when they get back home and/or playing against each other. oh, and this story of the recording of Cold Desert

which was what made me want to listen to the song in the first place.

I don't know if there's a KoL fandom (and I don't think I want to know) but man, if there is, they must be really happy with the amount of canon handed to them.
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oh, God. you guuuuuys. they win at everything. SERIOUS WIN. while being fucking adorable to boot.
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this nearly made me cry today. sometimes, I can't believe this is the country I lived in for 19 years.
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I don't get it. if a politician got elected because of this quota system, would they even want to vote against it? the only way I can see of Umno recovering is if they bring in totally fresh new blood. but that's not gonna happen easily because of course those old farts won't give up their posts. it's a vicious cycle. let's hope the next generation are made up of stronger stuff than me.

hey, remember when I asked the world in general if that was Mikey Way in drag in the America's Suitehearts video? I just found out it was Cassadee. oops? (pete probably had a hand in picking the clothes, I'm sure.)

I should always remind myself how awesome Matt Nathanson is, with his Care Bear rants, R Kelly improv and Enrique Iglesias spoof.

'would you cry if you saw me crying'? what the fuck? you just asked her to dance and run, the girl's exhausted. and you're saying 'would you cry'? you're such a dick.


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Black Gold - Plans & Reveries official video. One of my favourite songs ever ♥

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um, this video pretty much got me all flustered and gulping down embarrassingly squeaky sounds and made me feel... other girly things. um, I want to molest him. A LOT.

and have I mentioned how I've been getting more interested in those Nickelodeon/Disney/teenpop kids? because honestly, that bunch are more incestuous than the FBR gang. and a lot of it has to do with that youngest Jonas kid.

which caused me to have a girlcrush on Taylor Swift. I saw this one video (which I can't find right now) where this ten-year-old boy was running towards her for a hug and she lifted him up. I melted on the spot, I will not lie, even if she did use the middle Jonas kid for publicity.

and speaking of girlcrushes (ha! see how I did that?), how about that Natalia Vodianova you guys.

the way she says 'I should have a cigarette' makes my mind go to very inappropriate places )

not that I'm encouraging people to smoke! that is a disgusting habit!

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I find this video so freaking funny for some reason. It's like those DVD commentaries but it's live and done to Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer. I don't even know, okay? I'm just on a Matt Nathanson kick right now.

this video is hilarious. there's, like, an impromptu music-quiz where they spontaneously burst into karaoke-like singing!

to make this post not completely pointless, here's a recipe for spaghetti sauce that I made yesterday. my mom said it was good, so

tomato + bacon )easy-peasy.

I don't usually eat bacon but mom had some in the freezer that she didn't know what to do with, so.

ooh, and I found out a new way to bake potatoes. I hear if you want to bake them, usually you have to leave them in the oven for an hour or something. what I did was poke holes in them, heat them in the microwave for 7 minutes, and stick them into a 375F/180C oven for 20 minutes and they're done. the reviews on are awesome.
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I know some of you have wanted to see Yoann Gourcuff strip at least once in your life. so, um, here's the video.

courtesy of Kickette and my pervy-ness. in my defense, he was stripping in full view of a thousand working cameras! on the pitch!

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I am now definitely going to pay more attention to The Cab *g*.

oh, and school starts back on Monday :((. not that I don't like it... 50% of the time. it's just that this holiday was way too short.
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anybody who would be remotely interested in this probably has already watched this a long time ago, but still

on fatwas & women

I like her. I really, really like her!
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linesthroughlines say that they have cajones and their album, More No More has emerged as the dark horse for the album of the year title. Drew isn't really the sort to throw out platitudes like that so you should probably check it out.

Conversion Party's album doesn't seem to be available for sale anywhere and yet they're putting it out for free. download More No More here.

and I only recently found out that La Blogotheque has an awesome collection of downloadable videos of various artists performing their songs acoustically. they even got Kele and Russell of Bloc Party to perform on the side of the street recently! and I really liked reading the story behind how they managed to convince Kele to perform.

and I watched a couple of videos of Priscilla Ahn performing, too. her voice is beautiful.

I think I'm going to watch Port O'Brien next. that's sure to be fun :)

I have a feeling that I should ask my sister why she put a pack of dinner rolls in the freezer.
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how adorable is this.

Greta (of The Hush Sound) and Alex (? singer of Phantom Planet) sparring? their weapons of choice: songs about cereal.

I greatly admire improv songs. especially when they involve telling off the opponent *g*

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I don't like Real at all, despite the fact that I think Iker is THE SHIT but man, this video is certainly persuasive. I'm pretty sure this is not common teammate behaviour? but Higuain is playfully biting Iker's EAR. I mean - I don't even know what I mean. *hands*

(via [ profile] ontd_football )


Jul. 12th, 2008 01:17 pm
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and it's a complete improv.

oh, man

Jul. 4th, 2008 11:29 am
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Those Spanish boys are so mean. But I cannot lie. The video made me laugh. Poor Schweini.

The Verve are giving away a b-side, Mover, for free here. Go get it. But be quick. I think it's only available til the end of this week. has part 1 of the Solskjaer story up on its site. One part of me is grinning like a fool when reading those moments but another part just wants to go WAAAAH.
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dressing room shenanigans, dude.

you get to see Juanito, Iker and Xavi in their teeny tiny matching underwear. only in their matching underwears. and you get to see David Villa jumping and hollering like a hyperactive 12 year old.
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I don't usually read up on the WAGs (not even United's. All I know is that Nemanja's wife is hella hot and for some reason,  everyone wants to punch Cris' current gf in the face. I have no idea why.)but this was just too precious. Theo Walcott and his gf went on this gameshow of some sort, Mr & Mrs. l Part 1 l Part 2 l It was a total laugh. The only way to describe Theo? Dorkily adorable. I wanted to squish his cheeks.

Host: Who's the most likely to scream on a rollercoaster?

Melanie (the gf) says Theo but Theo dithers for a while. [audience is in suspense] Theo says Melanie. [audience groans]

Host: *points to Theo* You're a big fibber.

Theo: *innocent face on* No.

Host tells the world that Theo was too scared to go on a rollercoaster when they went to some park.

Theo: *trying to keep a straight face* No. That's a lie.

Melanie: He was too scared. I made him go on.

Theo: So I went on, didn't I?

Host: And did you scream?

Theo: *straight face still on* No, she screamed, she was at the front. I was in the middle, I was too scared to go up front.
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A very good read. Joseph Ganley talks about a country's football identity and the link between that and players choosing to play in their local league rather than going abroad. He also points out Jonathan Wilson's article in there.

The Run of Play applauds Guus Hiddink's tactics.

I just found out about Roy of the Rovers. This concept sounds awesome. Does anybody else know more about this comic?

Okay, so me, my sister and my mom are off to Singapore tomorrow. Our flight is at some ridiculous time in the morning. Wish us a safe journey, yeah? And I haven't figured out yet if I'm bringing my laptop with me. I don't even know if we'll have internet connection at the hotel.

Edit: this video, you guys. AWESOME.


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